Hey everybody this is my first ever fan fiction and I hope you all enjoy it. I've read alot of Harry Potter stories and liked most of them so much I decided to take a shot at it and I'm pretty sure its unique since I've yet to see a story like the one I'm trying to write. Anyway hope you like it

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A 10 year old boy sat comfortably on a couch in the living room of a nice house, Now this it self isn't weird or wrong but you see this 10 year old boy is Harry Potter and is very special and a little unusual and he's in the Dursley household but today is different because he has discovered another ability but in order to understand how he developed this power or any of the other powers he has we must start at the beginning.

Although Harry doesn't know any of this he is a wizard and was born in St Mungo's hospital on July, 31st, 1980 his parents were Lily Evans and James Potter. He lived a nice year with his parents in Godric's Hollow but on October, 31st, 1981 which is Halloween a man who called himself Lord Voldemort broke in to there house and killed both of Harry's parents and as he turned his wand upon little Harry he uttered the famous and deadly killing curse only to watch as it enveloped Harry then shot out to him redoubling in size and strike down Voldemort. But as the specter of the famous dark lord turned to flee for safety he got a look at Harry and felt intense fear even in death because little 1 year old Harry was staring directly at him with glowing green eyes. After that Voldemort fled and Harry was taken to the Dursleys.

The only thing Harry knows is that his parents were criminals and were killed by the proper authority, Nice thing to say to a kid right? Anyway over the years Harry endured the Dursleys punishments and slave labor even the occasional beating until he turned 6. It was the first time in Harry's life that he tried to watch T.V with the Dursleys and got one of the worst beatings ever and was begging not to feel the pain anymore and all of a sudden Harry felt the blows stop. Taking a chance to look up and wonder why his uncle stopped, He saw his uncle on the other side of the room looking horrified while his aunt and cousin had the same expression. Then slowly as if in front of a cornered animal that was about to attack Vernon reached into his pocket and pulled out his work beeper and threw it at Harry. Harry put his hands up to block the beeper only for it to go right through his hands and face, Harry then ran to his cupboard to try and do whatever he did again only faster then before.

Later on in the year Harry learned that what he did was turn intangible and was able to master his intangibility, The beatings stopped cause the Dursleys couldn't hit him and he could walk through anything so they couldn't lock him in the cupboard cause Harry would just walk out. So like any kid young Harry took advantage and took trips to the local store if he was hungry or just to the library when he wanted to read and learn. Now when Harry was 8 he realized whenever he turned intangible he would feel lighter and seem to float, So yet again like any kid he acted on it and jumped off the coffee table and just floated there in the air. Everything else was history Harry learned to fly but could only do so at night, Until he met his first ever two ghosts. The first one was an elderly white woman that haunted the park Harry wasn't allowed to go to but as he was flying over it a feeling of intense cold hit him and he could literally see his breath which was weird cause it was a warm night. So he looked around and eventually saw her sitting on the bench as he landed and spoke to her he saw her freak out and when she finally calmed down she explained how she was a dead person (A Ghost) and that she was invisible to everyone even other ghosts.

The woman taught him how to turn invisible and taught him about the ghost world even going as far as to teach him how to make portals to the ghost world although he wasn't strong enough at the time to stay in the ghost world. He still made a little mini ghost world with her help and was able to put things in there so he didn't have to carry anything but whenever he asked her name she would lie and say she forgot and that it was her duty to help him. She then introduced him to a ghost friend of hers, He was also an elderly white man named Micheal and was excitingly known as a weapons master. Harry of course begged to be taught the art and when asked why he wanted to learn something that is used to kill or harm, Harry in a moment of deep insight responded that although he could escape from anyone with his ghost powers there were some situations that he could not run from thus began Harry's tutelage under Micheal. Harry learned how to wield many weapons but only fully mastered his favorites which happened to be Bojutsu the art of fighting with a long staff commonly called a Bo and the fine art of pressure point fight thats used with small needles that are adorned all over Harry's body but the most noticeable places is on both his wrists where what can be mistaken as wooden bracelets with beads are. The beads are actually small handles for the needles making it easier for Harry to grab them and pierce skin. The last thing Harry mastered was the art of the blade which Micheal was extremely excited saying he was gonna teach Harry the forbidden and lost style of the man slayer, Of course Harry practiced and mastered this art to perfection but rarely used it because most if not all attacks are meant to kill and Harry promised himself to only use it if he needed to.

So 2 years later at the age of 10 after all his abilities were mastered Harry was sitting in the Dursleys living relaxing and none other then his uncle Vernon came stomping into the living room raving about how Harry was disobedient and was a plague upon the world, That not even his parents were as evil as him and were probably applauding there demon spawn from hell where they belong. It was after that particular comment that Harry got extremely angry and was ready to leave his uncle paralyzed with a well placed needle but decided against this wanting his weapons training secret to stay secret and went to punch his uncle only for a green beam to burst from his fist and strike his uncle down leaving a massive bruise on Vernon's face.

So thats where he is now just sitting down thinking of his new ability, Wondering how and why it works. Personality wise Harry is very observant often noticing things that other people don't which is how he was able to figure out his powers and how there related to ghosts even though he's missing a big piece. Also liking to analyze thing to the minute detail which helped his weapon training immensely and even though he doesn't know it he has both his parents temper, Plus growing up the way he has he puts family and friends above everything else betrayal is taboo for him. Harry also has a habit of only speaking when he is spoken to, Appearance wise Harry is 5 feet 2 inches pretty tall for his age and has pitch black messy hair that covers his forehead effectively hiding his lightning bolt shaped scar. He also has vivid green eyes that even put emeralds to shame and has an athletic build with defined muscles which he got from flying and training.

Harry shook his head and vowed to master this new power by his birthday which is only 2 month's away, He was turning 11 and he was very excited.


Now the real story begins the first part was like a summary so no one is lost.


July 31st Harry Potter woke with a big wide smile, It was his birthday and he was going to enjoy it no matter what. Getting up in a crouching position Harry turned intangible and walked out of the cupboard becoming solid again, Walking towards the kitchen he saw his so called family sitting at the table. Sitting down at the empty chair ignoring the dirty looks he was receiving Harry spoke "I would like some breakfast".

Vernon Dursley went from red to magenta when he heard the bold statement "Make your own boy, you won't be getting any of Petunia's cooking!".

Harry sat calmly already knowing how this was going to play out "I see your face has healed nicely uncle but would you like a repeat performance from last time?" Harry asked with a small yet disturbing smile on his face, He knew this wasn't exactly a good thing to do but its not easy being nice let alone civil with someone who beat you until you were six and plus Harry wasn't good.

Vernon's amazing color changing face went deathly pale by the question and stuttered out "N-now w-wait a minute boy I wont have you talking to me like that".

Harry was enjoying his uncles fear and casually put his hands on the table showing his bracelets although no one knew what they were for and his hands started glowing green effectively making all at the table tense. Petunia not even waiting for her husband to say anything shot up out of her chair and rushed to the stove already heating up the left overs for her deranged ungrateful nephew. Dudley whimpered and ran to his room while Vernon sat with a vacant expression on his face no doubt remembering his own run in with the green beam as Harry called it.

Hearing some noise Harry looked towards the front door and realized the mail had come deciding since Petunia was giving him some food he would get it. Walking over to the little mail slot Harry grabbed the envelopes and walked back to the table sitting down, His aunt dropped a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon with pancakes in front of Harry and she took her seat next to Vernon.

Eating his breakfast Harry searched through the mail giving the bills to Vernon and magazines to Petunia until he spotted a very plain brown letter with a waxed seal with four animals on it, Looking at it closer the address shocked him.

Harry James Potter

Cupboard under the stair's

Number 4 privet Dr, Little whining, Surrey

Over coming his shocked he turned the letter over hoping to find some other words or the name of who sent it but instead he unknowingly gave Petunia a chance to see the seal. Petunia let out a screech after recognizing the seal and tried to grab the letter from him but Harry who had his attention on his aunt as soon as she screamed saw her try and grab the letter and on instinct alone his whole arm plus the letter became intangible. Petunia growled in annoyance and frustration seeing her hand pass right through the letter.

Harry raised an eyebrow at his aunts behavior and asked "Is there something you wanna tell me before I open this?"

"NO! now give me that" Replied Petunia desperation clear in her voice.

Hearing the tone of his aunts voice Harry raised both eyebrows and looked at Vernon who looked just as confused if not more then Harry, Sighing loudly Harry slumped in his chair earning himself weird looks.

"Aunt Petunia your not getting this letter now or ever, So you might as well tell me whatever is or I open this find everything out and possibly get angry so choose now" Said Harry hoping there wouldn't the need for anything violent even though that seems to work with the Dursleys all the time.

Petunia bit her lip obviously having an inner struggle but finally "Just give me the letter stop being so stubborn!!" Her Dursley side came out to play.

Harry just narrowed his eyes while sitting up straighter an action that was noticed by the others "Petunia you tell me everything you know or I will reach inside your husbands chest and rip his heart out!"

If it was possible Vernon was paler then before and even started shaking a little 'Maybe I scared him more then thought' Harry thought. However Petunia looked like she was about to start hyperventilating, Giving her a minute to compose herself he noticed that she was not speaking so he stretched his arm out and made it intangible. With this action she spilled everything.

Seeing the arm take on a blueish glow she knew his hand could enter her husband and in one big breath she said "That letter is the acceptance letter for Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry, I recognize it because Lily your mother got hers when she was 11. She went to the school which was in Scotland and they have a whole world hidden from the normal people, She met your father James in that school and they had you but went and got themselves killed leaving you on my doorstep".

Shocked could not even explain what Harry was feeling he was shocked, stunned, surprised, sad, furious and confused. Staring at his aunt he knew she knew more then she said and right now he needed some answers. So Harry as calm as he could asked his first question "My parents were murdered?".

"Yes by some crazy dark king or whatever they called him I dont remember but it was in the letter" Replied Petunia.

"What letter?" Asked Harry in confusion.

Petunia shook her head obviously being annoyed by the questioning but answered "The letter that was with you in the basket when we found you on the doorstep".

Harry was switching between surprised and being angry 'I was really left on a doorstep?? I thought they were over exaggerating and some social service or a police man dropped me off but I was really left on a doorstep like some burden how long was I out there before they even found me, Who the hell dropped me off like that??' Harry thought furiously trying to figure it out but knowing he needed more information.

"Do you still have the letter?" Asked Harry hoping they did even though he knew they probably trashed it.

Petunia scoffed "Of course I still have that blasted thing, I couldn't burn it or throw it away cause it would just pop back up on the door step and I couldn't rip it up or cut it"

Feeling a whole lot better knowing that he was getting what he wanted, Harry wasted no time "Vernon go get that letter or I'll kill your wife and make Dudley watch and you know I can get away with it no prison could keep me"

Vernon quickly looked at his wife who hurriedly stated "In my dresser the first drawer underneath my purple knickers" And Vernon was off running at a pace someone of his weight should not be able to attain.

Harry looked at his aunt and asked "So magic is real?"

"Yes that ruddy magic exists, Those people could whatever they want with those stupid sticks" Answered Petunia looking very disgusted and mad and maybe even jealous?.

Harry was going to ask why the hell they lied to him and treated like shit for six years but it was at that time Vernon came descending from the steps and practically threw the envelope at Harry who saw the striking resemblance it had to the Hogwarts letter.

Mrs. Petunia Evans & Mr. Dursley

Number 4 Private Dr.

Little Whining, Surrey

'This is to similar' Thought Harry looking up only to see angry expressions on both his aunt and uncles faces. Raising an eyebrow in confusion Harry noticed there line of sight was on the letter so putting 2 and 2 together he hid the letter underneath the table away from there eyes. Harry watched in amazement as there emotions and expressions changed back into the scared and wary looks they had before. Messing with them he put the letter in the open and hid it watching them cycle through there emotions.

Finally bored Harry opened the letter under the table and read it.

Dear Mr&Mrs. Dursleys

The baby inside of the blanket is Harry James Potter, Son of Lily Evans the sister of Miss Petunia Evans. I'm sorry to inform you of the death of Lily Evans, It was because of young Harry that the Dark Lord came to there house and murdered Lily and her husband. Because of this Harry must stay with a living blood relative for his and your own protection. But please keep in mind that little Harry is a very powerful wizard having killed the Dark Lord, He is very dangerous so it is essential that he is never told of his magic and kept at arms length for your safety. Also with a wizard child such as Harry you must be strict at all times and very tough with him or else he would use his magic on you or your new born son. I would like to state in addition to not knowing his magic he should not know his parents were magic or anything at all having to do with the wizarding world. I hope my suggestions are taken to heart or else there might be dire consequences. I once again thank you for your cooperation and you will here from me again once Harry starts Hogwarts.


Headmaster Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock of the Wizangamot, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederations of Wizards)

Harry Potter was very very angry/furious unknowingly his hands clutched the paper and the green beam surrounded the paper and literally disintegrated it leaving nothing but dust in the wind 'That shit basically told them to abuse me!! I know why they did it but damn them they didn't have to be so good at it! Who the fuck is this Dumbledore guy anyway?? why does some headmaster of some school have the power to just leave me on a doorstep, Didn't my parents have friends or family I could've stayed with maybe a godfather or godmother?' Thought Harry trying to drink up every detail and figure out whats going on.

Vernon and Petunia respectfully stayed quiet knowing how hard Harry must be taking it and because they did not want to anger someone who could kill you and not suffer the consequences. Slowly but surely Harry looked up and the look in his eyes frightened them beyond belief, He was detached no ounce of emotion showed on his face and it was at that moment a true man slayer was born a man without fear,mercy,guilt or remorse and many people around the world shivered unexpectedly.

Harry who had pulled himself together cleared his mind and feelings so he wouldn't get distracted or overwhelmed and in the process occuleded his mind to the point a certain potions master would not be able to achieve. Looking at his guardians he spoke "You do realize that because of this letter and your actions you are more in danger then whatever this Dumbledore person could do?" Harry's voice a monotone that practically bounced off the walls with the silence that descended in the room.

"Our child's safety was at risk and we thought if we followed the letter you would listen to us and obey us without question" Replied Petunia deciding to be as honest as she could.

Harry made no reaction to the response but instead said "But had you shown me love and affection my magic would be used for you, I mean with my magic I could've made Vernon owner of Grunnings or something along the lines of that. You, your husband and Dudley would have lived in a nicer house and all material possessions one could want would be yours".

It was obvious they never made that conclusion judging by the shock and scandalized looks they had on there face but Harry ignored them and proceeded to read the Hogwarts letter and school list 'Wow ok these are some pretty weird things why robes?? Cauldrons? is a bowl not good enough or something, A broom?? why would I bring a broom unless they fly on them but I doubt the wizarding world is that predictable or maybe im just stereotyping them I'll give them a chance before I judge. They only allow four animals? what if someone doesn't like rats or cats or toads and what if someone's allergic to feathers then they wont be able to get an owl that doesn't sound to fair to me. Parchment, quills and ink bottles why not a notebook pens or pencils??These books look interesting though I'll need to read alot if I'm going to fit in with that world. I have yet to see directions or a location to get all these things how do they expect me to buy it?? Damn that old man got me good obviously I'm left in the dark until he comes telling me what he wants me to know so I'll be dependent on him always looking to him for answers and that low blow would've worked had I not read the letter but still hes got me now unless" Harry quickly cut off his inner monologue and turned expectantly towards his aunt who was still staring stupidly at him.

"Do you know where I can go to get my school supplies?" Asked Harry shoving the piece of parchment in her direction.

Petunia blinked out of her daze and looked at the list then said "Yes I went with Lily to get her stuff and the list is the same except the books are different"

Harry smiled and asked "Where is the place?"

"The place is called Diagon alley and you enter from the Leaky Cauldron in downtown London. Normal people can't see it but because I went with Lily I can see it now" Said Petunia slightly glad her nephew was showing facial expressions again.

"Great aunt Petunia you will be taking me to this place today" Responded Harry.

Petunia could only nod as Harry got up to go get dressed. Minutes later they were both in the car on there way to the pub, Petunia wearing regular khaki pants with a purple button down shirt and Harry wearing a form fitting plain white shirt with baggy pants rolled up at the bottom and sandals. They rode in silence neither wanting to talk since Petunia was concentrating on driving while Harry memorized street names and the general layout so he could fly here whenever he wanted to.

Finally parking the car they both got out and headed to a very small pub that nobody seemed to see or just plain out ignored it. Walking into the pub there was only 2 or 3 people there which wasn't so weird seeing that it was about 10 or 11 in the morning but Petunia just walked right up to the bartender and said "I need you to open up the archway to the alley"

The bartender who was a middle aged man looked at Petunia suspiciously and asked "Why can't you do it?"

"Because you need a wand to do it and I'm a squib Tom" Replied Petunia looking upset.

The newly named Tom gasped and remarked "I'm sorry for being insensitive Ma'am but I get a lot of pure blood punks come in here thinking I'm some servant just waiting to open the gateway"

Petunia just nodded her head and followed Tom to the back of the pub with Harry trailing behind only to come to a door that Tom opened, Reveling nothing but a brick wall. Harry held his tongue not wanting to comment cause there was some obvious magic going on and was proved right when Tom walked forward pulling a long thin stick out of his apron and started to tap a distinct pattern on the bricks. Harry didn't bother with trying to learn the pattern knowing he could just walk right through it, As soon as Tom stopped the brick wall started to shake seeing that the wall was reacting Tom said a quick have a nice day to Petunia while giving a nod in Harry's direction.

The wall finally separated showing off the wonder of Diagon alley to Harry and Petunia except while Petunia was wide eyed and reminiscing Harry was going over everything with a raised eyebrow 'Have I just stepped into the medieval times??' Harry thought while looking into the alley there was stores all around seemingly jammed together with lots of odd stuff in the windows. The people that were shopping looked like snobbish fools walking around with there heads held high like they were magics gift to the world while wearing ridiculous hats on there head and what looked like bathrobes on. Harry shook his head in disappointment even though he could admit most of the stuff he's seen is very useful.

Walking to catch up to Petunia he noticed she was walking to a very big white marble building, As they got closer he could see a large G engraved on the front of the building. Walking past the giant bronze doors he saw some writing on the wall but immediately dismissed it as the buildings motto or something. Stepping into the main lobby of the building Harry was very surprised because in front of him where little green people with pointed ears long beards or hair and even had sharp looking teeth. Turning towards Petunia he could see her fear of the little people so he sided up to her and asked "Where are we?"

Petunia looked down and replied her voice shaking "We're at Gringotts wizarding bank now go up to one of those things and ask if you have access to either your moms or fathers vault"

Doing what his aunt said he walked up to a free teller catching his attention and asked "Excuse me Sir but I would like to know about Lily Evans or James Potters vaults?"

The green person sneered at Harry and condescendingly said "And who do you think you are to have the privilege of accessing those vaults?"

Harry really did not like the way this green guy was talking to him and if the other wizards act like this then he wasn't gonna have a good time at Hogwarts at all but said "Well I think I'm Harry James Potter but I also think that you might want a bloody beating with the way your talking" With a growl in his voice.

A crowd was gathering around the two but none paid notice as the teller recoiled with shock but just as fast bared his teeth at Harry who wasn't scared in the slightest and instead straightened up to his full height while tensing his body prepared to fight the little midget. The teller was kind of surprised that the little boy wasn't scared but ignored that in favor of yelling "You arrogant wizard you think you can just stroll in here with your silly wand demanding to see vaults that don't belong to you!!"

While the teller was yelling Harry realized the whole bank had there attention on him and the green guy and even some of the other little green people were walking towards them but Harry didn't let that intimidate him and just shouted back "I'm the arrogant wizard?? look in a mirror your a wizard to you little git and I don't even have a wand yet, all I wanted was to know of my parents vaults so stop acting like a wanker and either help me or fight me!!"

That statement instantly quieted the whole bank even the teller was at a loss for words everybody was just watching awkwardly, Petunia was towards the front door acting as if she didn't know what was going on Harry just snorted at her cowardice and stood his ground when the other green people surrounded the teller. One really old looking midgets walked in front of Harry and he could feel the power of the little green guy but Harry still looked down at him with no fear in his eye's. Finally the old midget spoke "It seems your having a problem may I be of assistance? I am Ragnorak director of Gringrotts"

Harry raised an eyebrow at the weird name but didn't comment instead he said "Well If your gonna act like that wizard then I don't want your help"

Now it was Ragnorak who raised his eyebrow in confusion "Why do you keep calling us wizards?" he asked as politely as he could.

"Because you are or do you want me to call you the little green old person?" Harry sarcastically asked missing the looks of awe and respect from the rest of the green guys when he called Ragnorak a person indicating he thought the director was an equal to humans.

Ragnorak chuckled "I'm sorry to inform you that we are not wizards but goblins and we are known as magical creatures".

"What how can you be a creature??, You look exactly like a regular person instead your green and shorter" Harry proclaimed looking genuinely confused.

Ragnorak looked back at the other goblins seeing the same looks of respect and like for the young wizard and couldn't help but chuckle again "Aw it is so refreshing to see a young wizard like you without a bias attitude or superiority complex. Come join me in my office I shall help you there Mr. um forgive me I never asked your name" The goblin stated.

Although still confused Harry smiled and said "Oh well my name is Harry, Harry Potter"

Ignoring all the shocked looks from the other wizards and the rest of the goblins that didn't hear his name the first time. Harry followed Ragnorak to his office leaving Petunia waiting in the lobby. But if the days starting events meant anything then it meant today was gonna be a day to remember and Harry knew it.

So thats the end of the first chapter, I know it maybe a little rough and sketchy but bear with me and review so I know what to fix and all that.

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