A/N: Um, if anyone reading Lesson reads this... Sorry? I've been reading YGO fanfics lately, and this sort of... wouldn't let go. Hopefully it's not too OOC. R & R.

He almost did it, almost passed by the closed door, but he hesitated. He had work that needed to be done before the meeting tomorrow; KaibaCorp wouldn't run itself. But for the first time since his 'childhood', he just couldn't concentrate. His spine was rigid, shoulders pulled harshly back. His entire body radiated tension as he turned and laid a hesitant hand on the knob. 'It's just a room.' he reminded himself. Firmly clenching his jaw, the CEO opened the door and stepped into the room for the first time since… Since he had realized that he had to let go.

The room was large, airy, with enough windows to catch direct light nearly any time of day. The bed was neatly made, the forest green comforter pulled carefully into place. The pale beige walls still had posters all over them, of rock bands and sports stars and anything else that captured the interest of the teenager who lived there. Use to live there. Pictures lined up on the top of the dresser, and he glanced over the faces captured there. The boy and his last girlfriend, Yugi and his friends, the boy's classmates, the CEO himself… So many smiles, or smirks in the last case. His scarred heart twisted. The room was clean, quiet… wrong. It just seemed so empty, so sad, as if the room itself mourned the loss of its occupant. 'Some things change.' His eyes dry but his heart aching, he finally turned and went back to his office, closing the door carefully behind him.

He glanced up at the clock. Already 8 pm, and he had made practically no progress. Biting back a sharp sigh, he stood and walked to the window, stretching his legs out for a moment. Just as he turned to go back, his phone rang. He answered briefly. "What?" "Hey, big brother. Miss me yet?"

Mokuba's bright laughter washed over the line, and Seto felt something inside of himself relax. His employees would have been shocked to see the small, fond smile that settled on his face. "A bit." He could almost see his little brother shake his head, exasperated by the admission. What he didn't expect was the soft, comforting tone the teenager took on. "Hey, it's just college. Not like I died or anything. I'll still be home between semesters, and for major holidays." "I know that, Mokuba. Now, how is everything going?" The teen laughed again, and his voice took on the higher pitch it always developed when he was excited. "The trip took forever. Honestly, you'd think I'd be used to long flights. But commercial airlines are so slow! Though it was fun flying with the public – I got to watch this huge bodybuilder guy turn absolutely green! It was hilarious! So I got here. The dorm is a little small – and no, I don't want an apartment, much less a house. And yes, if I need anything I'll call. Anyway, it's small, but I think it'll be fun. I met my roommate, and he's cool. He likes a lot of the same bands as I do, and he let me borrow a CD from a band I hadn't heard of, but he let me hear some of their songs and I like them. And…"

As he listened to his little brother chatter, Seto felt the worries he had carried with him ever since he saw Mokuba onto that plane fade away. 'Yes, some things change. But some things don't.'