Seeds of Chaos

Seven be the seven servers,

Serving Chaos' power.

Shining brightly upon this land,

Each and every hour.


Balance comes from those of Chaos,

Their powers well contained.

Guarded by the one of Chaos,

The status quo maintained.


Yet this balance is now threatened,

By those dear to me.

Don't they realize our actions are mirrored,

What Chaos wants us to see?


One jewel is red, embodies war's fire,

What spreads across the land.

Conquest and discovery,

The two go hand in hand.


The cyan emerald is that of sky,

From where the gods do gaze.

No doubt they weep from what we do,

At our brutality amazed.


Green colored is the stone of nature,

Of the natural world.

A realm we're causing to diminish,

Altering what we beheld.


Yellow is the stone of sun,

And sometimes the fair moon.

The bodies which oversee our triumphs,

And other people's doom.


Blue is the emerald of the seas,

The waves on which we ride.

Setting out to take conquest's spoils,

Returning with the tide.


Purple is set between red and blue,

Representing balance that should exist.

I speak to the elders of this virtue,

Yet still our wars persist.


Gray is the color of the void,

Of the emptiness of our hearts.

Our ancestors who led the first conquests,

Did they know what they did start?


The Seven lie upon our doorstep

And I fear they're next in line.

Caught upon our people's path,

Which may continue for all time.


For the road we've walked is long,

Paved with the blood of foe and friend.

And if the shrine of Chaos falls,

I fear it will never end.


So those who read this look at the past,

And of what does lie before.

Understand there's more to life,

Than destructive, pointless war.