This is my first story everyone so bare with me. Okay so I am jj4evr. Just call me JJ anywho this story might sound a little angsty but keep reading it will get better I promise. Okay I do not own Yu Gi Oh GX but if I did Jaden and Alexis would've kissed already. Its sooooo annoying theirs like 5 times in the show were they were like so close to kissing then they wouldn't. Is it just me or in every single Disney channel movie they have a love story its nuts. Anywho, sorry guys got a little carried away. Well, I hope you guys like it. By the way in this story Jaden and Yugi never dueled at the end.

He was running late as usual. It was his idea, but as usual he was late.

"Ugh! Where is he!" Kiabia demanded throwing his hands into the air annoyed.

Joey chuckled and leaned up against the wall closest to the door. The two of them were in the infamous Kiabia Corp. CEO office. The office, except for a few black leather coaches placed around a sleek black coffee table, was empty of any and all personal items. A large sleek black desk was in the back of the office with a dark blue laptop sitting upon it and a black leather chair sitting behind it. The ebony night of Japan shown through the large glass walls of the spacious office. Giving the room a depressing glow. Kiabia was in a bad mood, like he always was 

after another day ended with no sign of his missing son. Joey knew this and kept quite while Kiabia wallowed in his depressing thoughts. Kiabia couldn't take it anymore.

"Where is HE!" Kiabia growled as he brought his fist up and punched the wall closest to him with enough force to leave his hand a little bloodied up.

"Don't worry Kaibia I'm sure he's fine" Joey said plopping down on one of the exquisite leather coaches in the spacious Kiabia Corp. CEO office. A silence followed this as Kiabia turned around and to face the large window behind his desk overlooking the darkened streets of Japan.

Kiabia then slowly spoke in a voice barely above a whisper "Joey, he's my son and you expect me not to worry!" his voice rose for that last part. "I am not losing the only person I have left in my life, I will find him no matter what!" Kaibia face showed his determination, but the one lone tear that fell down his face held all of his pain from these last three years. He quickly wiped it away but soon dropped into his leather desk chair and leaned forward slightly.

"How could he leave me like that?" Kiabia suddenly spoke his voice very low as the lights behind him dimmed slightly as the cars went past. Kiabia sighed and let his face drop into his hands. Joey watched sadly as his friend fell into a depressing state, but couldn't seem to find the right words to say to comfort him.

"He blames himself" A new voice quietly murmured from the doorway.

"What do you mean?" Kaibia almost yelled as his head shot up from his hands and he stood up once again. He glaring at the doorway. Joey turned around and looked towards the doorway as well. The man who spoke finally stepped into the dimly light office his head downward slightly.

"You know exactly what I mean Kaibia he blames himself just like you do" The man replied finally looking up to meet Kiabia's cold gaze.

"Yugi, It's not his fault it's mine" Kaibia said back slamming his hands down on his desk.

"Kiabia, that is why he left, he blames himself, what you need to get through your heads is that you can't protect everyone from the world, you can't blame yourselves for something that nobody could stop!" The man now known as Yugi yelled. Kiabia's eyes looked shocked, then he blinked his eyes back to normal as he fell back into his chair. Joey looked up at Yugi shock written all over his face at the words Yugi just spoke. Yugi had never spoken to Kiabia that way but it was clear that, that was what Kiabia had needed for a long time.

"Why are we here again?" Joey asked finally breaking the silence. Yugi turned his head slightly towards Joey and smirked slightly.

"We are going to Duel Academy" He said crossing his arms across his chest his smirk deepening. Kiabia's head shot up from starring at the table to look at Yugi.

"Why?" He asked confused. Yugi turned to him his smirk still present.

"You sir need a vacation" Yugi replied

"I do NOT" Kiabia said glaring at him.

"Yes, you do, you really need to relax" Yugi relied nodding his head as if agreeing with his own thoughts.

"How is Duel Academy supposed to let me relax?" Kiabia asked rolling his eyes.

"Well you need to visit your own academy and relax with no work what so ever to deal with" Yugi said "We can watch some duels, see the graduated class, and maybe have a few duels ourselves"

"Why would I waste my time at Duel Academy?" Kiabia growled.

"Come on Kiabia It will be fun!" Joey said grinning at the idea.

"NO!" Kiabia said folding his arms across his chest.

"Please Kiabia, or wait", Yugi's pleading face changed into a smirk. Yugi got really close to Kiabia's face over the desk and whispered in his ear "Do you want the entire dueling community to know that the Great Seto Kiabia is deathly afraid of spiders".

Kiabia glared at Yugi his eyes locking with Yugi's, "You…Wouldn't…Dare" He said venom dripping from his words.

"Oh I will Kiabia" Yugi said smirking as he brought his face away from Kiabia's. Joey looked at them confused for a moment before looking at Kiabia with hopeful eyes.

"Fine!" Kiabia said very irritated.

"Yes!" Yugi and Joey yelled at the same time, giving each other high fives.

"I can't wait to duel the best student there", Yugi said grinning at his victory.

"Ah hah So there was another motive" Joey said grinning as well.

"Oh course, what do you take me as, a one motive person?" Yugi asked smirking again. Joey laughed at this and Kiabia just lest his head fall with a thump on the table.

"When are we leaving?" Joey asked the laugh still in his voice.

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