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A soft snoring sound could be heard in Claire's cosy apartment. The younger Redfield lied on her back on the great white sofa that was both comfortable and warm with plenty of room for the young woman to stretch on it like a cat. The living room was dimply lit by a single lamp, making it look dreamlike and comforting.

Claire murmured something in her sleep and tried to strangle the pillow that lied on top of her. On her face was an open novel; apparently she had fallen asleep while while reading it. She probably had thought about resting her eyes for a moment, but the warmth and comfort had lulled her to sleep.

Claire had had a rough day, tons of paper work and incompetent coworkers who wished well, but lacked knowledge of how to approach the problems. The younger Redfield had been accepted to TerraSave and she had quickly become a valuable member of the organization. Time flew by fast and 4 months had already passed since HUNK's visit. She hadn't heard any news about the mercenary or Wesker and Claire couldn't be sure whether it was a good or bad thing.

The young woman shifted in her sleep, as if sensing that there was something or someone moving through her apartment. The soft steps barely made any sound as the visitor strolled around the room, stopping in front of one shelf, picking up few photos of her. In some pictures she was with Chris and in others with either Leon or Jill.

The things had become better with the group but Chris still worried and Jill was still a bit bitter, but her and Valentine's relationship was slowly getting better. Leon though...he had started avoiding Claire a bit, clearly hurt by her decision to not pursue a relationship with him. What Claire had feared had happened to her. She no longer had strong feelings for Leon. During her time with Wesker, she had started to grow attached to him and slowly but surely, her feelings towards him had changed.

However, to Claire's relief, she had been busy with her work and had made a couple of new friends in the city, going to movies and cafes with them every now and then. It really helped her to think about other things but during nights she could lie on her bed for hours, thinking of him. While the work was safe and good, a part of Claire craved for excitement. Wesker had been right about her. She needed the adrenaline shot every now and then.

Claire shifted, finally starting to wake from her slumber. There was a familiar scent in the room and with her keen senses, she quickly realized that there was someone else there, however, the scent and presence didn't feel threatening to her and Claire slowly moved her hand to pick the book off her face, blinking few times to see better in the dimly lit room. For a normal person, the lighting would have been a bit too dark, but to Claire and the visitor, it was comfortable and good.

Claire's hazy eyes quickly cleared and became focused when she saw an all too familiar figure sitting on the armchair across her with just a small television table between them.

"You came..." Claire murmured gently as she got up into a sitting position on the sofa, placing the book she had been reading on to the small wooden table.

Across from her Wesker smirked at her, pulling off his dark glasses and put them onto the table as well. He wore his usual business suit, all black of course. Claire fixed her messy hair a bit and blushed slightly when Wesker glanced at the book she had been reading...a romance novel...the plot was ridiculous and the characters were made for female audience, but her co-worker had insisted on her reading it and no matter how bad the book was, Claire couldn't help but read it. She knew it was stupid but it still appealed to her.

Wesker 'tsk'd gently and smiled at the young woman "I thought you had a better taste in literature, Claire." The blond man said to which Clare just snorted playfully

"I read reports and charts all day long, I think I can indulge myself in something like this every now and then, besides, it is my co-workers."

"Yet you still choose to read it." Wesker noted to which Claire merely laughed, sighing all relaxed.

"Yeah, I guess I do." the younger Redfield admitted.

The two eyed each other for a moment before Wesker pulled out a small letter, the one Claire had written to him.

"I'm not sure Chris would approve of this." Wesker said with almost a sinister chuckle, his red eyes narrowing slightly "what would your dear brother think of this? Writing letters to the person who kidnapped his sister." he added.

Claire stood up with a determined look on her face and walked over to Wesker who followed her with his eyes.

Claire got into Wesker's lap, caressing his head and blond hair gently. The middle aged man smiles at Claire and moved his hand to feel the young woman's lower back. Her warm weight felt nice to Wesker.

"Right now I couldn't care less about what Chris thinks." Claire whispered and kissed Wesker. To the younger Redfield's satisfaction Wesker seemed slightly surprised, but was quick to answer her gentle kiss. Claire closed her eyes to enjoy the moment and even Wesker's expression was quite dreamy, his red eyes glowing slightly in the dimly lit room.

They shared few hasty kisses, making Claire gasp slightly between them. She knew this was probably wrong but for months her thoughts had been focused on Wesker. She had recalled how his toned body had felt, how subtle his presence and scent was, the way he looked at her… And now that he was holding her in his lap, Claire felt like she was in heaven. Her heart was beating fast and the young woman wished that this moment could last forever. After getting away from Wesker and all the chaos, she got a needed pause and had processed the events leading to her infection. She had been confused at first but slowly she had come to realize that she really liked Wesker…even loved if that was possible.

Claire sank her fingers into Wesker's blond hair as the man started to trail kisses down her jaw to Claire's neck, biting her soft flesh gently, making Claire gasp. The blue eyed girl looked distressed for brief moment as she remembered that Chris was in the city because of work.

"Wesker…Chris is in town…." she whispered, fearing that her brother would find out.

"I know." Wesker replied with a smirk giving Claire another kiss before continuing "That's a part why I'm here…I need to keep an eye on him and his group of activists, I've got too much to lose."

Claire sighed heavily but managed to smile, she knew to expect this from Wesker.

"Mixing business with pleasure? That's unlike you." She pointed out to which Wesker just chuckled. She wondered whether she should be angry about Wesker visiting partly because he had multiple interests in the city but right now she was just happy to be able to be with the blond man.

Wesker's body felt warm to Claire and she caressed the man's broad shoulders affectionately.

"Aren't you afraid he will find you here and ruin your precious plans again?" Claire asked, but Wesker just felt her lower back sensuously, smirking confidently.

"He has no idea. Lets keep it that way." he said in that husky tone that sent shivers down Claire's spine. The whole situation was quite thrilling to her.

The two of them seemed to be enthralled by each other and Wesker's soft caresses quickly became more bold when he saw that Claire was quite willing and enjoyed them.

"Did you miss me?" He asked with a smirk, feeling Claire's hips who just blushed slightly and glanced away briefly.

"Not at first…but lately, I can only think of you…You have no idea how infuriating it is. I can hardly work." she muttered to Wesker's satisfaction.

"Good, then I admit that it is hard to work when you keep sneaking into my thoughts." weaker purred back and gave Claire another needy kiss, sliding his hand under her black t-shirt, feeling her soft and warm body.

They couldn't get enough of each other. Each hasty caress was followed by another and deep within her Claire new that she shouldn't be doing this, but this was what she needed right now. She feared though what Chris would do if he learned about this, no doubt he'd never want to see her again or would do something to keep her away from the blond man.

With a smirk the red eyed man got up, lifting Claire with him.

"Well isn't this romantic." Claire laughed gently and put her arms gently around Wesker's shoulders and neck for support. The man just smirked and slowly carried claire towards the bedroom. The Redfield's heart was racing and she felt her cheeks turn a deeper shade of red, knowing what to expect.

"We enjoyed each others company a lot during our time together, but now we have the time and privacy for this." Wesker murmured gently and Claire glanced away all embarrassed. Love was such a strange thing, it rarely made any sense. Of all the people she had fallen for this man who had caused her and her friends so much pain. He had taken Steve 's body with him and killed many members of S.T.A.R.S. He was a horrible person, yet she loved him.

Wesker walked into Claire's bedroom and rested the ponytailed girl onto the bed, sitting next to Claire , pulling her hair open with one graceful move.

"Aren't you afraid that Chris will appear at the door?" Claire asked, still thinking of how her brother was in town on business but there was still a chance that he'd give Claire a surprise visit.

"If that happens, I will love to see who you explain the situation to him. " Wesker teased her, gently pushing Claire so that she lied on the soft bed. The blue eyed woman smirked and rolled her eyes

"I'm going to tell him you forced yourself on me." She said "It's not like he wouldn't believe me."

However, she gasped loudly when Wesker pinched her side sharply with somewhat playfully irritated smile on his face.

"Well then he'd surely attack me and I'd have to kill him. And then I'd have to take you with me." Wesker whispered in low, dangerous tone that only aroused Claire further.

They were so close to each other. Claire couldn't help but think the time back in the train that had led all to this. Those weeks had been the most stressful, but also exciting time of her life (if you didn't count the Raccoon city and the Island…) and it had changed her and Wesker's relationship for good.

Claire closed her eyes gently as Wesker felt her thigh, slowly removing her clothes piece by piece until she as naked on the bed. The younger Redfield shivered slightly on the sheets, feeling vulnerable since she was completely naked beneath Wesker who was still in full clothing.

"Comfortable?" Wesker asked as he ran his hand down Claire's chest and stomach, making Claire wiggle slightly and blush. She nodded gently and watches as Wesker took off his black jacket and pulled off his turtleneck shirt. Claire tried not to stare too much. Wesker's body was perfect. He was toned and athletic and the only thing about the blond man that hinted about his age was his face with few lines that only made him more handsome.

Claire sighed gently as Wesker felt her soft and bare body, teasing her sensitive spots, making Claire gasp and sigh. She resisted the urge to bite and lick her lips when Wesker started to unbuckle his belt.

Soon enough they both were naked on the bed with Wesker on top of her, letting her feel his weight and how solid his body was. Claire gasped and moaned as the blond man teased and pleased her body with his warm, strong hands, feeling her from all the places and not leaving any place unexplored. He felt her hot and willing entrance gently, causing Claire to hiss out and tremble slightly in excitement. She looked into Wesker's eyes and could see how satisfied the man was with her reactions.

"Enjoying yourself?" He asked with a soft chuckle and Claire pouted slightly.

"Don't tell me that you just want to tease me like this?" She asked only to moan out loud when Wesker brushed against her sensuously, grasping her hips gently yet firmly.

"I intend to enjoy you fully, Claire…and I have no intentions of leaving you unsatisfied." he said, leaning closer until their foreheads almost toucher.

Claire shivered as she looked into those cat like orange eyes "I will leave you craving for more so that you will eventually seek me out, Dear heart." he said with a wicked grin on his face, full of lust and need.

Claire gasped and moaned sensuously as Wesker claimed her hot and willing body, making her writhe in pleasure and grasp the sheets gently,. She panted loudly in pleasure as the toned man moved on top of her. Soon enough their bodies were covered in a thin layers of sweat. Claire could be certain that Wesker's body was hotter than a normal male's. His blond hair was all messy to Claire's entertainment and his orange red eyes were glowing slightly more.

To Claire the peak came almost too fast but Wesker had no intentions of leaving yet, not before he'd get to enjoy yet another round with her. Claire lost the sense of passage of time as Wersker kept pleasing her exhausted body.

Suddenly, they passionate love making was disturbed by the horrible sound of the door bell ringing.

*Ring ring, ring ring*

It cut though the pleasurable haze like knife, making them both freeze in mid motion. Their minds were dragged from the pleasurable haze and their thoughts cleared in an instant. Just as Claire was about to let panicked shriek, Wesker clamped his hand over the red haired woman's mouth, silencing her.

"Does he have a key?" He asked calmly and Claire took a short moment to think before shaking her head slightly. To her horror that only made Wesker smirk and continue his movements, making Claire moan.

"A..Are you mad?" Claire gasped in horror when Wesker took his hand off her soft lips. The young woman turned her head gently, gasping when her lover started kissing her neck teasingly. The door bell rang again and they kissed passionately, Wesker's hands exploring Claire's body. "He will soon…" Claire started but too late.

As expected, her cell phone started ringing on the night table. It was a simple red clam styled cellphone, nothing fancy. It kept ringing and Claire made no intentions of reaching out for it even though she had an alarmed look in her eyes. Chris was now knocking on the door, wondering it the door bell was broken or something.

"Answer it…" Wesker purred but Claire's expression was that of pure horror.


But Wesker reached out for the cellular and answered it for Claire, handing it to her. With shaky and somewhat sweaty hands, Claire took the phone and pulled it to her ear.

"H..Hey Chris, what's up?" She said, trying to sound normal and thankfully Wesker had slowed down his thrusts, making her feel good but not so that she'd be out of breath. But it was still hard to focus and keep her voice neutral.

"Hey sis, I'm at your home, you not here? I did mention about visiting you right?" Chris asked, relieved that Claire had answered him.

"Oh... it was today? I..I'm sorry I'm at friend's pla..place right now. Hey, how about later today? Go grab a coffee or something meanwhile?" Claire said, trying to swat Wesker away who was kissing her neck now, making it harder for her to focus.

"Shoo…" She hissed, but Wesker only bit her neck.

"You ok? " Chris asked suspiciously when he heard a loud gasp follow the shooring.

"Haha, yeah, sorry…she has a nasty cat..bites and scratches me even though it insists on getting into my lap." Claire lied, resisting the urge to moan when Wesker sank his nails into her thigh.

"Oh, well I guess I could grab a drink…see you later, Claire." He finished, ending the call to Claire's relief.

"That went surprisingly well, your brother has always been dimwitted." Wesker said with a chuckle and picked up the pace once more.

Claire panted and had a dreamy look in her eyes. Chris had clearly left the door to her relief.

"You were totally enjoying that." she accused Wesker and he just chuckled sadistically.

"Of course." He replied lightly and continued pleasing her.

After reaching their climax multiple times, they both rested on the bed with exhausted look on their faces. Now that the sudden lust and need had faded a bit, Claire started to feel slightly dirty and ashamed of doing this with Wesker, but she couldn't make her feelings go away. She was addicted to the blond man and he knew it and she was absolutely sure that Wesker was going to exploit that fact for sure.

Wesker got up and glanced at the exhausted woman "mind if I use your shower?"

"What? No cuddling?" Claire asked with a smile, but in her voice Wesker could tell that she knew that he wouldn't have time to stay with her.

"I'm afraid I don't have the time, dear heart, and I'm sure you don't want Chris to find out about our little…secret meeting either." He murmured and walked into the bathroom. Claire sighed and turned on the bed when she heard the shower water running. She needed to clean herself up too before seeing Chris and change the bedsheets for sure…

Soon enough Wesker got back into the room and Claire cleaned herself up in the shower quickly, only to return to the bedroom wit ha towel around her body to see Wesker fully dressed with his sunglasses on.

"When will I see you again?" Claire asked when Wesker walked to her, cupping her check gently with the leather gloved hand, reminding her of their first meetings when the leather was the only thing she got to feel, never his bare touch.

"Who knows, I'm very busy, Dear heart…but perhaps, I can make some room into my schedule." He said gently and Claire smiled.

"Maybe some time when Chris isn't competing for my time." She murmured to which Wesker nodded.

"That would be more enjoyable." He said before giving Claire one last kiss. He walked to the door but stopped before at the frame " If you came with me, we wouldn't have to settle with such unpleasant meeting arrangements." he said with a dangerous and possessive look in his eyes, one that he was often able to hide. It scared Claire a bit and she feared that one day those thoughts would be trouble for her and Chris.

She decided not to answer. One wrong word or expression could let Wesker know that the idea tempted her if he didn't know it already.

When Wesker was gone, Claire lied back on the bed and sent Chris text message.

"Came back home early, I'll take a 30 min nap. See you then." she wrote and sent it. After that, Claire cleaned her bedroom and once done, she lied on the bed, closing her eyes, yet she couldn't sleep. Instead, she just kept day dreaming about Wesker, his scent and presence still lingering in the room.

However , little did Claire know that a pair of black sunglasses lied on her television table.

Ah, now, I think this is good. I felt like the story needed more "sexy time". The love scene is a bit bad. It is just so hard for me to imagine Wesker being sexual at all xD It was easier when I was younger. Oh well.

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