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Three Years Later

I stretched my sore body and lazily ran a hand along my stomach before sighing.

I had spent the day on the couch, writing a little and reading but I felt like I had just ran the marathon.

I was quite hungry as well. No surprise there since I always seemed to be hungry lately.

Realizingthat it was probably a good idea to walk around a little, I got up and headed for the kitchen.

I opened a bag of chips, knowing that even though it wasn't the healthiest food in the world, it was definitely tasty. I was done with it and was washing my hands and the dish from lunch when I heard the front door open and then close.

Edward was home

I didn't have to wait long. Not one minute later, Edward wrapped his arms around me from behind, making my back press against his chest and kissed my neck before speaking near my ear.

"How are you, love?" I moved my head a little so I could look at him and lazily kissed his jaw.

"I'm very good."

"What about our boy?" He moved one of his hands from my waist to my belly, caressing it and I couldn't help but to smile. At seven months of pregnancy, and although I sometimes felt huge, Edward seemed to find my belly absolutely fascinating.

"I think we can say he is very good as well. He may have misbehaved a little actually…" Edward picked up on my playful tone still but raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "He's been kicking all day."

He smiled and made me move carefully so we were facing each other. He was even more careful with me since I found out I was pregnant. He was always making sure I was steady and didn't fall. I too tried to walk more carefully and paid more attention to my movements in an attempt not to fall. I didn't want to hurt our baby in any way.

Edward sat down in a chair near us and I moved so I was standing between his legs. He ran his hands along my belly again before lifting my shirt and leaning in to kiss it. Our baby immediately kicked when he did so making his daddy smile widely. Every time Edward touched or kissed my bare belly, the baby would kick. It was almost as if he recognized Edward.

"I see we're already giving mommy a hard time, aren't we?" I nodded and Edward smiled. "We can't have that, little one. You'll have to make it easy for mommy, okay?"

He lightly tickled my belly and the baby kicked once more.

"See? He kicked again! He's going to be a rebel!" Edward chuckled and leaned in to kiss my belly once more.

He was going to be such a great dad once the baby was born.

He was so excited with my pregnancy I could only imagine what it would be like once our baby was born and he could hold him.

I didn't immediately tell him I thought I was pregnant since I wanted to be sure first. I wanted it to be a surprise as well so when I felt sick I went to the doctor.

When I got home I placed the sonogram of our baby on his pillow with a post it note, pointing to where the fetus was and saying 'Look! It seems like you're going to be a daddy.'

I waited for him to get home and stayed on the living room as he went to our bedroom.

It took him all of two minutes to come back into the living room and scoop me in his arms. He, of course, made me promise I would take him with me on my next appointment.

I did and couldn't fight the tears away as I saw him smile up at the monitor. He would be a great father and I was finally ready to be a mother.

We had been married for almost two years when I found out I was pregnant and even though I had never truly wanted to get married, it had been a wonderful day. Everyone I love was there and with Alice in charge of the party nothing could've gone wrong.

My wedding day was a day I remembered with happiness thanks to all the amazing people I knew, and of course, Edward who looked sinfully delicious that day.

It was amazing how I couldn't remember why I always dreaded marriage before. Edward had asked me to marry him in such a wonderful way in our bookstore that there was no way I could say no.

The moment he asked me to be his wife all my fears involving marriage immediately disappeared and I was ready.

Edward was visibly nervous as he got on one knee in front of me, probably thinking that I was about to freak out and run away, he even stuttered once, something I had never seen him do before.

I quickly reassured him that there was nothing I would love more but to be his wife.

Alice and Jasper got married shortly after, followed by Emmett and Rosalie who actually beat us all when it came to starting a family. They already had a three months old baby girl named Anna who was Emmett's pride and joy.

It seemed like all of us had finally settled down for good and, as cheesy as it sounded, found our own happy ever after ending.


I laid down on bed with Bella and pulled her shirt a little up so I could kiss her expanding stomach.

She looked incredibly beautiful pregnant and if I was being truth to myself I had to confess I loved knowing it was my baby in there.

Just two more months and I would get to hold him. I couldn't wait for that moment.

I wondered who he would look like. Would he have Bella's deep brown eyes or would his eyes be green like my own? I knew Bella wished our baby would have hair like mine but I would prefer not to curse him with hair hair that was impossible to tame

Damn, I really couldn't wait for him to be born!

Bella knotted her hand in my hair and I looked up at her smiling before placing another kiss on her stomach and making the baby kick.

I smiled and whispered I love you against Bella's stomach before moving so I could kiss her lips.

In a way it surprised me how much I wanted to be a father, how ready I was. Then again I felt ready when we thought she was pregnant all those years ago.

The moment she told me she was pregnant six months ago, all I wanted to do was jump up and down and scream that I was going to be a father. I needed to know if Bella was happy with the news, though.

I asked her if she was happy and she simply smiled brightly at me, letting me know she was and that was all I needed to know.

I ran to her and picked her up, twirling her around before I remembered I was dealing with a pregnant woman now.

I would have to make sure her clumsiness was under control.

I did lay her down on our bed that night and made love to her, making sure to let her know I couldn't be happier.

Just like when she accepted my marriage proposal she surprised me by being completely at ease with the idea of being a mother.

I quickly realized that what she went through had changed her in a way. She had changed her point of view on a few subjects and now she was finally ready to start a family with me.

A family I had the intention of taking care of. A family I wanted to protect. A family I fully intended on making as big as Bella would let me.

Three little kids who looked like us, running around the house and driving us crazy sounded good, right?

Yes, it sounded just perfect…