Alice's Beginning

Alice's Beginning

Alice's (POV)

I opened my eyes for what felt like the first time. I was lying in a forest; it was dark and dense, but my eyes could perceive everything. The wind blew angrily, making several of the trees shudder and sway precariously.

It should be cold, I thought. I should be freezing- but I wasn't. The strong wind just felt like a small pin prick against my skin.

I sat up very slowly and tried to remember how I got here. I couldn't remember and it scared me. Where was I? Who was I? How'd I get here? Am I even alive? – I asked myself, dazed.

A name entered my head and I guessed it must be mine.


Pretty name, I thought to myself.

I reached my hands up to my face, but stopped when I saw them. They were pale, very pale. I nudged my right arm with my left index finger and gasped. It was rock solid. It couldn't be skin, but it looked like skin. Was I even human?

I should probably get up, I thought and suddenly I was standing up.

I looked around befuddled. Standing had just barely entered my mind and a fraction of a second later I was.

I took a slow deep breath and gasped. My throat felt suddenly on fire. Every part of it burned. It was as if someone had shoved fire down my throat. I wanted too scream. It was so painful. I had to put it out, before the fire in my throat burned me even more. I opened my mouth to scream, but stopped when a strong, sweet smell entered my lungs.

I sniffed the air.

The smell was still there, stronger somehow. It was so sweet and warm. It was mouth watering.

The aroma was so strong, that I didn't realize I was running until the smell was even more evident. I ran faster than I ever thought possible. I had to get to that smell before I went mad.

The cause of the delicious smell was suddenly in front of me.

Two people were staring at me with shock and terror. The taller of the two- the male stood protectively in front of the shorter female. The man was slender and dark. Just a shade lighter than his black hair. He looked at me in terror, but there was also a slightly awed look on his face. He gawked at me. The small female let out a loud gasp.

I looked around him, curious.

The female was short and also slender. Her skin was several shades lighter than the mans- a light tan color. Their skin distracted me for a minute. It was the same, yet different. My skin was alabaster and as hard as a rock, but their skin was darker and it looked so soft and… unprotected.

Her light brown hair blew wildly in the wind and it made me smile a huge smile. My smile grew, until it was no longer a smile. My lips pulled up over my teeth and I shifted into a crouch. A low growl escaped from between my teeth.

The hikers stood frozen, watching me and unable to move.

I shifted again, about to take the lung, but stopped when something clouded my vision. A girl stood quickly in the vision and sniffed the hikers, but didn't lung at them and kill them; as I was about to. Instead she ran away, in the opposite direction. Stopping in front of a huge black bear.

I gasped when I realized that the girl in my vision was me. The girl in my vision was so beautiful. She was short and thin. Her red eyes glowing with excitement. He features were almost pixie-like and her short, spiky hair blew silently with the wind.

I lunged at the bear and then my vision was over.

I stood quickly as I had in my vision. I wanted so badly to sink my teeth into the hikers. To finally have the sweet aroma in my mouth, to stop the fire in my throat, but for some reason I couldn't understand, I felt like I had to listen to the vision. I sniffed at the hikers, inhaling the sweet smell. Then I abruptly turned and ran away.

I ran until I caught another smell. Not nearly as appetizing or as mouth watering as the hikers had been. The smell was still sweet, but it was duller next to the aroma of the hikers.

Part of me considered going back and I stopped abruptly when another vision clouded my view.

I was sitting on the ground with the two hikers screaming. The man had several broken bones and he was yelling, trying to get me off of his friend unsuccessfully. He didn't even leave a scratch. The female lay broken in my arms, her screams full of agony. My eyes were a brilliant shade of crimson.

I shuddered as the image faded. I wanted badly to sink my teeth into the hikers, but I also wanted them to stay alive. I couldn't do it. I shuddered again as the image of the broken woman entered my mind.

I started running again, anxious to find the bear.

I took a small breath and smiled. The smell was closer.

My smile grew when the huge black bear came into view.

It stood when it saw me. Standing on its hind legs and roaring loudly. I roared back and grinned. My roar sounded fierce and deadly next to the bears loud and somehow funny roar.

I didn't even crouch or try to get ready to attack the bear; I just lunged at the bear, sinking my teeth into its neck as we both fell to the ground.

Its roar turned into howls of agony and it twitched as I began to slowly drain its body of blood.

The taste was delicious. Sweet and warm.

I sighed with relief as the burning in my throat started to dull.

The bear's howls were turning into moans; as it was too weak to do much more than that. Then abruptly the moaning cut off and the bear was silent.

Poor bear, I thought, a sly smile on my face. But it was such a relief for the burning to be….almost gone. It was still there; not as strong, but still it was there. Was I still……thirsty? Was that the right word?

I sighed when I had completely drained the bear. It was so good. I didn't want it to be over.

I thought about the hikers, about how different they were from me and how much I still wanted to go and find them.

I'm….not….human, I thought and I knew it was true. I was sure that humans didn't drink blood or have red eyes, or were even able to run faster than a cheetah. And they were definitely not able to have these….visions?

Visions, I thought, How is that…possible?

I didn't understand. Were these visions real? They had to be. I had followed them and it had happened just as I'd seen. It was as if – as if I could see what would happen. Could anyone else do what I could?

I groaned and put my face in my hands.

"What am I," I cried, my voice sounding like bells. I groaned again when I realized there were no tears on my face. I couldn't even cry? How pathetic.

I closed my eyes, concentrating. If I could just remember something. I closed my eyes tighter shut as if it would help.

I groaned and my sobbing intensified. Nothing. The only thing I could recall was waking up.