AN: I don't drabble, but this is a flash fiction of exactly 500 words.


Characters: Blair, Nate, Chuck

She met him in a small café right along the strip of boutiques that she had once dragged him through as they searched for a pair of shoes that would match a dress that her mother had made for her. It had only been a year ago, but to look at her now, it almost seemed like it had been ten years since that day.

The last time they sat in front of each other like this, she had only just discovered his betrayal with Serena and still he could see in her eyes that blind adoration for him, as if he was the answer to all her prayers, as if when it happened, it was only her best friend that hurt her and he was the victim of a temptress.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

She gave him a tight smile. "Of course I am."

Nate moistened his lips and leaned back in his chair. She sipped at her coffee with a faraway look in her eyes. "When is Marcus leaving?"

"Tonight," was the soft answer. "He wanted to stay over the weekend and speak with me, but I asked him not to." She smiled sadly. "Stupid move, right?"

Nate's gaze fell to the heart pin that she rolled between her fingers. "What do you mean?"

She bit her lip, as if reluctant to say the words, but knowing that she needed to share them. Serena would not understand. She was always adored by anyone, even Blair's own mother. "My mom told me when my dad left us that in every relationship, there's always one person who loves the other one more."

"I don't think that's true," he protested.

She arched an eyebrow. "My mom. The only thing hesitation my father had in leaving her for Roman was me." She shook her head. "Your mom." Nate opened his mouth to deny it, then realized that she was correct. "With you and me, it was always me. You were everything to me, Nate, and you were just along for the ride."


"You didn't love me, Nate," she said easily. "I'm not mad. I got over it. It's just how it is. There's always one person," she repeated emphatically. "Chuck couldn't even say the words." She shrugged her shoulders. "And here I am breaking up with the one relationship I've had who actually seems to be more into me than I'm into him."

Nate looked up at someone behind her, and she turned around to see Chuck looking down at them. "Blair—"

She stood up and faced him. "It's alright, Chuck. My mom's completely right. There's one person who had to love more. I'm okay being that person for us," she admitted, her eyes tearing up, because even as she said the words, she couldn't believe that she was here again in this position, when being this for her and Nate almost killed her. Again, she was willingly committing her heart for a beating.

"You're insane," he whispered.