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Something Different

Chapter 2

"Shady Lady"

"The love of my life is a shady lady
Tearin' me up just to bring me down
She used to be calm but now she's crazy
I dont mind

Tearin' me down like a jungle monkey
Cuttin me up like a jungle cat
She used to be fine but now she's funky
I don't mind
She's not the love of my life anymore"

Edward's POV

"Emmett are you going to pick up Rose and meet us or are you driving with us and meeting her there?" Jasper was shouting up to Emmett who was still in his room getting ready...

"My bet is picking her up, when have you ever known Emmett to ride in the van with us?" I answered quietly so just Jasper would hear.

He smirked at me while shouting out to Emmett "Dude come on, we've got sound check in like an hour... Who knows how long Spinnerbait will take to tear down their stuff, we need to be there like now..." Jasper hated not being there for everyone's soundchecks... He liked to know what was going on.

"You guys go ahead I have to pick up Rose" Emmett yelled back at him.

"Told you so" holding my hands out for the keys. "I'll drive" I told him as we walked out the apartment we all shared.

Jasper has the sixth sense about moods. He always knows how someone is feeling, so there was no hiding it when came to talking to Jasper. We met in college, decided to be roommates, then formed the band, he knew it all. So it wasn't surprising when he brought her up. "You holdin' up okay?"

"Wish I could take a mental health day"

"Dude, you're better off this way. That girl has always been shady... I've always told you that... You're in a BAND you can get any girl... Someone to take you mind off Tanya" Jasper was a serial dater. He didn't get this way over a girl. He just didn't understand even if he was trying to make me feel better. "Dude, I wanna see you talk to at least 3 girls tonight... One will take you places you've never been..."

Tanya and I had been together for almost as long as I'd know Jasper and Emmett. When Jasper had called Tanya shady a second ago at first I was mad, then I just sighed and realized he was right. I knew about the other guys, whether she'd slept with them or not I didn't know but they were always around her. The times she say she'd be at a show, I've yet to see her at one... Thank god for that. My music was my one safe place...

"Who's on the bill tonight?" I asked Jasper as we started to unload the van.

"The Pack, Spinnerbait, Truth Squad, Ten Missing Days and us... We go inbetween Truth and Spinnerbait..."

"That sounds good. I've never head The Pack..."

"I heard they're decent, fairly new though... Guess we'll see..."

"Leave Emmett's drums... He should carry them..."

"Okay, you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be..." I said as we started to set up for soundcheck.

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