"Albus Potter!" Mrs. McGonagall cried loudly. She watched as a small boy of eleven separated out of the crowd waiting to be sorted. He bit his lip nervously as he went up the steps, and sat on the stool. As soon as the hat was on his head, he thought at it as hard as he could, "Not Slytherin, please not Slytherin!"

He was interrupted by a voice, "Not Slytherin!" The sorting hat chuckled, "Heard that before, haven't we? Off to Gryffindoor with you!" A smile crept onto his face as he walked toward his wildly cheering table

"I always knew you'd make it!" James yelled. Albus stuck out his tongue in passing, looking for a familiar face.

"Al!" he turned, and there was Rose, running from the podium as the table erupted in cheers once again.

"Thank god we both made it!" she said, "I was so nervous!" Rose sat down next to him. "Yeah, me too. But isn't it so exiting? We're finally at Hogwarts!"

Just then, the headmaster tapped his glass to get attention. As everyone quieted down, the goblet shattered. He fixed it absentmindedly, and started the speech as if nothing had happened."Welcome,one and all, old and new, to another wonderful year at Hogwarts! I can't tell you how happy I am to see your smiling faces. Now, I will start the list of teachers. Minerva McGonagall, transfiguration and head of Gryffindoor house. Erebus Flint, potions and head of Slytherin house. Caroll Strauss, muggle studies and head of Hufflepuff house. And Sigfried Jorgenstern, Defense against the dark arts and head of Ravenclaw house. The other teachers you can find on the list in the back" he pointed to the wall where a long poster appeared. " Other than that, I only have to remind you to stay out of the forbidden forest, and to have a brilliant year!"

The students started applauding, mostly because they were glad the speech was over. As they got up, Rose said, " I can't wait to get the class lists! I hope have transfiguration a lot. It sounds like the coolest thing ever!"

They followed the prefect up the stairs, looking around in wonder at their movement. Albus said, " I hope I have flyng class. Once they see how good I am, they'll surely put me on the team!"

"Yeah, but there's only been one first year on a team in the history of Hogwarts!"

"And that was my dad, so there!"

They had reached the common room, and they went their separate ways.