Mou hitotsu no chijou

Mou hitotsu no chijou

I don't own Bleach. Not the anime, nor the manga, not even the musicals!

"Mou hitotsu no chijou" is the name of one of my favorite songs in the Bleach Musical. If you don't know it, look it up. I found the entire song on YT, here are 2 links:

http: / nz. / watch?vXNQUppwWVFg (just delete the spaces) , this is a link for the entire song plus Rukia's part (just song)

http: / nz. / watch?vpOtIsCP0tv8&featurerelated, and this link will take you to a compination of the parts used in "Dark of the Bleeding moon" and "No clouds in the blue heavens", made by a fan. No own.

This being said, let's begin! :D

Chapter 1

It was a warm summer day, the sun was shining, birds were singing and two boys were plotting.

Ok, rewind…

Two very miserable looking boys – a substitute shinigami and a Quincy had been assigned a mission by the Shinigami Women Association.

Ishida sighed annoyed, the software he and Ichigo had been working at for the past week started to get a shape.

"Kurosaki, tell me again…why are we doing this?"

"You're doing it because that hyper girl has something on you and I'm helping because if I don't she said she'll sick Zaraki on me" Ichigo explained for the millionth time that week.

"I swear I'll shoot that girl the next time I see her, I don't care if she is the lieutenant of 11th Division!"

"Come on, what could she have on you to make you work on this software (1) like a slave?"

"Damn Women Association" Ishida muttered pushing his glasses up the nose. "I'm sure they're plotting something bigger" he continued. "We're just building their weapon"

"I hope it doesn't backfire on us"

"I'm sorry for those whose voices will be used", Ishida muttered.

-One week later-

On a small room, the infamous Women Association was plotting the evil plan of doom.

The president – Kusajishi Yachiru was grinning like a maniac, something unprecedented in all Soul Society.

Nanao at her right was continuously pushing her glasses up the nose in an attempt to calm herself.

On the table in front of her sat the one and only miraculous Voice Transformer Super Deluxe Edition – Ichigo had delivered it, running away as quickly as possible, before Yachiru could give him a new task; Ishida hadn't come – he had fainted from exhaustion.

Ichigo's run also lasted for about 200 m, and he collapsed in front of the 13th Division headquarters. Luckily for him, captain Ukitake had just gone out for a walk, and he spotted our favorite troublemaker.

With a speed only used when he and Shunsui were running away from Yamamoto after a successful prank, Ukitake caught Ichigo before he hit the ground, then sent one of his subordinates to get help from the 4th Division.

Like I said, Yachiru was grinning like a maniac.

She was silently praising herself for her idea – once completed, it would be the greatest achievement in Soul Society history.

"I'm going to need all your help" Yachiru informed them. "And we must act quickly, before they realize what we're doing. Here" she handed them the pictures. "This is your assigned …erm…victim, have their voices recorded in 3 days! And now, let's eat"

Isane approached Yachiru carefully to inform her that they were out of takoyaki, and they went to the door to find it sealed, yet again.

"Nice try, Byaku-kun!" a voice chirped from under his feet. Kuchiki Byakuya jumped in surprise as a trap door opened in the floor and the two lieutenants came out. "But although you sealed both doors, there will always be a way!" (2)

Kuchiki Byakuya looked like someone had slapped him. He silently swore to get revenge. Yachiru laughed and went her way.


Zaraki Kenpachi was pacing impaciently in his office – in front of him were two tied up boys ( 3 guesses who ). He had no idea how his small lieutenant had managed to kidnap them from the Real World, and he didn't understand why they were wearing hollow masks (mind you, fake ones, not the one belonging to Ichigo's hollow).
Zaraki was only unhappy with one aspect of the story – he couldn't fight a tied up Ichigo.

Suddenly, an 11th Division lower rank member burst in.

"Captain, come quickly! Aizawa picked up a fight with the 3rd Division squad!"

Zaraki grinned and ran to help Aizawa. He would have a lot of fun with the 3rd Division…

Just as Zaraki went out, Yachiru jumped in and released them from the ropes.

"I have a special mission for you" Yachiru said, smiling sweetly. "You have to go to Hueco Mundo and record these three persons for me", she continued, handing them the pictures she had in her sleeve.

"Are you nuts?!" Ishida yelled at her. "We'll get killed for sure if we go there!"

As if on cue, Nemu came in, and, smiling innocently, she walked up to Ishida.

"Will you do it for me?"

Ishida blushed and pushed his glasses up the nose several times.

"If it makes you happy, Nemu" he began.

"Bloody traitor" Ichigo muttered.

"Did you say something?" Rukia asked menacingly from nehind him.

"I…WTF? When did you get here? Are you a ninja or something?"

"You will do it, or else…"

"Or else WHAT?"

" What would Nii-sama do if he found out that you kissed me against my will?" Rukia asked herself with a frown, trying to hide her amusement.

"Hell no!" Ichigo screamed.

"Get to work then!!"

(1) I'm not sure if such a software really exists, so let's just say it doesn't and the Women Association made them do it. We all know they're both smart, and I'm making Ishida a computer genius. Does anyone have a problem with it? :P

(2) This refers to a recent Shinigami Cup Golden, where the Man Association asked Byakuya to handle the Women Association and Byakuya made one of his subordinates seal the door, but Yachiru and Isane simply used another door to get out. Something like it.

I think fic will have 3 chapters.