A/N: Just to make it clear the story happens right after Piccolo and Goku tell the group what Trunks said about the androids.

Also, I'm telling you right now. I'm not going to portray Yamcha as a women beater, a drunk or a heartless bastard. He won't be the greatest guy in the world but he won't be a piece of trash either. I want to keep this pretty realistic.

Love is the Most Difficult to Satisfy

1. Never Mean a Single Word you Say

One horrible week.

That was how long Vegeta lived at her house since they learned about the androids. One disastrous week of listening to him complain about everything she did and demanding that everything be done for him. Oh and he also insulted everyone. She knew he still strongly believed he was a prince but he seemed to forget he was a guest in her house and not her master.

Only one person in the household was happy about Vegeta's presence and it was her mother.

"Bulma, aren't you just thrilled that Vegeta is going to stay with us for so long?" Bunny asked in her usual high-pitched voice.

Mrs. Briefs was so excited that she was running all over the place to try and please Vegeta "Plus, he is such a nice handsome boy!" If she was not a married woman, she would have jumped him from the start.

It took Bulma everything to resist the urge to roll her eyes. "Whatever you say, mom."

Her mother was so oblivious to everything around he and was also extremely dense. Even Goku was able to see Vegeta's true nature, although he did choose to ignore it. Bulma shook her head softly as she picked up her toolbox from the floor.

"I have to go work on his Majesty's Gravity Room."

It was not like she wanted to but he left her no other choice; he refused to shut up about the damn thing! The positive side was that she made him wait the whole week for it. She would do it since he insisted so badly upon it but only when she wanted to, not the other way around. Someone needed to stand up to Vegeta once in a while and apparently she was the only one willing to do it.


The one person unable to defeat or even physically fight Vegeta was the one who was courageous enough to defy him.

"Do you know where he is?" she asked her mother.

Bulma needed to make sure Vegeta was not going to be around while she worked or he would annoy the hell out of her. Every time she tried to make progress he would stand behind her and bitch and whine about how slow she was or that she was doing it wrong. Even though he did not know the first thing about building a gravity room! The nerve of him!

Mrs. Briefs rested her finger on the corner of her mouth while thinking deeply.

"Oh, I know," she said with a smile illuminating her whole face. "He's outside! The poor boy has been training all day!"

Bulma's mother picked up a plate full of freshly baked cupcakes and began to walk in direction of the door. "I'll bring him something to eat. He's probably really tired!" She smiled at her daughter with her usual exaggerated smile and walked out of the room.

Bulma stared ahead in complete disbelief. How her mother was this clueless about Vegeta's attitude and insults was mind blowing. Vegeta was not even trying to be nice to her mother, he probably treated her the worst out of all of them.

Despite her confusion, Bulma needed to get to work before Vegeta began bitching again. Truth was, she also truly desired to finish the GR since she was not able to get a good night of sleep because of the Prince of all Assholes. Every day, every night, he asked for it.

Bulma's wild, curly blue hair was peeking out of a light pink blanket. It hid her whole face as she soundly slept. Her father and her worked extremely late on new projects and neither noticed the time fly by. Bulma was so exhausted that the instant her head touched the pillow, she was out like a light. Her slumber was so deep that even if a bomb exploded right beside her, she would remain asleep. Unfortunately for Bulma, that also meant she could not hear Vegeta as her entered her room, extremely pissed off. The prince of Saiyans had very little consideration for her sleep and health; he had no intention of letting her sleep.

He walked in direction of her bed and stopped when he reached the edge. "WOMAN!"

Vegeta sighed in annoyance when he obtained no reaction from her; what the hell was wrong with this woman? He didn't have all day! "WOMAN!" He yelled again this time right beside her ear which caused Bulma to jump very high.

His voice echoed in her brain for a brief moment which forced her to blink a few times. Confused, she required a bit of time to comprehend what just occurred. It was when she fully opened her eyes that she found herself staring at Vegeta. Confused and slightly disoriented, she reached for her alarm clock and saw it was 4:35am. What the hell was wrong with him? What could he possibly want so early in the damn morning?

Sometimes she wondered if he only did this to annoy her.

"Vegeta, what in the world do you want?"

Bulma never was a morning person and considering the way she was woken up, it did not help her mood one bit. "Do you have any idea what time it is? NORMAL people are sleeping at this time, you jerk."

He couldn't help the smirk that appeared on his face; his day started better than he was expecting. The sun was not out yet and the woman was already pissed off.

"I'm very well aware of the time," he said with his smirk fading away. "I heard you and the old man working all night, so don't try that bullshit on me, woman."

Bulma sighed before groaning in frustration. She felt extremely annoyed by his presence and felt like she was going to lose it if he did not leave soon. She picked up her pillow and put it over her head to try to pretend he was not there.

"What the hell do you want?" Her voice was barely audible since her pillow was in front of her mouth and covering the sound of her voice but Vegeta heard her nonetheless.

Finally, she was almost being polite when addressing him.

"My gravity room, why isn't it done yet?" He clearly told her he wanted it done two days ago but instead he always found her doing everything but that.

Bulma already guessed he looked pissed off without even being able to see him. Anger was probably his only known mood. Although this time she could not care less; she had her own fury growing inside of her. She could not believe he woke her up in the middle of the night to ask about his damn gravity machine!

"I haven't had the time yet," Bulma said as she took the pillow off her face and put it back behind her head. Her eyes were half-closed since her eyelids were so heavy from the lack of sleep. "My life doesn't resolve around you, you know."

Vegeta smirked. "I'm sorry I forgot how important that weakling boyfriend of yours is." Yamcha was nothing but a joke. A mere mutation destroyed him back then. No matter how hard the weakling worked, he would always be… a weakling. "He can't do anything for you."

Bulma's mouth hung slightly open as she couldn't believe he reached a new level of asshole-ness.

"Look woman, the only reason I agreed to live here is so I could train! If you don't build this damn machine, I can't train, which mean I'm only wasting my time." He crossed his arms in front of his chest. "I'm going to come in here and torture you every damn night until I get my gravity room. Do I make myself clear?"

Vegeta grabbed the pink blanket that was covering Bulma with his left hand with every intention of making her get up. "Why don't you get to work now?"

He pulled the blanket away from Bulma and carelessly threw it on the floor.

Bulma could not help the small gasp that escaped her lips as the cool air hit her mostly bare skin. She went to bed so fast that she did not take the time to change and put on a real pajama. There was no way she knew Vegeta would have come in her room or anyone else as a matter of fact!

Bulma was only wearing her black lacy underwear which was hugging and revealing her curvy ass and a tiny white top, that was not even going half way down her stomach. All she had did was basically removed her clothes and hop in bed.

Vegeta kind of raised his eyebrow since her current attire was very unexpected. From where he was standing, he could get a good view of her curvy body; her black underwear was showing off her ass perfectly and her white top was giving him a full view of her round breasts since it was almost transparent. Although it would have been better if he could have had a front view.

He never really checked her out since most of her outfits were revealing and vulgar, but this was a nice kind of display.

Bulma felt Vegeta's eyes on her and she immediately put her hands over her chest in a desperate attempt to cover her breasts.

At least she knew men and saiyans had one thing in common; they were pigs. "What the hell are you looking at asshole?"

Vegeta darkly chuckled at her reaction; one glance her way and her self-esteem blew out of proportion. As if what he saw pleased him. "Certainly not at you." Vegeta frowned to let her know the view of her body disgusted him.

"Only a stupid, low fighter like that earthling could enjoy such a pathetic, fat and disgusting body."

Vegeta smirked when he saw how offended and mad she was at him. He could not help it; he enjoyed her feistiness too much since she was much more interesting when she was angry. "Do not ever think you could be in my league woman. I do not enjoy underclass women like you."

Vegeta picked the blanket off the floor and threw it at Bulma. "And please, cover herself, Woman."

Bulma did not know what kind of out of this world self-control she was practicing right now, but she couldn't believe she did not blown up by now. Perhaps his unexpected boldness left her completely speechless… Nonetheless she took the blanket and covered her body; she would not show him more than he already saw. The peep show was over.

The Prince turned around, ready to leave since he was satisfied with the trouble he brought her, but he stopped when he reached the door. "Oh, and by the way. You should stop throwing yourself at any man that passes by like that. You could be mistaken for a whore."

In a pure moment of rage Bulma picked up the first thing near her, which happened to be a book on her night stand, and threw it at Vegeta while aiming for his head. "JERK!"

Of course, the book never hit nowhere near him, just as he had expected, and even if it had, he would have simply dodged it. There was a smirk on his face as he walked out of her room, satisfied that he had managed to get under her skin.

Meanwhile, Bulma was sitting on her bed in complete disbelief. Who did he think he was talking to her like that? She buried her face in her pillow and screamed her rage out. She promised herself that one day she would get him back for all of this. Payback was going to be a bitch.

And after five more nights like that, Bulma got tired of it and she agreed to build his gravity machine. Although, the only reason why she was doing it was because he promise to stop stalking her in her bedroom and annoy the hell out of her. Having him in her room every night for a week at four o'clock exactly, insulting her, and keeping her up was enough for Bulma to give up and say, I'll do your damn machine, now leave me alone.

Of course his smart-ass response, Good Girl, only managed to piss her off more. What the hell did he think she was, some kind of dog? Bulma had a feeling that if things remained this way, she would kill Vegeta long before the androids arrived.

On top of that Vegeta was only one of the many problems going on in her life at the moment. Her boyfriend was also being somewhat of a pain in the ass for the past week. It seemed Yamcha decided to avoid her, cancel their dates and not pick up his phone. Also, when she did manage to get a hold of him and wanted to organize something, he would mysteriously always have something at that time.

Bulma truly hoped this had nothing to do with Vegeta because first of all it would be childish, and second she had no intention of losing her boyfriend over that asshole.


Bulma did not even have to turn around to know it was Vegeta who was calling her since it seemed he was the only one whose brain was too small to remember her five letters name. Or perhaps he was only doing it to annoy her to no end. She voted for the second option.

She titled her head to the side, clearly annoyed. "What do you want Vegeta?"

She was finally doing what he wanted and he was still bothering her? Was there no way to obtain some peace and quiet? "I'm working on your stupid machine, can't you leave me alone?" she asked as she kept trying to finish the electronic panel.

Bulma, who was on her knees, could see Vegeta was now beside her because she could see his feet. "Not until you give me food."

She slightly raised her head and took notice of his clothing; a white wife-beater and a black spandex pair of short which definitely left nothing to the imagination. Her face was at the right level to take it all in and it caused a slight blush to appear across her cheeks. Feeling a little embarrassed, she looked away and pretended this was not awkward. Even though, she was grateful Vegeta did not noticed her reaction,

At least, that was what she believed.

"I thought my mom bought you food," she said while trying to make sure her full attention was on the panel in front of her and not a certain saiyan's package.

Vegeta scoffed. "That woman talks way too much, I can't stand her." He tried being rude to her but the more words she obtained out of him, the more she refused to shut up.

Vegeta decided that Bulma was going to service him that she wanted or not so he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up before pushing her in direction of the kitchen. "Now go make me something to eat."

Bulma sighed heavily. "I'm not your slave, Vegeta." Honestly! She was trying to be a good host to him but he was making it extremely difficult. He was treating her as if she was nothing! "Go make your own lunch!"

"You're damn right you're not my slave."

Bulma looked at him somewhat shocked; was Vegeta agreeing with her?

Then, he continued and she understood what he meant. "If you were my slave, there is no way I would let you talk to me like that, I wouldd probably kill you for it."

Bulma shook her head at her foolishness; was she really foolish enough to believe Vegeta was actually being nice for once?


Bulma kicked her toolbox as hard as she could and cursed at him and at the way he thought he was a God walking on Earth. "You can be so annoying sometimes!" Bulma stomped her feet as she started to walk towards the kitchen.

Vegeta ignored her rage and he simply smirked. "Oh, and I hope you can work faster than that woman because of you keep this ridiculously slow pace, I will never get my machine!"

All that could be heard in the house were Bulma's screams of madness.

"Stupid woman," muttered Vegeta.


"What do you want?" Bulma asked in despair as Vegeta took a seat right in front of her "I'm already making your damn lunch and I'm doing your stupid gravity room."

She sighed heavily as she put down the butter knife she used. "Please don't tell me you want something else," she said almost in a begging voice.

"Maybe I do," Vegeta said with his usually smirk on letting Bulma know he was trying to piss her off.

Vegeta stared at her for a while before getting up, and walking to the fridge to take a bottle of water out. "Even if I did want something else, I am the Prince of all Saiyans. You should not even use that tone with me," Vegeta, said while reminding her of their conversation a few minutes ago.

"Oh, I'm so sorry your majesty." The sarcastic tone she used was hard to ignore but he did regardless which upset Bulma since he could easily get reactions from her and she could not. She decided to at least have his attention. "Pervert," she murmured.

"Pervert?" Vegeta repeated just to make sure he heard right.

Since Vegeta was resting against the counter Bulma turned around to look at him. "Yes, pervert," she said much clearer this time.

"Remember? You came in my room in the middle of the night and then you saw me half-naked. Don't think I didn't see the way you looked at me," Bulma said re-calling how she felt his eyes on her while they nearly burnt her skin.

Vegeta chuckled; this woman was proving to be more and more entertaining than he expected her to be. Despite that, she was as vulgar as he knew her to be.

"For your information, woman, if I did want a mate, I could find one a lot better than you. Anybody would do."

Bulma took a deep breath before pushing the unfinished sandwich away. He really knew how to hit a nerve he shouldn't hit.

"You know what, just make your own damn lunch." Bulma stood up from the chair and left the kitchen, making sure to stomp away.

This man was unbelievable! Bulma swore to God that by the end of the week she was going to strangle him. She always knew Vegeta was hard to deal with and yet she was foolish enough to believe this would not be so bad. Why?

Vegeta was sitting by himself in the kitchen smirking. Fighting with her was quite new and entertaining for him since nobody else ever really dared to do so. Either they were too dumb, like Kakarot, or too scared of him. Not her, she had this feistiness which kept her going, even if her life was in danger. He was not enjoying her company but she was the most tolerable person on this stupid excuse for a planet and she provided him with some distractions. Ever since he set foot in her house he tried to provoke her into a fight.

Hungry, he walked over to the table and picked up the unfinished sandwich ready to eat it. He had no choice since, after all, he was not going to make his own food. As he retrieved it from the table, the basket of laundry Bulma left on the floor caught his attention.

Actually, on particular clothing piece did. It was the one on top of the pile; her black underwear. Vegeta was not afraid to admit she look decent when she fixed herself up – whore-ish but decent. She also looked alright if you compared her to what Kakarot got himself. Vegeta smirked when he recalled how Bulma blushed earlier on, when he stood in front of her while she was on her knees. Sometimes, she was just too easy, but then again all humans were.

Vegeta, not liking the sandwich, decided to throw it in the sink before going back to training.


The doorbell rang and Bulma rushed to open it. She was shocked to find Yamcha was standing in her doorway. He avoided any type of plan with her but he considered it okay to show up whenever? She decided not to let this bother her and simply enjoy the fact that he was here with her instead. Should be easy enough to pretend.

"Hey you!" Bulma smiled in joy at the sight of him. I haven't seen you in a while."

Almost 2 weeks.

"I didn't even know you were coming!" She prayed he had an explanation for why he avoided her, but she was not push the issue or she probably would not see him for another while.

Yamcha gave her a small weak smile. "I wanted to surprise you."

He popped his head inside and glanced around the area as if he was nervous about something. "Is Vegeta here?"

He set one foot in the house to trying to make sure he was not there before he came in. Then, after a few instants, he turned to look at Bulma with a proper smile on his face.

Bulma shook her head. "He's training outside; he'll probably do that all day, as usual." Bulma sighed while she closed the door behind him.

Great; she was right this entire time. Yamcha was not coming around because of Vegeta. Regardless, that was completely silly since he knew she would never go for someone like Vegeta.

Without thinking, she reached out for him and pulled him into a hug. Yamcha smiled as he put his hands around Bulma's waist and brought her closer. He then kissed her lips lightly. "

You know, we really haven't seen each other in a long time." Yamcha bent down to her kiss her neck softly while his hands were on their way to her stomach to caress it.

He missed her. He missed her body.

Bulma giggled softly as she put her hands on Yamcha's to stop them for going anywhere else. "Oh, I see, so it's not me you missed," she said in a semi-playful tone.

Yamcha ignored Bulma's comments and her hands before still working his way to under her shirt. All she needed was a little convincing. "Oh come on Bulma."

He ravaged her neck before he turned her around to make her face him. He lifted his eyes from her neck to look in direction of her room and then he peered back at Bulma with his eyebrow raised.

Bulma smiled gently and then sighed to let him know she gave up and he won. A little excited, Yamcha took her hand and lead her to the bedroom. Yamcha and Bulma had sex together before, after all he was her first, but now it was slow. Ever since Goku destroyed Frieza, they did a lot of fooling around but nothing more than that. Yamcha was not really happy with that, but he was not going to force Bulma into anything.

Yamcha truly looked like a little boy in a candy store in Bulma's eyes as he led her in the bedroom and closed the door violently behind them. Yamcha knew you had to be an idiot not to notice how beautiful Bulma was, especially right now. Her nice and soft blue hair was not in one of that crazy hairstyle of hers. It was simply a little curly and long, nearly going all the way down to her breasts.

Her breasts! How many times did Yamcha tried to get a feel of those; they were round, full and perky. Right now her white shirt allowed him to notice she was not wearing a bra which only turned him on more.

He walked towards Bulma and put his hands on her hips before he bent down slowly and forcefully kissed her on the lips. Surprisingly, Bulma found herself being quite turned on by this. She was used to him being so gentle, nice and somewhat boring. When he would actually act somewhat rough, she wished he would just throw her on the bed and take her. Yamcha slowly laid Bulma on her bed and allowed his hands to roam over her body. With his left hand he tried to undo the button of her mini-short while his other hand was working it's way up and felt how fast her heart was beating.

To Yamcha's relief, he finally reached her fabric-covered breasts. He smirked against her lips as he reached for the bottom of her shirt and lifted it to get a better view of her soft, flat stomach. Yamcha's lips left Bulma's mouth to kiss her stomach with one of his hands under her breasts. Bulma started to struggle under him; she was not sure she wanted to go that far today. Yamcha though, seemed pretty clueless about her thoughts though.

Suddenly the door violently flew open. It smashed hard against the wall which caused both Yamcha and Bulma to turn their heads in direction of the noise only to find Vegeta standing in the doorway. Bulma immediately took notice of Yamcha's anger which was not something that happened very often.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Yamcha asked while really sexually frustrated; didn't this asshole know the meaning of fucking privacy?

Vegeta only chuckled at his pathetic reaction. "You think you are man enough that she would let you mate with her?" he asked before crossing his arms in front of his chest as he nearly challenged him.

Yamcha scoffed. "Well, I certainly have more chances than you to get laid, so I'd say yes."

At that moment, Bulma decided she heard enough and she pushed him off of her. She could not believe he said that. What a way to sound romantic… "How dare you talk about me like that?" she asked Yamcha while giving him a death glare.

When he did not answer she turned around to face Vegeta. "And, you. I 'mate' with whoever I want, and it surely won't be you."

Vegeta cocked his eyebrow and made sure he processed her words properly. "Woman, don't worry about that; I'd never sink so low." Vegeta smirked when he saw how close Bulma was to explode out of anger; it was pure delight.

Bulma did her best to take deep breaths to calm herself down but it was not working. Damn it, why did he know how to push her buttons? "Just get out of my room, Vegeta," Bulma said in a surprisingly calm voice while she reminded herself not to launch her rage at him.

Vegeta shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever woman." He did not really cared what she wanted. "Just make sure you work on my Gravity Room, instead of fooling around with that weakling." With that said, Vegeta walked away from the couple like he did not interrupted anything.

Yamcha turned around to look at his girlfriend. "Well?"

"Well what?" Bulma asked slightly confused; why in the world did he sound so mad for? He was acting as if it was her fault Vegeta decided to barge in her room and nearly destroyed the door!

Yamcha shook his head, irritated. "You know what, I'm just going to go relax somewhere else." Yamcha stood up from the bed and walked away from Bulma which left her all by herself, while being slightly frustrated and clearly annoyed.

Bulma groaned out of rage; great now she had two angry idiots to deal with. As if one was not enough.

Yamcha sat on Bulma's couch and watched some women do exercises while Bulma arrived in the living room. She looked for him all over but she should have known from the start he would be there watching that. Yamcha did not even look at her when she sat down beside him; apparently, he was still aggravated about what occured.

Bulma put her hand on his arm to initiate the first step. "Yamcha, say something." It was really out of character for him to be this angry at her and she could not chase away the tingle of pain in her heart.

Yamcha's eyes remained fixed on the television. "Why do you keep him here?"

He knew Bulma was aware Vegeta was the reason he avoided her lately. How could Yamcha want to be around Vegeta knowing he was responsible for his death? On top of that, he was selfish and clearly abusing Bulma's time and wealth. To put it clearly, he despised the guy and if he was stronger he would have killed him a long time ago.

Bulma exhaled loudly before coming closer to Yamcha. "Because we are going to need him and as much as you hate him, you know that too." She replaced a tuft of her blue hair behind her ear. "Trust me, I'm not so please with having him around either. I'm not doing this because I enjoy his company."

For the first time Yamcha turned around and saw Bulma's ocean blue eyes fixing him and looking deeply into his eyes. "Then why do you tolerate the way he acts, and treats you, and me?" He glanced away. "You don't even care that he interrupted us!"

Bulma closed her eyes. Unfortunately, Yamcha was right; she was not upset that he interrupted them earlier. She knew it sounded horrible, but she couldn't help the thought. "Look, the world doesn't revolve around you."

Somehow that strike her as a familiar saying.

"Maybe it should."

Bulma scoffed at his words as his sudden arrogance reminded her of the prince of saiyans.

"Well, I'm sorry, your majesty the King Yamcha but I have other priorities." Her anger getting the best out of her Bulma stood up and walked towards the door. "I won't let you talk to me like that. Get out of my house." She pointed the door with no hesitation in her words or movements.

Yamcha shook his head while he got up, not believing that she was actually doing this. "Oh, but when Vegeta treats you like that you don't fucking throw him out, do you?"

Bulma glared at him to let him know it would be better for him to shut up. They were different and this was different.

"Whatever." Yamcha knew he needed to calm down a little or this fight would get even more out of hand.

He decided to go outside for a while and train more since he needed to change his mind and that would be perfect location to do it. He could pretend he was kicking Vegeta's ass.

Bulma heard him curse under his breath and she knew it was probably something about her and Vegeta. She felt bad when she thought about all the things going through his mind but it didn't really matter at the moment. The fact that they fought did not really hurt her and she did not care if he stayed or not.

When she heard the door close she took the remote control and shut down the TV. "What an idiot."

Bulma shook her head, before relaxing in the couch. She knew she had to make a decision concerning her relationship with Yamcha; did she still feel the same towards him? When they first started to date again she was excited and she felt like a high school girl with a crush on the school's jock. Now, that magic, those butterflies; they were gone. She had to admit though that Vegeta wasn't helping the situation.

There she was again; no matter what she was thinking about, her mind would always bring her back on Vegeta. He must be bothering her a lot more than she thought. But that was simply because he was walking around thinking he owned the place or something.

"Dreaming about me?"

Bulma snapped out of her thoughts and turned her head to see Vegeta standing close to her with his arms typically crossed over his chest with that dumb smirk on his face.

She sighed; when you talk about the wolf… "What do you want?" She got up of the couch sine she did not want to be in the same room than Vegeta for too long.

"Don't you think you've ruined my day enough?"

"Not really," he said with a smirk, as he sat down on the couch, and took the remote.

"Until I have my Gravity Room, I've got nothing else to do."

Oh that bastard is enjoying this, thought Bulma. Anything to torture her was pure pleasure to him.

Vegeta did not fail to notice Bulma was staring at him like she was trying to kill him with her mind. "Don't tell me you're still mad at me for walking on you and that piece of shit." She should be thanking him for saving her ass from that weakling's hands.

Bulma's fingers formed into fist. "His name is Yamcha." She was doing her best to keep her composure and reminded herself that he was only doing this to get a reaction out of her.

"Do I look like I care?" Vegeta said while not even looking at her as he responded. "And please do not tell me he actually had a chance to mate with you?" he asked like it was totally impossible, although it happened before.

Actually, he could not really tell if Yamcha got some already, but he had a feeling they crossed that bridge before. Though the point was that now he was not getting any.

Bulma looked confused. What was he trying to say? "What do you mean?"

Vegeta finally turned his head to look at her. He scanned her whole body from down to up which made Bulma slightly uncomfortable. "Well, you're pretty hideous."

Bulma rolled her eyes.

"But, I still thought you had better standards than that. I did not think you would make the same mistake twice. "

Bulma did not really know what to make of that. Was it Vegeta's way to give her a compliment? Probably not. "Oh because I should aim for someone like you?"

"You could." Then he paused.

Was that it? she thought.

"But you are not good enough, woman."

"And what exactly makes you think that you are good enough for me?" Bulma asked before sitting back on the couch with her hand resting on Vegeta's shoulder which allowed her to feel every muscles of his sturdy body.

Wait, it was not time for thoughts like that. "What makes the great Vegeta think I want him?"

Vegeta looked into her eyes pondering if she was she trying to be seductive. If that was the kind of game she wanted to play then he could do the same. Vegeta approached Bulma and put his hand on her hips to surprise Bulma. Deciding he liked the reaction he obtained from her, he pushed it a little further just to see how far she would fall for it.

"Well, it's very simple actually."

Bulma looked at him intrigued and raised her eyebrow to let him know he could keep going. Vegeta held Bulma even tighter against his body so tight that her breasts were squeeze against his chest and almost popping out of her shirt.

He bent down to reach her ear and whispered, "I'm irresistible."

Then, right away Vegeta let go of Bulma and left her half-laying on the couch and completely astonished. What the hell just happened there? Bulma felt so aroused, yet so disgusted by what just occurred. Did she really let Vegeta touch her like that? What in the world was wrong with her? She put her hand on her forehead; no, she did not have a fever.

She must be crazy then.


After what happened earlier, Bulma was not sure she wanted Vegeta around to distract her while she worked on his Gravity Room inside the house. So, she came up with something to make sure he would stay out of her way. It was not the best equipment or solution but it would doe for now and it would get him off her back.

"Just train in here until I finished your damn gravity room," Bulma said as she showed Vegeta the ship she installed outside for him. It was very alike to the one Goku used to go on Namek. "It's not the best, but it should the job for now and it will keep you away from me."

Vegeta did not look very happy about this whole deal. He did not want that, he wanted his Gravity Room. Although training in there was a lot better than wasting his time on her.

He sighed angrily. "I guess it's better than nothing." Vegeta turned around to look at Bulma and glared at her. "Don't think that means you can slack off and sit on your ass, woman."

Bulma tried her best to bite her tongue and not say anything back, but it didn't work. "Well, maybe if you weren't so weak, you'd already be stronger than Goku and you wouldn't need this."

Vegeta turned red with rage as her audacity. His mind filled with aggravation; he was the Prince of all Saiyans, and she couldn't talk to him like such. Kakarot was nothing and he was lucky because he should not have reached that state; since he was worthless.

Bulma simply smiled at him. "Whatever you say, Vegeta." Now that should shut him up, thought Bulma very happily before leaving a very angry Vegeta all by himself.

Vegeta cursed her before entering the ship. He hated that woman, oh Kami, did he hate her.


Bulma enjoyed her time away from Vegeta since for the past week, all he did was bother her about the damn gravity room. What the hell was he thinking? That it would only take her a couple of seconds to create it? He really had no sense of time! Well, it was no wonder since he always expected everybody to treat him like a Prince so that he would not have to do anything!

Bulma knew she could have worked on his little demand but she thought she deserved some time off for herself. Ever since her fight with Yamcha, they both stopped talking, and the problem was she was not really sad about it. Bulma did not know if they were broken up or something, but she did not believe Yamcha would give up that easily, no matter how angry he was.

The real question however was what in the world did she want? Yamcha wasn't the strongest, nicest, or cutest, but she never cared about that, He always was the biggest crush of her life.

Bulma sighed, before getting up from the kitchen chair and walking towards the fridge to take a bottle of gingerale. All this mess was getting to her head and usually the only way for her to be at peace was to work on some projects but if she worked on the Gravity Machine it would only remind her of Vegeta.

Honestly, she needed a distraction before both men drove her crazy. She could go and hang out with her mother in the living room a little and at least that would be a distraction right?


Vegeta was in the gravity ship with the machine to the maximum power. He threw around one of his own energy balls. Nothing would be a better work out than avoiding his own attack since it was so powerful. This damn woman annoyed the crap out of him, and he just needed to re-focus, and train over and over again.

What an idiot, thought Vegeta about Bulma as he kept trying to avoid his energy ball. It was getting harder and harder while his body became tired. He was sweating a lot, and it seemed his attack was increasing in speed which he did not quite planned upon.

Vegeta grunted in exhaustion while he avoided his attack once more. Since there were also other equipment around which helped his attack bounced he had to be on his guard and very careful if he did not want to end up blowing himself up. He wouldn't die, or be hurt at the hand of his own attack.

Already the woman distracted him earlier by video chatting with him and yelling like a crazy person.

In his train of thoughts his own attack bruised the right side of his body which caught him by surprise. Vegeta, who stopped concentrating on his flying, gave in to the gravity, and fell down on the ground, with a huge smacking sound. He raised his head just in time to see his own energy attack coming his way. In a desperate attempt to stop it, Vegeta raised his hand in the air and created another one, to counterattack.

As Vegeta struggled to add more and more power to push away his energy ball, he put too much energy and they both collapsed into one huge energy ball causing the whole the whole ship to immediately explode. As it burst into pieces it caused the whole ground to shake which made Bulma and her mother hit their faces with their cupcakes while the plates crashed upon the floor.

Huge purple rays came out of the ship before it completely shattered. A huge cloud of black smoke came out while the pieces were flying in every direction. Yamcha, who was training nearby, and Bulma immediately ran in direction of the explosion.

"Vegeta!" Bulma yelled, as her heart leaped.

Oh, what in the world did that idiot get himself into this time.