Alice's Beginning

Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I own nothing!

The night passed by slowly and I was awake during the whole ordeal, just lying on the ground; my cheek pressed lightly on the damp earth. I hadn't gotten tired or sleepy, or anything.

Did humans sleep?

I must have been asleep before…when I had found myself in this forest, hadn't I been asleep before that.

Did people go to sleep, then forget everything when they woke up?

No. I Thought, Just me.

Through the whole night I hadn't remembered anything. And I hadn't had anymore visions.

The burning in my throat had not gone away either, but it was better.

I had spent a good part of the night trying to figure out what I was. Nothing had come to mind until the early part of the morning.

My first thought was: Monster, and I knew it was true. Only monsters went around killing.

My second thought was just as true as my first: Vampire. I knew it was true too.

Vampires – creatures who go around sucking the life out of everyone. Who would kill for blood and terrifies everyone they meet, I thought glumly, fighting back tears I knew that wouldn't come.

I don't know how I figured it out. If I didn't remember anything except for what had happened last night, then how could I figure out what I was?

How was I smart in figuring out what I am, but not who I am?

Couldn't I at least have a clue?

I got up slowly – slowly for me – and looked around.

The forest was brighter and the trees were grouped close together, only allowing parts of the forest to be exposed to the brilliant light above. It was calm and peaceful.

Somewhere nearby I could here a stream. The flowing water sounded musical.

I walked forward, wanting to see the stream.

As I walked through the forest I could hear everything.

The bird's wings flying franticly as they tried to get further away from me, the squirrels running up trees, the stream, and my own two feet on the brown forest floor.

The closer I got to the stream, the louder and more musical it sounded.

I stumbled a few yards before I walked through the opening in the trees and into a small clearing.

A small stream lay in the middle of the clearing, giving off a musical sound. Several rocks broke through the waters shallow surface, making the water part in several places. On the opposite side was the forest again.

A single fallen tree lay next to the stream. I walked over and sat on it.

I looked around and smiled. It was beautiful and peaceful.

The sun shone brightly on the water, reflecting the suns glare.

Reflecting off of me…

I gasped when I realized I was sparkling. Every inch of me sparkled, making me look like a bright rainbow, making me look even less human that I had before.

In half a second I was standing over the stream, looking at my reflection.

I gasped again. The beautiful girl in the stream looked sad, her short, tangled hair a mess. A grey dress covered in dirt and other various unknowns covered her slight figure, but none of that mattered.

What mattered was the fact that I was a walking, talking rainbow. That I was the brightest thing in the forest. The most beautiful and most terrifying creature. That my eyes were a brilliant crimson and that I wasn't human.

I was a freak.

A horrifying creature that no one wanted to be near!

My sparkling, shining body was proof!