A/N: This is a preview of the sequel to The Annual Death Eater Beach Trip, coming soon to a computer screen near you!

Lord Voldemort lay back leisurely on a lawn chair in his backyard, playing Animal Crossing on his Nintendo DS. The forest surrounding Riddle Mansion was bursting with foliage of a rich green, and there was not a cloud in the sky. The only sounds that disturbed the tranquility were the buzzing of pollinating bees, the soft chirping of bluebirds overhead, and of course, the upbeat music coming from the Dark Lord's favorite video game. The temperature was rising; summer was fast approaching.

His mind was hardly focused on the game anymore, for he could not help but reminisce on certain memories of the previous summer. Ah, road trips…there is simply nothing like them, and his most recent one was certainly a memorable holiday. Despite the fact that it had ended with a broken posterior on his part, he now recalled it quite fondly. Many good times were had, as well as bad, and he had learned many important lessons along the way; for instance, he'll certainly never try wrestling a grizzly bear again.

Yes, he felt as if nothing in the world could top the good old-fashioned road trip, and looked forward to taking another one in just two short weeks. His opinion would soon change, however, as a faint roaring was heard in the distance. It grew louder, seeming to get closer every second. Voldemort sat up, curiously eyeing the small gravel road nearby, until it appeared.

It was a brand new Harley Davison motorcycle, ridden by a tall man wearing sunglasses, a bandana, and a leather jacket. The bike sparkled in the sunlight as it sped by the mansion, Voldemort gazing in awe. It was the absolute coolest thing he had ever seen.

"Holy crap…………"