Chapter 2: Get it done

Chapter 2: Get it done!

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Back in the Real World, Ichigo and Ishida were literally dead. The task that awaited them – a horrible, horrible task would be impossible even for half the captains together – and yet, the two guys were expected to sneak into Las Noches and record the voices of three former captain. In three days.

Therefore, that day at school, both boys ceased trying to pay attention to classes and thought of how to break into Hueco Mundo instead.

When Chad entered the classroom, both jumped from their seats and threw themselves at him – starting a new set of rumors among their classmates. They were clearly desperate, so Chad agreed to help them. They gave him a recorder and set to Urahara's shop to ask him if he had the means to send them to Hueco Munco.

In the mean time:

Yachiru waltzed on the streets of Seiretei in search of her favorite Shinigami.

"Ken-chaaaaaan! Keeeeeeeen-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

Zaraki appeared grinning and Yachiru's face lit up.

"Ken-chan! Sing this for me!!!!"

Zaraki Kempachi raised a brow, but complied. With Ichigo out, he didn't have anything better to do, anyway.

Smiling sweetly, Yachiru skipped on her way to the 11th Division public bathroom, where she knew she would find Baldy. Indeed, there he was, singing in the hot springs. Grinning, Yachiru pressed the record button.

Rukia had more trouble in finding Renji. He was probably drinking somewhere with the rest of hi buddies, but Rukia really hoped that she would have his voice on tape before having to face her Nii-sama. She had heard what he had done to Isane and Nemu then they tried to take pictures of him (see shinigami cup).

She wanted to take her time to devise a plan to trick Byakuya.

Soon enough, her luck changed and she spotted Renji sitting by himself under a tree. She walked up to him and pressed the record button.

"Hi, Renji! " she began with a sweet voice. "Can you help me with something?"

Renji stood up, ready to help her.

"Sing this for me"

Renji read the lyrics.

"Are you kidding me?!"

Rukia expertly trembled her lower lip.


"What the…hold on. Who's singing this part?"

"Nii-sama" she replied simply.

"Captain Kuchiki is in this too?!" he laughed. "Okay the, here I go!!"

After getting Renji's part, Rukia went straight to her brother's office. She opened the door slightly and couldn't believe her luck: the cold, uptight noble, Kuchiki Byakuya was singing a passionate song while looking at his late wife's portrait.

Rukia recorded everything with a pang of guilt. She would make up to him later.

Matsumoto had gotten Kira and Hisagi frunk enough to sing their parts, but her captain would be a challenge. He was duing paperwork in his office.

"Hitsugaya – taichou" she started with a sweet voice

"Matsumoto…if you have time to waste doing God-knows-what, you might as well help me with this paperwork"

"Taichoooooou" she whined, "you should get some rest…"

"And you'll do your part?" he asked with an eyebrow raised in disbelief.

Matsumoto smiled and went out to find Nemu and Isane outside the door.

"I had it easy. Both Hanatarou and Unohana-taichou sang their parts happily" Isane said. "Nanao had a hard time wuth Hinamori – fukutaichou, so Nemu came with a solution"

"I drugged her with this Element 12th Division created a month ago. After this, she sang her part" Nemu said.

Matsumoto's eyes shone with hope.

"Do you have any more of that substance?"

"Yes" Nemu answered mechanically.

Ten minutes later, Matsumoto marched victoriously on her Captain's office with a hot cup of tea.

Captain Hitsugaya, usually very sharp, this time took the tea without a second look.

Five minutes later, Matsumoto exited the office and all three women headed for the Shinigami Women Association headquarters.

It was the time to put the song together.

Urahara's portal had sent Ichigo and the others directly into Las Noches, close to the throne room.

Ishida found himself lying on top of A BODY. Ichigo and Chad were nowhere in sight.

With horror, Ishida saw that he had landed on one of the targets. That smile was unmistakably Ichimaru taichou's.

"Whadda we have her'?" he asked

Ishida gulped and told him the story. Lying wouldn't be a solution in this case..

"So Yachiru has somethin' on you?"

Ichimaru grinned, reading the lyrics.

"Tha' girl is even eviler than I was…whadda plan…I'll help ya and I'll get Aizen taichou's voice, but…."

"What do you want?" Ishida asked quickly.

"The song, when it's ready…and their faces when they hear it" Ichimaru said laughing.

"Deal" Ishida said, collapsing relieved on the floor, just as Ichigo and Chad burst in.

Ichimaru shunpo'ed out of the room with the recorder and the lyrics.

Ishida told the others about the deal he made with captain Ichimaru; they still couldn't believe their luck.

Back in the other room, Aizen finished his part and gave the lyrics to Tousen.

"If it's for the sake of justice…" Tosen whispered, patting Wonderwice's head.

He began to sing, under the blonde's admiratice look.

Ichimaru returned to the boys, gave them the recorder, but kept the lyrics to himself.

"This is too funny", he explained. "It'll entertain me until ya deliver ya package"

The three boys bowed and left through the portal.

Ichigo gave his package quickly to Rukia and ran before Zaraki could spot him.

Ukitake taichou watched the quick dialogue between the two and Ichigo's look of fright with interest, and shook his head. Sipping a bit from his tea cup, he decided he should watch them more carefully in the future.

Rukia pocketed the recorder and triumphantly entered the Women Association HQ, where Nanao and Nemu had already started to edit the voices, under Yachiru's constant vigilance.

In three days, it was done.