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Summary: Jack Black, David Cross, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman, Seth Rogen and Ian McShane were all suddenly fallen into a mystery blackhole as they have fallen into the world of Kung Fu Panda. What kind of adventure awaits them? R&R!

And the worst thing of all, they have changed into animals, like their own characters! Plus, the prophecy has foretold that they were destined to be there, what is that suppose mean, find out in 'Kung Fu Panda, Voicers, Back in Actions'!

Prologue: The End of Movie, backstage

When Jack Black has spoken his very last line, "Wanna to get something to eat?"

And then Dustin Hoffman has spoken as he took a sigh, "Sure!" the whole movie works have finally ended.

John Steveson and Mark Osborine, the directors, have both clapped their hands loudly as to congratulate their dubbings as their works have finally over, and so Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, David Cross, Seth Rogen and Ian Mcshane joined their clapping, Jack and Dustin both came out of the dubbing room and joined the group.

"Excellent works, guys! Today you shall have a good rest. "John said.

"Ah yes! Finally!!" Jack cheered, and the others laughed.

"Serious, I need to take a good beauty nap, you know, pregnant in 2 weeks is really give you some weight inside you stomach, like yours." Angelina mocked Jack.

"Hey!" Jack shouted and they laughed louder.

"Come on, guys. Let's head back to the hotel." David replied as he was the first one opened the door.

During their way to the hotel, they were still exciting about the movie, Jack was really alike Po the giant Panda, everybody thought that he has a slightly blood of a panda. And Angelina was practicing to stay as strong as her character, Tigress. Lucy Liu, thinking of doing some yoga to make her could be elegant and subtlety as Viper. Jackie Chan has already been an action actor as he was thinking to learn some stick kung fu thingy like Monkey. Seth Rogen was considering loosing some weights, not to disgrace his character, Mantis. David Cross was listening to his Mp3 in relax, like meditation as calm as Crane. Dustin Hoffman was thinking about of Tai Chin, since he heard it will help his health, like an old man as Shifu. And Ian McShane has been participated a gym course, tried to have some muscles like Tai Lung.

Finally, they backed to the hotel, and each have gone back to their own rooms to have good-night sleep. Before their eyes shut, they were having a same thought, 'Wish I could go to see the world of Kung Fu Panda…' then everything went blank.


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Next Chapter: An Invitation


"You guys got the same invite?" Jack asked curiously. They didn't answer but showed him the same card as his.

"Do you have any idea?" David asked weirdly.

"Only one way to find out." Jack replied as he opened the door.