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Love is the Most Difficult to Satisfy



He couldn't help but let the word echo in his mind. He wanted to pretend he hadn't heard it, he wanted to pretend it didn't happen, but as much as he wanted to, it was impossible.

It was like the slightly twitch he felt inside his chest when he heard it. That never quite went away either.

Maybe he felt a slightly amount of pride.

The only thing that could distract him mind from it was Bulma's reaction. Surely she must have been slightly ticked off that she wasn't his first word. After all, she had been the one caring for him since he was born.

Vegeta couldn't even recall if he had seen the boy while he was awake.

None the less, his pride might have grown a little bigger. Not because he cared really, but simply because he came first.

Yes that made a lot of sense.

But, it hadn't been worth the distraction. That he wanted it or not, his mind had been off his training for a little while, and it angered him. This was the reason he had left; to be in peace, to not be surrounded by everyone, and all their stupid events.

That was the moment Vegeta decided that he needed to cut all communication. He had turned off the video already, but he decided to cut all communication and microphones. As he had pressed the off button, his son's voice had come into his mind. Yes it had been for the best.

Little did he know that those words, those feelings he had ignore would be the reason why he would push himself so hard in a few months. The reason why his survival instincts would kick so hard, and ultimately, lead to the completion of lifetime goal.

He would never know.

8 months later.

Today was the day.

Bulma took a deep breath as she stared in the mirror. She wasn't nervous; well, maybe a little. Except for Goku, who she had seen a little over 2 years ago, she hadn't seen the rest of the group in over 3 years. Of course, Yamcha wasn't included in the group. He would show up every couple of weeks, but he would never stay very long. She didn't really mind though, she had been quite busy on her own.

She shook her head; there she was getting herself distracted again. She fixed the shirt again, as it was slowly falling down.

Bulma had been so happy when she had regained her perfect figure from before. It wasn't like she had worked out just because she would see Vegeta again, and he would look all good from all his training. No, the reason behind it was… she was doing it for herself. She fixed her short hair, which she had to keep at that length to prevent her little boy from yanking them, and smiled at her reflection. She needed to look good, since she figured everyone's eyes would be on her.

They would probably be shocked to see her with a baby, and she couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face. The exhilarating part would be to tell them that the father was Vegeta. Now that would be quite the surprise. She felt quite excited about it, and she couldn't help but wonder what their expressions would be like. She didn't see any reason to keep the father from them, and if Vegeta had a problem with it, well, too bad for him.

Bulma had no intention to leave them to wonder who she had slept with. Plus, she was pretty sure that if she didn't say it, Yamcha would eventually.

After all, the last time people saw her, she was with him. They would assume that he is the father of her kid. She knew this would bother Yamcha, since he still wasn't fully over everything that happened. Well, she couldn't exactly blame him could she? He always was like a dog with a bone.

She smirked at the thought, before walking in direction of Trunk's room.

There was her little angel, sleeping peacefully in his crib. He surely had grown a lot these past few months, and Bulma just put it on the fact that he had saiyan blood. She was pretty sure they developed much faster. Of course, he had inherited her brain, and he was quite smart and advance for his age. He didn't talk that well yet, except for a few words from time to time, but she knew he expressed himself very well in sounds. Also, he was perfecting his walking, although, being overprotective over him, she didn't let him practice too often.

It seems that after Vegeta left, she had really dedicated herself to her son. She couldn't help but feel she was born to be a mother, and she loved it. Trunks was her whole world, and she was happy with that. She had never seen herself in a situation like that, but it worked perfectly for her. Bulma bent down, and slowly picked him up from his crib, being careful not to wake him up. He was a little cranky every time he woke up, and she assumed he had picked that up from his father.

She took his little hat from the chair, and gently put it on his head. He looked so adorable with it on; she wanted to pinch his cheeks! With a sigh of content, she left his room, not without picking up his little kit. Events in the past had taught her to never go anywhere without it.

As Bulma made her way towards the door, she walked into a mother, who couldn't help but let out a screech.

"Who is my favorite grandson?" she said as she picked up Trunks from his mother's arms, and hugged him tightly.

Of course, that woke up the little boy, and his mood wasn't the best. His eyes filled with water, and Bulma winced, knowing what was coming.

A screeching sound came out of his lungs, startling Mrs. Briefs. She smiled at him softly, and shook her head softly. "I think somebody didn't get enough sleep." With one last smile, she handed him back to Bulma, who also wanted to cry.

Of course, now that she woke him up, she was giving him back. She almost giggled at the thought, before gently rocking Trunks in her arms. This was going to be a long trip! She grabbed a capsule, and headed outside, Trunks still crying, and carefully tucked in her arms. There wasn't much to do when he was in one of those moods, so all she could do, is hold him close to her body. He only seemed to calm down when he was near her. She figured it was because he was mostly only with her all the time.

Well, he would be better very soon, since he enjoyed flying a lot. Once again, she assumed he picked that up from his saiyan's heritage. Although, she didn't mind, since sometimes to get him to sleep they would go on a little trip around on a mini–plane.

After opening the capsule, she carefully tucked in a still upset Trunks in his little seat, and but his seat belt on. It wasn't doing much since he had more than the strength to break it if he wanted to, which he had proven to her many times in the past. Oh well, she had tried. It was hard sometimes with his strength and everything, and every day, she had to make stronger toys for him. It wasn't like he was breaking them on purpose because he was being violent, he simply didn't have the control over his strength with. Who could blame such a cutie like him for it anyway?

She put her own seat belt on, and started to elevate the plane. She couldn't help as her nervousness grew. She hadn't seen him in so long, and she wasn't sure how things were going to be. After all, they hadn't set on anything after he left. She hadn't even heard his voice or talked to him in over 9 months. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to say, or if he would even come back, and live at her house again. Her heart was pounding, and it felt like it was being crushed. Things were so uncertain with him, and it was killing her.

Of course, she wouldn't let him know that, and she was act as if nothing happened at all. As if she hadn't missed him. Truth be told, she had spent some nights in his room, enjoying the scent. After all he had this particular, manly scent about him, and she simply couldn't get enough of it. She had also taken Trunks with her a few times in his rooms. She had even though about making him a tiny saiyan armor, but she had stopped herself. She didn't want to introduce him to the saiyan culture, but then his father wouldn't be there to actually teach him. Goku knew nothing about it basically, so there was not much she could do.

Yes, she would wait until Vegeta came back. Well, if he did come back anyway. She sighed, before bringing herself back out of her thoughts.

She needed to focus on better things. This would be a good day. They had known about the androids, which mean nobody had to die. They would survive them, and they would all remain together. Bulma had been sure of that fact for a while now. Their knowledge of their arrival, would be the greatest strength. On top of that Goku wouldn't die of his sickness since he had the medicine.

Everyone would leave, and everything would be fine. She wasn't going to lose Vegeta to stupid robots. Gosh, she didn't even want to think about him dead, it squished her heart. Before she knew it, they had arrived at their destination. She sighed before composing herself. Bulma grabbed her little boy, who had stopped his little screams; she knew the flying thing would have done the trick.

"Time to face everybody," she said, her tone more cheerful then she thought.

There was no turning back now.


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