Something Different

Chapter 1

"Showcase of Local Talent"

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Author's Note - So this idea had been floating around in my head for a few days completely blocking me from writing another chapter for "From Yielders" sometimes when things call out you have to answer, right? I promise not to neglect that story.

So I've been to Seattle twice, to visit a friend who used to live out there. I stuck to the suburbs mostly so I have no clue whether the places I'm talking about are real... Mostly I'm taking places from where I live and sticking them there... That's something called literary license I believe.. So sue me if you don't like it.

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Maybe when I'm done with thinking,
Maybe you can think me whole.
Maybe when I'm done with endings
This can begin, this can begin
This can begin.

If you could be my punk rock princess,
I would be your garage band king.
You can tell me why you just don't fit in
And how you're gonna be something

Edward's POV

I was in a band and I loved every moment of it. Granted right now we mostly did covers but still it was a thrilling experience to be up on a stage playing for someone other than Emmett's girlfriend. Right now we were getting ready for the gig we had tonight. We were playing a small club called Tremont with a couple of other bands. A "Showcase of Local Talent" as Jasper called it. I didn' want to go. It was one of those moments I wished I had a real job where I could call in sick. I wasn't ready to play for people. Tanya and I had broken up a few days ago, well a full week ago and all I wanted to do was fall into a blackhole and die or at least get lost for forever. BUT we had agreed to do the show and the show must go on... This suck ass... At least she won't be there. I hadn't told her about the show before we broke up and I doubted whether she'd go to a show now that we were together. It was like pulling teeth to get her to come to a show anyways. At least I had that...

Bella's POV

Jacob's band was playing tonight and so was Ten Missing Days and a few others. I couldn't pass up a show, especially if Jacob's band was playing. Jacob was so dense, I guess most guys are. I'd been hung up on Jacob for about as long as we'd known each other. We'd grown up together in Forks our fathers were best friends. I'd moved to Seattle with him. We had tried the dating thing and Jacob broke it off saying we were more like siblings than anything else and it was just too weird for him. I saw his point but he was like a part of me I wasn't willingly to let go of. Jacob had called to tell me ALLabout his new girlfriend Tanya and he really wanted me to meet her. So here I was going to this stupid "Showcase of Local Talent" as Quil called it to meet his stupid girlfriend. Maybe I'd call Alice and see if she'd go with me. We could have a good time. She'd keep me from myself...

Alice's POV

When Bella had called to ask me to hang out tonight I just had a feeling I supposed to be there with her. She mentioned we were going to Tremont to see Jake's band, that he was playing in some Showcase. It sounded cool. I had met Bella at a concert a few months ago and then it turned out we had a class together and we'd been friends ever since. I had just broken up with Mike and I wanted to get out of the apartment. Guitar players are HOT...