Different Surroundings

Authors Note: I made a mistake in my last chapter. A Cycle lasts an hour, not a year so from now on I will refer to the incident as Ten Stellar Cycles, which is equal to ten years.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker sat outside the med-bay near the window that allowed them to have a look inside. After Optimus arrived they carried back the weakened mech back to their secret base in Iacon where he was sent to the med bay and checked for any viruses before the medic began to work on him. Even though Ratchet was one of the grumpiest Medic's ever Sideswipe and Sunstreaker trusted him to care for the new mech in the base, he was after all the best in the business. The Chief Engineer also assisted, the unpredictable Wheeljack who just happened to be Ratchet's bond-mate, they almost made the perfect pair if it wasn't for Wheeljack's habit to blow up things and then leave Ratchet to fix them. He kept his mask on for, even though he had a nasty slash from the right side of his mouth that reached to the back of his face, he was still quite cute to look at and Ratchet hated it when other Autobots set their optics on what's his. He wouldn't even allow the Twins inside the med bay whilst they fixed up the mech, meaning that all the Twins could do was watch and wait. They were joined by Optimus Prime, Prowl the second in command and Jazz the third in command, all a little curious about the mech that was found in the abandoned slave camp. For once Prowl was giving the twins words of praise instead of screams and shouts.

'I'm am pleased with you both, you have saved a life and we might of gained a new ally.' said the Second in Command, acting like he was the high and almighty Primus himself.

'Now Prowl, I'm not sure if making him join us yet is a good idea, he may not have a side in this war but he does look a little young. Plus Ratchet is concerned with his mental state.' argued Optimus, the greatest leader to ever graced the Prime line and an inspiration to all the younger Autobots.

'I agree Prowl, the kids too young and he looks like he went through hell! Give him time to settle in before we send him off to the Iacon Shelters.' seconded Jazz, giving Prowl a slap to the back, a young officer with a childlike attitude but very brave and very loyal to his comrade's.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker didn't listen to them as they watched through the window of the med bay at the sleeping mech, now fully repaired and getting a good supply of Energon. They were right, now that he was fixed up he was just too gorgeous to keep their optics off him, his peaceful face almost looked angelic under the soft light and his small frame made him look adorable in Sunstreaker's opinion. Ratchet was taking good care of him and when he finished with the check-up he came out to give the report.

'How's he doing!' asked Sideswipe.

'Is he gonna be OK?' asked Sunstreaker.

Ratchet sighed and he addressed Optimus Prime rather than the twins, thinking that at the moment it had nothing to do with them. Sideswipe snarled and Sunstreaker pouted when Ratchet pushed them out the way to make his way to the Autobot Leader.

'He's stable at the moment and we banged out the dents. He has suffered and I'm surprised he managed to keep his Spark on line for 10 Stellar-Cycles. I believe he must of went into Statis Lock to preserve his Spark Energy until he was woken by the twins here. He'll wake up soon but I don't know what to expect, he was young and the Decepticons used him as a slave...also Optimus there is something I need to discuss with you.'

Ratchet dragged the Autobot leader away and spoke in low tones, talking about something the Medic didn't want anyone to hear. The twins didn't care at the moment, they just peeped in the med bay to see how their new guest was doing. Wheeljack was standing next to him, checking his vitals and systems, making sure the youth was doing alright. He noticed the brothers and formed a smirk behind his mask.

'It's alright, you can come in.' chuckled the Engineer.

Wheeljack was way nicer than Ratchet and the twins thanked him as they gazed down at the sleeping beauty. Now that he was fixed and clean he looked even more enchanting and both the twins wouldn't mind standing there for the rest of their cycles just to look at him. They stood there watching him, as if they were statues destined to remain there for eternity. It was a long silence before the twins began to talk.

'Is he gonna wake up soon?' asked Sideswipe.

'That's up to him.' replied Wheeljack.

Wheeljack couldn't believe that for once the twins were interested in someone other than themselves. Usally they never took interest in the other Autobots, like Ironhide for instance. He had been with the Autobots since the beginning but the Twins continue to forget his name and face. Wheeljack would wonder if the Twins were either teasing the old mech or were just too self centered. It was a nice change for once, watching the twins watch over the sleeping mech like they were guarding him, their optics filled with curiosity and wonder. The Engineer grabbed some forms and headed to the door, believeing that for once he could entrust the Twins to do a simple task.

'Sorry can you two keep an optic on him, I gotta get these forms to Perceptor.'

The brothers nodded and waited till Wheeljack left the room before leaning down closer to the sleeping mech. Up close he was really cute and Sunstreaker started to blush a little when he found himself a little too close to him. Sideswipe snickered a little, he hadn't seen his brother blush like that in a long time.

'Wonder when he's gonna wake up?' quiered Sideswipe.

As the twins quietly talked amongst themselves, the mech below them began to stir slightly, trying to wake up from a terrible nightmare that wouldn't let him go.

Bluestreak was surrounded by darkness that went on as far as he could see. For a moment he presumed he was still in that cell under the Decepticon Prisoner base but something was different, he felt like he was lying on a soft berth and it was comforting, something he hadn't felt in a long time. He tried sitting up and opening his optics but he couldn't see anything, he couldn't hear anything and yet he felt like he was being watched. He tried standing up and looking around, trying to detect some form of life but so far he felt nothing and yet he did. It was all very confusing, he he was all alone in the dark and he felt like there was somebody there, a warm presence that surrounded him and made him feel safe.

'Hello?' he squeaked.

No one answered but he still felt like someone was there. He tried calling out again and got the same response, he was already starting to think he had died and was in the realm of the All Spark. However he finally heard something, something distant, something moving, something coming towards him. He tuned up his audios so he could detect what ever it was but all he heard was a chilling scratching noise, like metal claws dragging along stone walls. He looked round, starting to panic, it was getting louder and louder with each second.

'Who is it?' he cried, praying to get a response.

All he got was the sound of claws, scraping away at the floor, as if some mad animal was desperately trying to make it's way over to him. He cried out again, hoping he would get some intelligent answer but it continued. In fear he ran, he didn't know where he was going but the sound was scaring him as it got closer, it was like all his fears were chasing him, hunting him down and wouldn't stop till he was their's. Whatever was making the noise was gaining on him and Bluestreak heard a new sound, even more terrifying than the last.


Bluestreak suddenly fell to his knees and covered his audios, trying to block out the taunts and the noise all around him. He begged it to go away but it refused to leave him, all he could do was try to crawl away and cover his audios, but the nose was overpowering him and he already felt weak.






He felt tears run down his face, he felt pain all over his body as the memories returned to him. The torture, the pure terror, the living nightmare he was forced to endure all alone. He cried and cried, giving into the terrible taunts that pierced through him, making his life even more unbearable. As he felt the darkness creep over him he suddenly heard something else, something that was louder than the noise and voices all around him.

'Are you going to wake up soon?'

At that moment Bluestreak found that the noise and the voices had stopped, the darkness was disappearing and in the distance he could hear computers humming and machines beeping away. He also felt something he hadn't felt in a long time, something he had yearned for ever since the nightmare began...the presence of mechs who didn't want to harm him.

Sideswipe perked up suddenly when he noticed that the youth was starting to wake up, shaking his brother so he was alert. They both peered down at him, his optics switching on and his face filled with confusion as he looked around the room, which all seemed new to him. Sideswipe felt his Spark quicken, what should he say, what should he do? Normally he would scream in their audios but he found that he just didn't have the Spark to do it. He wanted to say kind words, to show that he wasn't a rude and crude machince, to be someone the mech could trust. However Sunstreaker had beaten him to the punch and the yellow twin leaned over and said in a not too loud tone.

'Hey there, how was your nap!?'

The youth suddenly snapped it's head in the direction of the voice, his optics widening in fear and he suddenly yelped, making the twins jump back and the youth falling off the berth, the wires snapping off his arms and the thud that made some items fall of their respective places. The sight of the twins must of scared him, he had been alone for quite some time so it wasn't a surprise he was so suddenly afraid. Sideswipe slapped his brother on the head and glared at him.

'Idiot, he's still scared!' snarled Sideswipe.

'I was just being friendly.' pouted Sunstreaker.

'Screaming 'how was your nap' in his audios ISN'T friendly!'

Sunstreaker pouted but he had to admit he wouldn't like it if someone screamed into his audios after waking up from a long recharge, he'd be quite annoyed. The twins carefully looked round the other side of the berth were the youth was shivering in the corner of the room, his optics squeezed shut and he was muttering some words really fast, but Sunstreaker made them out to be,


Sideswipe carefully approached the youth, the poor thing yelping as he got closer, his entire being trembling...he was in complete fear, as if he believed that the whole world was against him. Sideswipe wanted to show him he had nothing to fear, he wanted the youth to feel safe. Kneeling down until he was about the same level of the shivering mech he tried to show him that he meant no harm.

'It's OK, we're not gonna hurt you.' said Sideswipe in a low and sweet tone.

After a moment of shivering the youth finally looked up, still afraid of the red mech standing in front of him. Sideswipe kept at a distance, he wasn't used to treating scared mechs but he knew he had to try for this one, his optics were filled with fear and he needed to know he was safe. Sunstreaker wanted to help but Sideswipe shook his head, telling him that they should take one step at a time with him. He looked back at the youth who was now looking up at him, no longer hiding behind his arms.

'Are you OK? Does it hurt any where?' asked Sideswipe.

The red twin felt pleased with himself when the mech shook his head, communicating with him at last, the youth was still uneasy to have the red mech so close and he tried to shuffle back a little. Trying not to get ahead of himself Sideswipe introduced himself, hoping he would gain the youth's trust.

'I'm Sideswipe and that's my bro, Sunstreaker. We found you in that Prisoner camp and we rescued you, now you're safe here in Autobot HQ! Don't worry Ratchet patched you up but he said you needed-'

'A-Autobot?' squeaked the mech.

Sideswipe flushed a little red, even his voice sounded cute. He realized he was going a little too fast so he tried to narrow it down a little, hoping that the mech would begin to trust him after explaining everything to him. He had never dealt with anything like this before but so far he thought he was doing alright.

'That's right we're Autobots, we found you and now you're safe.'

The mech sat up a little and looked around, almost curious about the room he was in. He saw the Autobot insignia on Sideswipe's chest and seemed to have recognized it, making him relax a little. He looked over at Sunstreaker who waved a little and walked over, making the mech flinch but not cower. Sideswipe gently held out his hand as a gesture of trust, hoping the mech would accept it.

'Well that's who we are, what's your name?'

The mech looked at the hand and then at the red Autobot and then back at the hand. For a moment nothing happened and then to Sideswipe's joy, the mech gave him his hand and almost whispered out his name.


Although Sideswipe was overjoyed to at last hear the name of the cute mech he had found in the ruins, Sunstreaker tilted his head, puzzled at the name. Cybertronians were given names based on their model or their given personality so either Bluestreak was always sad when he was a Sparkling or he once had a blue paint job. Blue meant a few things on Cybertron but there were too many reasons to figure out why he was given such a name.

'Why are you called Bluestreak? Apart from the optics I don't see any blue on you.'

Bluestreak didn't know what to say and Sideswipe gave his brother an annoyed look.

'Why is Ratchet called Ratchet? Why is Prowl called Prowl? Why is-'

'OK, OK, I get it. Anyway, he's called Ironhide cause he's tough and Ratchet sounds like a tool which he spend a lot of time with!' muttered Sunstreaker.

'Well stop asking dumb questions you twit!'

Sideswipe smirked a little when he noticed a small smile had crept on the youth's face and he helped Bluestreak stand up, the young mech still a little scared with what was happening around him. However his small dark hands felt so gentle in Sideswipe's and he did look adorable as he stood there looking around. Also he thought the name, Bluestreak, sounded good on him anyway, who care's if it didn't have anything to do with his body colour. Sideswipe was about to say something else when Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Prowl and Jazz entered the med bay, the Medic suddenly mad to see the twins interfering with his patient.

'What the slag are you two up to now!' he cried.

The sudden scary and loud voice from Ratchet made Bluesteak yelp and suddenly grabbed Sideswipe, hugging him and trying to hide his head in his chest. At that moment Sideswipe's face suddenly went as red as his paint job, blushing like mad to have the cute little mech squeeze up against him and Sunstreaker giggled at his brothers face.

'Aw, you look so cute.' snickered Sunstreaker.

At the mention of the word "cute" the hug got even tighter, of course at the time Sideswipe was unsure as to why Bluestreak began to hug him so tightly. So Sideswipe glared at his brother and tried to fight the urge to hug the young mech back. As Sideswipe continued to blush and Bluestreak continued to hold him, Ratchet walked over, still a little angry that the Twins came in the med bay without his permission but when he noticed that the mech was up he tried to calm down, forgetting what condition he was in. He shot a glare at the Twins when he detected that the youth was scared and shivering in Sideswipe's arms.

'What did you two do to make him all scared.' growled the Medic.

'Us!? You scared him the moment you came in!' argued Sunstreaker.

As Ratchet grumbled at the smart-ass comment from the yellow Twin, Prowl stepped forward and he also looked annoyed. He looked down at Bluestreak and he leaned in to question him, forgetting what mental state the youth was in.

'Did he say anything about the Decepticons?'

At the mention of the Decepticons, Bluestreak began to shake even harder and his grip on Sideswipe was starting to hurt the red Twin. Sideswipe grumbled, it figured that Prowl wouldn't give a dam about other mechs feelings, always about work and never about others. Before anyone could start an argument Optimus stepped forward and gently placed a hand on Prowl's shoulder.

'As soon as he has calmed down, we all need to have a private word in my office. Try not to bring up the Decepticons near him, OK Prowl?'

Prowl sighed but agreed and Bluestreak peeped up at Optimus Prime, a little scared to see how big he was. Since Prime's face was half covered it was almost too hard for the youth to guess what emotion the giant mech was expressing so he was still a little scared. He then looked up at Sideswipe who smirked back down, trying to tell him that it was all OK.

'It's OK Blue, he's our leader and he's the coolest and the kindest Autobot you'll ever meet. Just don't play any pranks on him and you'll be fine.'

Jazz seemed impressed that the Twins had managed to gain the trust of the new mech called Blue but Sunstreaker whispered into his audios later that his name was really Bluestreak, Sideswipe had a habit of giving everyone he met a nickname. After sorting every thing out the Twins were forced out the med bay, leaving the scared youth behind in Ratchet's care. Bluestreak suddenly felt all alone when the Autobots known as Sideswipe and Sunstreaker left but when Ratchet offered him to sit on the berth, he suddenly got scared again.

'It's alright Bluestreak, I just want to give you a quick examination.' explained the Medic, trying to sound kind.

Bluestreak hugged himself as he slowly walked over to the berth, not looking up at Ratchet as he sat down. Ratchet placed a hand on the youth's shoulder, trying his best to show that he wasn't going to show him any harm, he knew what he was about to say would scare him. He spoke in a low tone.

'Bluestreak, I understand that you have been through terrible times and the...they did horrible things to you. After giving you an scan I noticed you have some internal damage in a certain area of your body...I know this is sudden but I have to check if there are no leaks or burst Energon pipes otherwise you'll be forced to spend the rest of your life on a berth. If you suddenly feel uncormtable I will stop...do you want someone else in the room? Sideswipe or Sunstreaker perhaps, you seem to like them. Or perhaps you'd like-'

Before Ratchet could even finish his sentence the young mech suddenly jumped off the berth and crawled into a corner, after everything had settled into his circuits with what the medic was about to do to him, Bluestreak cowered in fear as Ratchet tried to approach him. Bluestreak cried out and scurried into another corner, earning a tired sigh from the Medic. He had dealt with cases like this before, he even had the same problem with Wheeljack once...but that was a long time ago. On the way home Wheeljack was attacked by a thug, who wanted nothing but the Energon Scraps that the Engineer was munching on. However he became desperate and slashed his Energy-Blade across Wheeljack's face, leaving him scarred and traumatized. Ratchet was at home, he could of made the choice to walk to the station to pick Wheeljack up but he was too tired to get up from his berth. How he rembered the great amount of regret he felt when he got the call that his bond-mate was found in the middle of the street with half his face gone. After getting patched up Wheeljack wouldn't even go outside, he didn't let Ratchet come near him or even eat. It took took some time but Ratchet was able to bring back the Wheeljack he almost lost. Now here he was with another youth, scared of the world around him.

'I swear to Primus I won't hurt you.'

That didn't work, Bluestreak suddenly grabbed a pole and tried to defend himself, making Ratchet grumble. He could see the fear, the pain, the sorrow, all of it was locked up inside those deep blue optics that stared at the Medic, with a pleading look, a look he must of used over a hundred times but was ignored. He didn't want to hurt him however Ratchet didn't have the time for this and he pulled up a tool he rarely ever used.

'I'm sorry,' he sighed.

Bluestreak wailed as he was hit by a controlled EMP wave that forced him to shut down. Ratchet stepped in to grab him as he fell and he sighed once again as he gazed down at the sleeping youth. The poor thing had been through so much and he could only fix the parts on the outside, fixing the parts on the inside was a challenge even for him.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker sat in the rec room, wondering what Ratchet was doing to Bluestreak, what Optimus wanted to talk to him about and what his future with the Autobots may hold. Sunstreaker thought that it would be cool if he would join but Sideswipe reminded his brother that most of the Neutrals rescued didn't want to join, mainly because of their mental state. Sideswipe believed that Optimus would send him to the refugee shelters in Iacon, a safe haven for those who didn't want to be part of the war but he too wanted the youth to stay but the only way for him to do that was to join the Autobot ranks.

'He'd make a cool Autobot.' sighed Sunstreaker.

'Yeah but he has to go through Prowl first!' muttered Sideswipe.

Prowl always tested everyone's abilities before allowing them to enlist and the Twins had a feeling that the moment Prowl saw him him, he didn't see a possible Autobot solider. Plus it wouldn't be really fair to force Bluestreak to join, he was a little too timid and almost new to the world around him. As the siblings pondered about the youth, Jazz greeted them both, interested in what they learnt about the young mech they found.

'Nice to see you two did something useful for once.' chuckled the third in command.

The Twins pouted, they hated it when Jazz teased them about their work even though he too had a habit of slacking. The younger officer sat with them, a smirk on his face as the Twins starting asking questions about what Prowl and Prime might do to Bluestreak.

'He's only been here for a while and you two already like him.' snickered Jazz.

'Yeah but if he gets sent to the Iacon shelters then we will never see him till the war ends!' sighed Sideswipe.

'Plus if he does decide to become an Autobot he has to go through Prowl first and he ain't that easy to please.' sighed Sunstreaker.

Prowl was one hard mech to impress, so far the only Autobot he was impressed with was Optimus himself, he called everyone else slackers and pathetic when they couldn't get the job done. When Neutrals came to them to enlist they had to go through Prowl first and he only let half of them join, the other half were lucky they survived the trials the second in command had laid out for them. Bluestreak didn't stand a chance if he wanted to join the Autobots, if he ever did. Even Jazz had his doubts about the newcomer.

'In my opion he wouldn't make a good Autobot. He's young, frail and not very tall.'

'He's taller then Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and all the rest of the midgets!' snapped Sunstreaker.

The Yellow Twin yelped suddenly when someone kicked him in the leg, looking down to see a very angry looking Bumblebee, the smallest member of the Autobot team. He was about the same age as the Neutarl but his model was designed to be small, however he did impress Prowl when he wanted to enlist, his height was a great asset for scout missions and he was hardly noticable whilst he was spying on the Decepticons, the only problem with that though was that his bright paint job usually gave him away. However if there was one thing that Bumblebee hated it was when someone joked about his size.

'Careful, I sting!' growled Bumblebee.

Sunstreaker grumbled as Sideswipe and Jazz laughed their vocals out. Bumblebee joined them, he too was curious about the mech that had been found by the Twins, he was already the talk of the base.

'So what's he like?' asked the small Autobot.

'He kinda looks like Prowl...but nicer looking!' explained Sideswipe, trying to picture what a "nicer" looking Prowl would look like.

'Plus he's really, really cute! It makes you want to hug him till he off-lines.' sighed Sunstreaker.

Bumblebee raised an optic brow, he knew that the twins were players but the moment a new bot came in they were all over them like Decepticons fighting over Energon mines, it was annoying at first but soon everyone got used to it, except for Prowl. Jazz just chuckled, he could see that dreamy look in the Twins optics as they talked about the new bot, it was both new and something expected. Jazz admitted when he first met Prowl he did everything he could to find the SIC's nicer points but even his bad points made him more attractive, which was rather strange since nobody suspected that Prowl was Jazz's type. Then again it was Jazz and he was just as unpredictable as the Twins.

'Do you think Prime will let him stay?' asked Bumblebee.

Jazz shrugged.

'Well we can't really get him to Iacon now that the Decepticons are prowling the area and we're really busy with all the raids and the battles...to be honest I'm not sure whats gonna happen to him.'

The Twins looked at each other, a little serious now. If Bluestreak couldn't get to Iacon and if he couldn't stay in the base, what in the name of Primus would Prowl and Prime do to him? As they pondered over what to do there was a sudden shout from the entrance of the room and everyone turned to see Ratchet enter the room holding his optics with Perceptor following.

'OF ALL THE SLAGGING GLITCHES I HAD TO FIX!' howled the medic as he grabbed an Energon cube.

The Twins looked at each other a little confused as to why Ratchet was in such a foul mood but when the medic removed his hand they saw that both of his optics had cracked and some parts of his face were dented rather badly. Sideswipe gasped and Sunstreaker just stared blankly at the damaged medic's face, as did everyone else. Prowl walked in and he too was horrified to see the medic in such a state.

'What the slag happened to you!?' demanded the officer, looking at medic in such a way.

Ratchet glared at him and then glared at the Twins and then back at Prowl. Ratchet took a few inhales of air to calm himself as he explained what had happened to him.

'It's nothing...I was fixing the new one...and he woke up in the middle of it and panicked...kicked me in the face a few times too.'

That caught Prowl's attention as did it catch the Twin's attention. The metal plating on an Engineer and a Medic's frame was destined to be tough, the fact that some neutral had dented it with just a few kicks meant that he had potentiol and in a way it was a good thing, for Bluestreak that is. Prowl just looked horrified but yet he was impressed.

'Bluestreak did this?' he asked again.

Ratchet nodded as he downed another Energon cube.

'Where is he?'

'Put him back to sleep, Wheeljack's keeping an optic on him so don't worry. I'm going to have to repair him when I get a stronger sedative in stock.'

As the officer and the medic talked about the past event, the Twins looked at each other and a rather cheeky smirk formed on both their faces, a smirk that made Bumblebee roll his optics and Jazz mutter a few Cybertronian curse words. Both Sunstreaker and Sideswipe had a feeling that Bluestreak was going to fit in rather well within the Autobot ranks.