Hanged Man

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A/N 2: Very late response to the Drabble Challenge by Enkidu07, Onyx Moonbeam, NC Girl, Orange Autumn, IheartSam7 and Nana56.

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Prompt: Spine


Endless fields of corn passed by the Impala and its moody passengers. John in front, brooding, contemplating his next hunt, Sam and Dean in the back, half-eaten burgers discarded on the seat.

They were playing a game. Dean had to guess his brother's word before Sam finished drawing the hanged man.


"Wrong." Another line.


"Come on, Dean", Sam was getting impatient.

"I know", sounding triumphant. "Spike."

The younger boy shook his head and lowered the pencil.

The hanged man dangled lazily from the gallows as Sam completed the word on the sheet of paper, "SPINE".




The End