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Kung Fu Panda, Vociers, Back in Action!

By Arceus. Conberma

Chapter 16

Flesh Bloody Case

"Sa Dan?"

Probably it was their first visit at Kui Village, the villagers were astounded by they spoke out that name. Viper, Yi and Sabrina eyed at them with unknown sight, however, they urged them to walk up to Viper's house while Viper's father was trying to tell his villagers to remain calm.

It was evening as the sun went down, there was still no sign of Lilly, but the Team of Reality appeared and the eight stars, who had transformed into humans, told the incident happened till then.

"So what you are saying is, you guys had broken a curio that had a crazy demon inside it and it escaped?" John asked.

"OK, first, we didn't break it, it was those kids. And secondly, yes and it named Sa Dan." Jack explained.

"Hey!" the children complained.

"No offense." David added.

"Sa Dan? Sa Dan? Hold on a sec." Melissa said as she turned back and looking for something.

Brad snapped, "Anyway, what happened on your journey?" he asked curiously.

"Oh nothing special, except WE HAD ALMOST GOT ASSINATED AT THAT DAMN THREAD OF HOPE, THAT'S ALL!!" Ian furiously said, grumble.

"Okay, okay, just chill, man." Tai Lung comforted.

"I know, I know, it's just, it's explicable." Ian cooled himself.

"I've found it." Suddenly Melissa interjected them and ran over them with a thick ancient Chinese book in her hands.

"What's that?" Angie asked.

"I'll give you an answer, a book." Seth and Mantis said in unison.

As everyone stared at the innocent insect and the hysterical actor, they couldn't help but yelled at them, "THAT'S BULLSHIT!!"

"Boys, this is no time for hysterical joke!" Mark demanded.

"Sorry." The man and the bug apologized.

Melissa coughed, "As I was saying, Sa Dan, in Chinese, as the name of the devil." She explained.

"Whoa, whoa, so you're saying is that we're facing a demon?" Seth nervously asked.

"Ah, technically, a devil." Jack corrected.

"And basically, just because some animal name itself the name of the devil, doesn't mean he really is a devil." Melissa tried to decrease the worries of her friends.

"No, he's not." Said a familiar voice behind them.

It was Yi, Viper's father, beside him was his wife, Sabrina. Yi's words were sound seriously as the atmosphere began heavy. As Yi slid himself approached his daughter's so-called family and her friends. "Sa Dan is a really devil." He repeated.

"Wait, wait, what?" Po and Hannah were confused.

Yi sighed heavily and sat the armchair and began a story. "Before Viper born, this village once attacked by a vicious hyena. He was a villager of this small town. But unfortunately one day, he had started to murder the other villagers, and eat them." He paused and saw the horrid faces from his friends.

"E…Eat?" Monkey asked and Ana gulped.

"Them?" Mantis connected with Monkey, his body was shaking.

Yi nodded slightly and continued. "Sa Dan loves to eat animal flesh, by eating their brain and their heart." Before he finished it, the eight stars, Po, Monkey and Mantis had gone to the bathroom to throw up, couldn't stand on that grisly story.

"Turn left ten turn right." Yi directed them to the bathroom.

While some of them were busying on throw up, the rest could take it, at least. Yi continued, "I was a young warrior back there, and had to destroy this monster no matter what. But after I killed him, his grudge soul was still in the land of living. Luckily, my father knew some of sealing Yi Yang Master power to seal Sa Dan's soul inside a curio, that you kids broke it a few hours ago." Yi then glared at the children, who felt ashamed.

Just then, the eight stars, Po, Monkey and Mantis had come back from the bathroom, faces were in pale. "Are you guys okay?" Viper worriedly asked.

"We're good. Need some rest, that's all." Jack replied.

"Well, perhaps a dinner will make it up to you." Sabrina suggested.

All of them were agree as they went to the dining room. "Oh, you guys are going to love my mom's cook, it's like food from heaven." Viper commented with glee, hardly waited for her mother's home-cook meal.

"I hope so. Because my tummy is trembling." Po joked and they laughed.

After 15 minutes, dinner has served. Despite Viper clan was famous on their venoms were poison as flames of Dragon, half of the table was full of spicy hot food.

Suddenly, a knock from the door. "Ah, right on time. Sorry, but I have a guest, I hope you wouldn't mind at all." Yi humbly said.

"Nah, it's okay. We can't take on these spicy fo---Oof!" before Po finish his words, his wife kicked his belly without anyone noticed.

"Jun, right on time. Come on in." when Yi leaded his small guest into the kitchen. To their surprise, it was a lynx, wearing alike ninja costume and had a brown fur, eyes were ember.

"Friends, this is my new student, Jun. he's learning about the technique of poison and daggers skills." Yi introduced.

"Impressive." Shifu commented.

"Show off." Hannah snorted, merely in whispering. She didn't like Jun from the first moment she saw him.

Although Jun could hear her, as he sat beside Yi, joining the dinner together. "

"Master Sabrina, would you be so kind passes the spicy sauce for me, please?" Jun requested.

When Sabrina passed the sauce to the lynx, Jun poured ten times in his hot chilly soup. The masters, warriors and the stars were wide-mouthed and eye-widened of the sight. Hannah had had enough of his pride attitude as she grabbed the spicy sauce from his paws and poured twenty times hot in her soup!

"Hannah! What are you doing!?" Po asked.

"Having a small competition." His daughter responded, kept on pouring.

Jun snatched the sauce and poured more than Hannah's, Yi was surprised. "Jun, what are you doing!?"

"Just a quick competition between man to man." Jun replied, smirking and focused on Hannah only.

"Jun, Hannah is a girl." Viper stated.

"Whatever." He ignored.

"30 times!" Hannah announced.

"31 times!" Jun added.

"31.1 times!"

"31.15 times!"

"Even count the decimal points?" Jackie whispered.

"Foolish 30 times." Shifu muttered.

"Doesn't look like a man." Ana murmured, sweat-dropping.

"I told you, Hannah is a GIRL." Tigress stated.

"Whatever." Monkey and Ana snorted in unison.

When the two little warriors were ready, they were already sweating even the soup's steams had caused their sweats. "READY?" Hannah said, grabbing their bowl at the same time, "SET!" she gulped. "GO!!" in a second, they had swallowed their hot and spicy 31 times hot chilly soup!

"I don't know if I should use the word 'impressive' or 'foolishness'?" Ian asked, Tai Lung just shook his head in response.

Finishing the soup, the two little warriors were gasping for air, desperately for water. Jun was impressed of Hannah, and so did she. "You're tough." Jun said, giving her a smile.

"You too." She said, smirked.

"Alright, you two fighters." Sabrina took a bowl of water and gave each to them. "Here, you gonna need this." In a second, Jun dig their head into the water bowl except Hannah.

"Aren't you going to drink some water, at least?" Yi asked, a bit surprised.

"Please, I had been taken these flames, flares, fire as part of my meals." Hannah proudly said. "Jun needs to train more."

The next thing she knew was, Tigress and Po smacked her back head at the same time, "You're the one who needs to train." They said in unison.

Everyone burst out laughing, all but one. That was Lilly, still grudging herself of what she had done this afternoon. Even her parents and friends told her that it wasn't her fault, but she couldn't put that thought away. She wished she could do something to gain the blessing from her grandfather.

After the dinner, Jun went back home and said good-bye to everyone, especially his new friend, Hannah. And so as the others went to their guest rooms to have a good-night sleep. They had a long trip tomorrow.

But Crane stayed with Sabrina to do the washing dishes on purpose. Sabrina was delight and really needed a right hand man. During the washing, they chatted a while. Crane also told Viper's mother about the story of how they met, fallen in love and been through many adventures.

"That was the most beautiful story I've ever heard." Sabrina announced.

Crane chuckled, "You know, I don't really remember the love from a mother, or parents." Crane said as he let out a sad smile.

"Well, you have now…" Sabrina whispered as she gave her son-in-law a hug as Crane felt the warm and lily-scent same as Viper's in her chest, it was motherly love, he could feel it, he had never felt comfort for a very long time.

A few seconds later, Crane slowly broke the hug. "Th…thanks. It helps me to remember the love of my passed mother." He thanked, blushing.

"Anytime, dear." She responded.

That night, Crane has a weird dream… (Look at 'Twisted in Blood Curse', you'll know)

He had found himself in a mist, with no one around there but just a mist. "Whoa, what the? Hello, anyone here?"

"It's been so long." Said a familiar voice somewhere.

"Hey, I know that voice…Master Shian?" he questioned.

There was a chuckling in the air, as there was a figure revealed himself and Crane was right. It was Master Shian, his past life. "Long time no see." He said with a grin.

"I know, ever since that battle. I thought you and Lady Wind Song…ur…reborn."

"Well, I never did. Because I'm still worry about my tools that is it right fallen into your hands and take a good look of this world. After all, you're still a rookie of it." He said.

"Are you mocking me?" Crane asked.

"Sort of," he shrugged.

"So, what brings you here this time?"

"I came because I heard some rumors that really disturbing."

"About what?"

"A prisoner from the hell escaped, his name is Sa Dan."

Crane almost got choked by Shian's words as he coughed hardly. "Seriously?" Shian nodded firmly.

"If you don't get and seal him into another curio, many innocents will die in his paws. Or eaten." He added. "You must find him and sent him back where he belongs." He demanded.

"Even I want to seal him, where and how can I find him?" Crane asked, hopelessly.

"Talk to his mother." Shian calmly replied.

"Sa Dan has a mother!?"

"Yes, and you know moms, they love to talk about their kids."

"Even their son is a cannibal?" Crane snorted.

"Hey, that's much more to talk about." Shian joked with an unknown smile. "I'll talk to you the next night." He said and back into his sweet dreams.

The next morning, before the gang packed up their stuffs and leave, Crane told them to stay for one more night. "What?" they cried in unison.

"I know it sounds silly. But I'm sure we'll catch that murder tonight!" Crane firmly said.

"Wait, wait, wait! Let me get this straight. You mean, that your past life told you that that killing-eating-flesh-murder is going to be appearing at his mother's home IN YOUR DREAM?" Jack asked directly.

"That's right." Crane replied honestly.

"Yep, he has finally lost it." Jack turned back to his friends.

"Guys! This is serious! If we don't catch that murder, many innocents will die!" Crane repeated Shian's words, seriously.

"Crane is right! I'm not going to leave and let that criminal slaying people around. I'm staying." Viper said.

"…If you say so, then count me in." Tigress said, grinning.

"We're in." the rest of the Seven, Dragon Warriors and Ana joined.

"We're in too." And so did the seven stars, except for one star.

They looked at Seth, who was definitely not risking his life to this group. They were facing an eating-flesh-murder after all. "Uh huh! No way, man! No matter what you do or torture me. I'll never, absolutely never, join in this case!"

"Every time, how did they do it? Every single time!" Seth murmured, grumbling. As he was walking towards the door of Sa Dan's mother's house, with Crane. The others were hiding themselves around the house, prevent the murder appeared.

"Quit grumbling and get this over with." Crane whispered. "According to Master Yi, Mrs. Jing is a traditionalist and kind-hearted woman. She only has Sa Dan as her son." He said.

"By the way," Seth hopped onto Crane's shoulder and went on, "You said that you could see the ghosts, how come?" he asked.

"It's a long story. And you don't really want to know about it, in details." Crane stated.

"Oookkayyyy." Seth got scared.

Crane knocked the door and then it appeared half face of an old White Crane lady. The two were surprised as they didn't know that she was only Sa Dan's adopted mother. "What do you want?" she asked.

"Ahh…" Seth was stammered but he then snapped, "We're here to ask something about your son." He questioned.

And quickly, Mrs. Jing had already shut the door. "AH! Mrs. Jing, wait! You don't understand!!" the two cried in unison.

"Why don't you leave me old lady alone?" she cried back.

"But we didn't do anything!" Seth shouted.

"My son didn't do what they said, he was a good boy!" she stated.

"Oh, I'm sure he was." Crane said, a little bit sarcastically.

"Yea, he was our favourite camp-couch." Seth blurted out, which made Crane glared at him. And gave him a opened-mouth meant, 'What!?'.

When Seth gave the red-crowned crane a shrug. Surprisingly, Mrs. Ping opened a crack of the door, and asked. "You…met him at the 'Soaring Arrow Academic Camp'?"

They couldn't believe that it had fooled an old lady like Mrs. Jing. The two had to continue before it blew out, "Ah…yea…all the arrow…bots and the camp fire, all the memories suddenly blurt out." They stammered.

In a few seconds, she smiled as she opened wide the door. "Would you boys want a pie?" she sweetly asked.

Well, they couldn't say 'no' to this kind old lady.

After 20 minutes, they had heard about Sa Dan's past, his used honors and how much love he brought to his mother.

"Well, I don't know," she said, still no clues. But then she added, "But somehow, I could have sworn that…last night, I saw him was swinging in the swing." Mrs. Jing said.

Crane and Seth exchanged their looks.

"So, how was it?" Jack asked.

"Oh, the pie was delicious! You should try one--" Tigress interjected Seth.

"No, you idiot! I meant, what you got from her?" she stated.

"Is the criminal with her?" Angelina asked.

"No, I think that guy wants to meet his mom I guess." Crane said, skeptically.

"Well, could you blame her? That one there is a sweet, innocent, kid-hearted lady. There is a true mom." Seth explained. "Just like my mom." He added.

The rest ignored him again, Tai Lung then asked. "So, what should we do now?"

"We'll guard here at night. He'll be appear, I can sense him." Crane firmly answered and told them about the plan.

It was night already. And they were still guarding around the house. "Hey, this could take us forever. I mean, is there more than one entrance in this house?" Ian asked.

"Well, I checked the house. And this is the only entrance he can get in." Crane stated.

"I think the soul wouldn't come here tonight." Seth said.

"Soul!? Did you said the 'S' word?" Jack asked for sure and his friend nodded. Jack was afraid of ghosts and supernatural thingy or stuff.

"Soul…of course! We have been tricked!!" Crane then realized that something was wrong all this time. San Ta was a ghost as he could be invisible whatever he wanted to.

When the others followed him, surprisingly they have been blocked or reflected by an invisible thing. Crane turned his head to his family as he expected, he set the drawing-chalk-spell on the ground was working, only he could go through or go out of that circle.

"Sorry, guys. But this is between me and him!" the avian shouted with apologized.

"Crane! No!! Don't do it!!" Viper cried as she wanted to break through the blocking-invisible-glass shield.

When Crane got in, he didn't discover anything at first, but then, he felt that he had kicked a thing.

A shoe.

And the shoe was belonging to Mrs. Jing! Crane began panicked and his heartbeat was getting faster and faster. Until, he heard a crack from the kitchen.

"Oh no." that was all Crane could say.

A figure showed up before he decided to take a peek inside the kitchen, but there was no need of that. As a hyena, Sa Dan, appeared by himself, he was picking his bloody tooth, like he was having a big meal. When Crane saw that scene and knew what happened to Mrs. Jing.

"You, psycho, sickco, son of a bitch. How could you do this?" Crane was trying to hold his anger and demanded the weasel gave him a reasonable answer.

"I was hungry." He replied with no regret in his tone, "All she had was pies." He then added.

Crane ad had enough and then he furiously said, "She loved you through everything, she supported you completely." Finally he yelled, "AND YOU KILLED HER, BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO EAT HER DELICIOUS PIES!!?" he madly threw his tool bags off his stance and ran towards him as he made him fell back on the floor.

The red-crowned crane continued punch him furiously, he was unstoppable, and scolded with his strength, "YOU BASTARD, SHE WAS A SWEET AND INNOCENT WONDERFUL LADY!! YOU CAN EAT ANYONE, BUT YO CANNOT EAT YOUR OWN MOTHER, EVEN YOU WERE NOT RELATE TO HER!!" he shouted as he continued punch him with his fists.

Then, he sensed that something turned wrong, San Dan's face has saddened changed into pale and many sharps teeth as shark when he opened his mouth wide. "Oh no." Crane whimpered.

"'Oh no' is right." San Dan's tone has also changed, as in creepy dark voice. He quickly caught Crane's long neck and it has nearly choked him if he kept struggling.


"Now what?"

"Is the Gorilla bandit, the same one happened years ago, has escaped!!"

"How did this happen?" Yi muttered.

"Viper! Viper! Viper!" Crane was gasping for the air in the water but he seemed that he has hurt his ankles.

Viper watched in fear as she shouted, "Crane! Crane honey, take my tail!" she then delivered him her tail and held tightly his wings. The others helped her to pull him beside the shore, but his half body was still in touched with the water.

Crane was shuddering in cold, "Don't….don't ever let go!" he stammered said.

"I'll never let go, I promise!" she began to cry as tears rolled down their tendered touch.

The couple was having their moment for a while, but the others couldn't help but to interrupted their loving moment. "IT'S JUST A LAKE, JUST STAND UP!!" they shouted in unison, as Crane embarrassingly stood up, face was blushing.

Suddenly, a called for Viper. "Viper! Viper! Viper!" it was her mother, rushing in a hurry toward her daughter.

"Mother, Crane had defeated Sa Dan--" before she could finish it, Sabrina cut her in.

"You father!" that has stunned her.

"Father? What happen to him?" Viper then worriedly asked.

"That gorilla bandit, again, attacked into the village. Hurry…go help…him." Sabrina began speak weakly as she fainted, Crane caught her before she fell onto the ground.

Crane looked at Viper, who was nodding, and at his family and friends, who were nodding as well. "Then let's go." He announced as they ran forward into the village.

To be continued…