Too Much, Maybe?

Summary: Jasper, Alice, Renesmee, and a truck full of stuffed animals? First reaction? Alice's idea; Alice started it. Wrong, so incredibly wrong.

Rating: PG or whatever its equivalent is.

Pairing: J/A

"Jazz?" Her voice rang, angelic as ever. "Jasper?"

His eyes moved away from the sleeping child on his lap and glanced behind his shoulder to look for the source of the voice. His mind quickly thought that he'd done something wrong with the young one, which he countered with an excuse of just wanting the child to sleep. The incredibly hyper child had to sleep sometime soon, and the only way to do that was to calm her down.

His lips curved into an adoring smile once his eyes reached her. She quickly bounced from the top of the stairs towards the couch he was sitting on.

"Yes, love?"

He took in her emotions just to check. It was an uncontrollable habit of his. There wasn't a single trace of negativity in her body. This made him relax as he shot her a lazy smile.

And then, his eyes took in her physical appearance. Her arms were crossed over her chest, one of her eyebrows was raised and her expression, amused. That made him nervous.

"I just had an interesting vision," the tone of her voice made his own eyebrows rise in curiosity. "I just saw you driving a truck full of stuffed animals with Renesmee sitting next to you. Care to explain?"

He chuckled and tucked a lost strand of hair from her forehead. He glanced up again and flashed Alice a small smile. Her lips curved into one of his most favorite smiles, her face almost glowing in amusement. "I'm enjoying this uncle thing far too much; the kid's got me wrapped around her chubby, little finger."

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