The small, brown ball hurtled through the air. It came close, almost reaching its target, when THWACK! Out of nowhere, the bat hit it away with a crack. Albus nodded his thanks to Eddy, but kept his eye on the snitch. It veered away, and got closer to Slytherin's seeker, a large, strong fourth year. But Albus was lighter and more agile than him, and so made closer turns, all the time getting closer to the ball by millimeters. Suddenly, it swooped up, taking both the seekers by surprise. The Slytherin recovered first, but Al was gaining on him. When the ball rushed down, the roles were reversed. About fifteen minutes went on like this, with neither gaining the upper hand. Then, the ball flew between them, and with his signature lightning-fast move, Al caught it. The crowd went wild! Gryffindor had won! As soon as they could, the entire house came running down to the arena, catching dirty looks from the losers. But the Gryffindors were so busy cheering, that nobody noticed anything but the winning team.