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Ch. 29 Our Time Has Come and Epilogue

BPOV (Memory)

We arrived at the cozy little cabin in the woods a mere fifteen minutes after Edward tore down his parent's long drive and hit the main highway. I had teased him asking, "If there was a fire or something?" His eagerness to get us alone was comical.

But as soon as he carried me over the threshold into our home way from home for the next three nights, my nerves went into over drive and knowing Edward when it came to this matter, his did as well. Things went from humorous to serious a split second after my feet hit the floor. Our lips locked in a very heated kiss unlike any we'd ever shared before.

I had an overwhelming need for a moment alone, just a second, to collect myself. Seriously, we'd seen each other in the buff before, why was it such a big deal now? Extracting myself from his arms, I ran my finger down his chest to distract him. I was hoping he wouldn't notice just how nervous I had become.

"Human moment," I breathed, pulling away from his lips, hoping to sound seductive. Alice and Rose made this all sound so easy, but I was finding it to be anything but.

I excused myself to the bath just off the master bedroom. How we'd gotten from the front door to the master bedroom was a mystery to me. I'd been so caught out in the fiery kiss, bombs could have gone off and I wouldn't have noticed.

Resting my palms on the counter staring at myself in the mirror I chanted noiselessly, "You can do this." I snatched a washcloth out of the wicker basket next to the sink. I decided I'd remove some of my makeup now so that I wouldn't wake up in the morning looking like a deranged hag and scare Edward half to death.

The coolness of the dampened cloth on my face helped to settle me a bit. After rinsing it out, and tossing it over the towel rack, I turn to the door and flung it open before I could talk myself out of it.

Edward popped up off the bed at the sound of the bathroom door banging into the wall behind it.

"Oops," I giggled. The sound of his chuckle sent a peace over me.

"Hey," he said moving towards me.

"Hey," I mimicked his words and actions shyly. Good grief, I felt like that silly girl who shared her first date with this gorgeous man what seemed like eons ago.

Taking my hands, he led me to the large and ominous bed that would on any other occasion be warm and inviting. As we settled on the edge of the bed, Edward brought his palm to my cheek and looking directly into my eyes he said, "I love you." Before I had a chance to respond his warm soft lips met mine. Lying back on the bed he brought me with him, draping me across his chest.

The urgency he'd shown when we first arrived was gone. His kisses were sweet and tender, and as he nibbled his way across my jaw, I sighed. While I loved every minute I shared with Edward, I really wanted to move things along before any semblance of nerves had a chance to possess my body again.

"Edward," I whispered moving to sit so that I was straddling him, the puffy skirt of my gown making my efforts a bit of a chore. As I took possession of his lips with mine I began to work diligently on the knot of his tie. Once I'd accomplished that my hands wasted no time and immediately moved to the buttons of his shirt.

But before I could even work the first one lose I found myself sitting, alone, on the bed. "Edward," I asked incredulously, looking up to find him pacing the floor before me nervously running his fingers through already unruly hair.

"Bella…you…you are my first and only love, you were my first real kiss, and you are going to be my...well you know." He cracked a shy grin. "I've never done this. What if I get it wrong? What if I'm terrible at it?" He was so nervous he began rambling as he paced. Funny thing was him being so nervous is exactly what I needed to quell what little of my anxiety remained. For once I felt like I was the brave one, it was rather empowering. Nervous Edward was freaking hot!

I wasn't about to let him go on any longer. Seriously, seeing him at a lost of what he should do next was a complete turn on and the fire within me now roared to life. I lithely leap from the bed and crashed myself into him causing him, to stumble backwards onto the settee.

Straddling him I seared my lips to his. With my eye on the prize my hands made quick work of the buttons on his shirt, and it soon lay in a puddle on the floor. Wow, my fingers had never been this nibble before. I was rather enjoying my surge of self-confidence.

Once his shirt was history, I laid a trail of hot, wet kisses down his chest stopping just shy of his belly button, circling it with my tongue. My hands went to the button of his pants and without hesitation popped it loose. If I paused to think about what we were about to do, I would be the next one losing it to nerves. Edward groaned. This boasted my virtually non-existent ego and encouraged me to continue.

Lifting me to my feet, his pants joined his shirt on the floor below us. After his hands made quick work of the zipper on the back of dress, it fell there too.

He stepped back from me for just an instant to appraise Alice and Rose's handy-work. The satin bustier and lace panties had the effect that they both, Rose and Alice, had predicted it would, when they'd force me into this get up earlier this afternoon.

"Dear God, you're beautiful. Remind me to thank those devious friends of ours when we get home. Absolute perfection," he said admiringly, his voice deep and husky. Scooping me up, he lightly tossed me onto the bed, following right behind me.

I bit my lip smiling up at him; completely relieved to see the confident and controlled Edward I'd grown to love smiling back at me.


EPOV (Memory)

Honestly I don't know what came over me, but when the bathroom door startled me to attention I was hit by a tidal wave of nerves so strong for a moment I thought I might lose it and start crying like a baby. As soon as I felt her soft hands in mine, a temporary calm washed over me, only to return when her eager hands sought to disrobe me.

I felt like a bumbling idiot rambling like a man who'd just lost his mind. What must she be thinking? I briefly wondered.

Thank God her tackling me seemed to have knocked some sense into me. When her lips met mine, putting a stop to my word vomit, the urgency of my need came back with a vengeance and I just had to get her back on the bed. Tossing her on the bed like a sack of potatoes may have made me a cave man, but she seemed to rather enjoy it.

"I am going to explore every inch of you thoroughly, until I know what every intimate part of your body has to offer me, and I'm going to savor every moment I spend doing it," I said, running my hand over the thin bits of lace and satin covering her sides. She trembled and writhed under my touch.

Tonight I would give her all of me and she would give me all of her in return.

I stroked her tenderly, relishing each and every part of her glorious form not wanting to rush things and have them end too soon. We'd waited for this moment for a long time, and I planned to make sure we basked in it for as long as possible.

When it all became nearly too much we met, flesh on flesh, body to body, joining as one. From this day forth we would be united as one heart, one soul, and one life.

I relished each an every sigh our union elicited from her.

I held her, kissed her, worshipped her, as together we released, and road every wave of want and desire that had gone bottled up for way too long.

The raw emotion, the overwhelming love, a need so strong, one we'd so willingly held back on until this night, nearly brought me to tears as we both road the waves of pleasures, cresting together just as we reached shore.

I rolled to my side, bringing her with me, tucking her tightly against my chest.

"I love you," we both sighed, completely satiated with one another for the moment.

My goal tonight was to pleasure her, to wrap her in the love I've had to hold inside me for so long.

The moonlight dappled across her skin illuminating not only her outer beauty, but her inner beauty as well. Her love for me reflected in her eyes, sparkling as bright as the stars.

It was more than I'd ever dreamt it could and would be. I had been given the keys to Heaven when she promised to be my wife, to love, and to cherish me for all of eternity. But never in my wildest dreams would I have known it would be like this when I took those keys and unlocked the door to my eternal Heaven. Amazing, beautiful, phenomenal, there was just no words to describe what we'd just shared, none what so ever.

I nearly chuckled like a little boy at his first ball game, this, what we just shared, would be mine to experience over and over for the rest of my days. Bella once compared to finding me, to hitting the jackpot in the lottery. Well I'd have to say the same about her, and tonight I finally collected my winnings.


EPOV (Present)

"I think that's everything," I said as I tossed the last of our bags into the back of the Aston Martin. Our time in this magical place had come to an end. We were meeting our parents for lunch in Port Angeles, and after that Carlisle and Esme were driving us to Seattle so that we could catch our flight later this evening. While we were hesitant to leave our little cabin in the woods, we were both looking forward the next leg of our adventure that awaited us in Iceland.

I moved around to the side of the car facing the cabin, wrapping Bella in my arms from behind. We both stood silently gazing back at the rustic cabin that had served as our home for the last three nights, three nights of unimaginable bliss.

She sighed as she leaned back against me, lacing her fingers with mine. "I'm going to miss this place. We've made enough memories here to last us a lifetime."

Tearing my eyes from her beautiful face I looked back at the cabin. I would never forget our time here either. We were changed forever here, changed for the better. We were leaving here more sure and confident in ourselves. We let go of the last remnant of our innocence that we'd held tightly to for so long. It was an innocence we'd both been happy to release to the wind. For we were no longer simply Edward and Bella, we were now united together forever as one with Cullen as our last name.

"Mmm, me too," I replied, nuzzling her neck holding her tightly to me.

"Are you sure we can't stay another hour or two?" she asked reaching behind me to grasp my hips. "Oh, the things we could do with just a few more hours," she purred rubbing her backside against my now very aroused…well…you know, as she turned her head to nibble on my bottom lip.

My hands immediately grabbed her hips to steady her movements. If she kept this up we would never leave here today, tomorrow, or ever. "Bella love, as much as I love kissing you, and doing other things with you, we have to get out of here. You know darn well if I give you an inch, you'll take a mile, and we will never make it to the airport in time for our ten o'clock flight tonight."

"Flight-shmite," she whined turning in my arms to face me, pushing out her alluringly pouty lips. "I'll make it worth your while," she offered in a singsong voice as she slid her hands into my back pockets, groping my butt through the fabric of my jeans.

"Bella," I groaned.

I must say, my Bella had turned into a sex-crazed maniac over the last three days. Not that I was complaining or anything, I wasn't far behind her. But our tickets were non-refundable, so one of us had to be the mature adult here.

Paying little attention to the warning in my voice, she kissed me again. Deciding it best to appease her with one last victory, I spun her around pressing her against the car taking control of the situation as I deepened the kiss. When I knew she was beyond coherent thought I made my move. I hated to put an end to the delicious kiss because kissing her was like kissing the sun, all warm and Heavenly. She made me feel whole, we completed each other, but I had to show her, like Emmett would joke, "who wore the pants in this family." Right, who am I kidding?

Stepping back from her I slid my hands over her shoulders down the backs of her arms grasping her hands in mine, and said, "Bella as much as you consume me like a raging forest fire burning out of control; one I never wish to extinguish, we're going to have to leave this one smoldering until we get to our next destination."

"Okay," she sighed. "I'll concede this time, but I've got your number mister, and believe me you'll be receiving my call as soon as we get to Iceland. I may just send you a text on the plane; maybe use a little sign language." She fluttered her fingers in front of me, giggling as she slipped into the car.

Oh God, she was definitely going to be the death of me, and soon. Oh the things those delicate, soft, gentle…not helping Cullen, I warned myself as I stood nearly stupefied next to the car. But in my defense, those hot little hands of hers could do wondrous things to me hidden from the view of other passengers while under one of those cozy little airplane blankets.

I groaned as I plopped into the driver's seat next to her. "Bella, you're pure vixen underneath that girl next door veneer."

She smiled radiantly back at me as she buckled her seat belt. "Don't turn up the heat if you can't handle the burn babe." Leaning across the center console lightly brushing my lips with hers, she cooed, "Love you as wide as the ocean and as deep as the sea. Thank you for the most amazing weekend of my life."

"Ditto. Now, are you ready?" I asked quickly pecking her lips one last time before she could distract me again. But as usual I under estimated my hot little cougar.

Swiftly removing her hand from my knee she grasped my most sensitive area causing me to jump, and hit my head on the roof of the car. "I'd say we are." She purred seductively, only to giggle as she sat back in her seat. She stretched her hands over her head exposing a sliver of her porcelain skin just above her low riding jeans.

"Put the pedal to the metal, big boy," she winked at me. Her face donned a triumphant smirk knowing just how much in control of the situation she was.

Dead, I was so dead. How is it that Emmett and Jasper sought to school me in the wonders of a woman, and completely left out her power of leading me into temptation? This was going to be one long journey to Iceland. Hell, this was going to be one long journey for the rest of eternity. One I freely gave my heart to be a part of for the lifetime that lay ahead of us.


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