"Touch your lips just so I know, into your eyes, love, it glows, so I'm bare-boned and crazy…for you." (Dave Matthews Band – Crash into me)

Epilogue: Watch me as I do my happily ever after thing

She slept quietly in my bed; the whole house was in silent. A bit far, I could hear Blondie and Bear playing cards outside the treaty line. They were here to spy on us, to make sure I didn't touch Nessie. If only they knew she was the saucy one, I'm basically a victim of all her charms and sex attacks. Her father knows, that's exactly why he sent her here with spies. It was bad enough for him having to hear her thoughts but he couldn't allow her to come alone, so here we are. I'm resisting like a freaking iron man. I'm sleeping on the couch tonight, and let me tell you something. That couch is small. But I guess I could climb into bed and hope for her not to attack me.

Edward said she was a lot like Bella in a way; I didn't mind going further in that conversation. Thinking twice, I may not sleep in the same bed as hers, everyone knows that soon enough the two vampires outside won't be able to control themselves and the making out session will begin. They are so physical. How dare they judge me? I'm the pure one; I'm worried about Nessie's…what's the word Edward used? Virtue, yes, virtue.

I grabbed hold of one of her hands as she slept and kissed her palm. Slowly I brought it closer to my face.

Her dreams are the most beautiful thing in the world. Pure, sweet, beautiful images with vivid colors, is like watching Cirque du Soleil in the front row, but without clowns to make it bizarre. And I'm always there, all the time. Among beautiful places she visited, and places she wanted me to meet, among scenes she caught with her big brown eyes and her favorite smells…I'm always there.

"You are doing it again! Can't you just stop doing this, Jake? I'm trying to sleep." Maybe she's not very comfortable with this habit of mine but it's always worth it.

"Hey, Beauty, since you're awake. Want to know what I was thinking?" She didn't open her eyes to answer:

"I guess it would be a fair trade, since you can't stop seeing my thoughts." She said moodily; I chuckled.

"Do you know that "saudade" word you taught me?"

"Yes, what about it?"

"I feel a really strong saudade of my nachos. The one my pet monster ate."

"Suck it up, Black, my house, my nachos."

"They were mine!"

"Not once they were into my kitchen." She said almost singing. Monster. Outside, the noise of the cards silenced and I knew Rosalie and Emmett were distracted. I laid down on the bed, next to Renesmee and she immediately turned around to hug me.

"Hey, look who's here." She smiled maliciously, leaning a bit over me.

"Yes, look! It's a minor!" I answered sarcastically. She opened her eyes specifically to glare at me. I laughed.

"You're such a coward."

"You're such a rapist."

"Yes, I'm a rapist. Surrender." She said and I laughed out loud, keeping her unable to move under my arms.

"Let's sleep, Nessie." She gave up, yawning.

"Alright, Jake, you win this one." She says, but I think she's wrong. As long as I have her, I already won everything.


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