Me: Hi Thar! My name's Moon, and this is my first fan fic, I hope you all enjoy it. :D

Spirit: -shoves Moon out of the way- Uurk, she's had too much sugar --"

Cynder: ... Lock her away before she does something weird.

Me: -Stops putting Potato and Gravy on Pancakes. Looks at Spirit and Cynder- Hehe, guys, what's with the Rope?

Spirit & Cynder: -Ties Moon up and chucks her in a closet-

Disclaimer: Pokemon and some of the Story Line © Nintendo. (But most of the Story Line and plot belong to me. :P )


The rain fell hard and sharply against my face. I pulled my hood over my face, attempting to shield it from the pelting water. My Cubone, Karma, nuzzled into my neck. I looked at him sadly, my hand over his head. "Brother," I asked the taller figure in front of me. He tugged at my sleeve, pulling me along behind him. "Brother," I said louder, trying to be louder than the rain. Thank Arceus it wasn't a storm. "What?" He breathed his reply. "When are we going to stop?" I called. "They're going to notice we've snuck out of the Orphanage." He just picked up his pace. I sighed and shook my soaked head. When he was like this, you're sure not to get a reply.

We stopped at the bridge. The river's height had risen dramatically. I watched as the gray water began to devour the wooden structure. I felt my brother let go of my wet sleeve. Karma whimpered. Something didn't feel right. "Spirit," My brother began. I faced him, his eyes stared into the swirling rapids. "Gimme Karma for a sec." He said simply. I looked at him, confused. My hands wrapped Karma's small hands as I pulled him away from my neck. I hugged him tightly, before placing him into the awaiting hands of my brother. "What is this about, Brother?" I said in a harsher tone. I hated having my small companion in the hands of someone else, even if that someone else was my only remaining family.

"The River..." He breathed. I watched the swirling movements. They were hypnotizing. If I had known, I would have spent my last remaining moments of humanity with Karma. But, I didn't. I felt him push me into the dangerous current. At first, I flung my arms out wildly, trying to stay afloat. The water crashed into me. I heard my Cubone's cries, he caught in the grip of the one who had pushed me. The one who had decided he wanted to end it all. My brother.

The waves crashed into and over my head for a last time. I heard the last cries of Karma. I wished he didn't have to see this. The last thoughts that ran through my head were something like the last words I ever said – As a Human.

"You've always hated me, haven't you, Sparky?" I asked in my mind."Well, that's okay. I've both loved you," I my vision was fading. "And hate you too."

I closed my eyes, returning to my world. The world known as darkness.