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True Colors: Draco

Like his job though he did, Draco was really glad it was the end of the week. He'd planned on going out with some coworkers, but now he had a potentially time consuming errand to run. After sending an owl to his mother to tell her not to wait on him for dinner, he grabbed his bag and left the office. He walked down the street a bit to one of the Apparation points and left the London street behind. The alley he Apparated into was a drastic difference from the place he'd left. The decrepit brick buildings that surrounded him reminded him a lot of the murder novels his mom used to read to him when he was little. He glanced behind him, just in case, and walked out onto the sidewalk. Reading the numbers on the old buildings, he realized he was about a block away and began to walk. The next street over, he climbed the stairs and rang the bell on the slightly more well kept townhouse. He was the curtain move and heard a ton of deadbolts turn as his father answered the door.

"I thought I told you not to come here?" Lucius said, standing aside to let Draco in.

"You did, and trust me I was going to obey," Draco said stiffly. He walked into the small foyer.

"You know why I can't come back, Draco."

"I know your excuse for leaving mother and me, yes. But that's not why I'm here. I had another visit from the auditors—"

"I left you both money."

"I nearly drained my account paying off the fines from the shit they found in our house, and that's after I sold all the furniture in your reading room."

"How much is left?" Lucius asked.

"Ten thousand Galleons. Mother still has all of hers, and we're not going to starve or anything. However, the Ministry is charging us another five hundred Galleons to pay back the families you blackmailed."

"Wait, how do they know about that?" Lucius asked.

"They. Went. Through. Our. House," Draco said slowly, emphasizing each word as if his father was a two year old.

"You let them find those papers? You could have—"

"What? I could have what, Father? They were raiding our house because of you! If you'd wanted to hide it, why didn't you take it when you ran away?"

"Don't you dare raise your voice at me!" Lucius snapped.

"Why not?" Draco continued to yell. "You leave us when you know we're about to go in the shit because of you; then you want me to cover your ass again? Are you insane?"

Lucius began to pull out his wand, but Draco was faster. He disarmed his father and pinned him against the wall.

"Listen, all I'm asking is for once in your life, you stop being a coward and taking some goddamn responsibility. You blackmailed all those people, pay the money."

Draco let go of Lucius and took a few steps back. His father looked at him coldly before quickly scribbling a note on some spare parchment. He thrust it into Draco's hand and opened the door again. Without a word, Draco left the house. He didn't bother walking to the Apparation point. He simply Disapparated to Gringotts bank. As he walked up the white marble stairs, he felt relief for the first time since Potter offed the Dark Lord…

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