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Jaden's POV

I jumped off the stage and calmly walked out of the arena hoping no one would follow. Once my feet hit the hallway outside the arena I started to run. I just ran as fast and as far as I could. I couldn't breathe. I kept plotting scenarios in my head, trying figure out if this was some cruel joke someone was trying to play on me. This was not right and inhumane, I couldn't even think straight. All I heard were voices in my head shouting and screaming to be let out. I stopped and screamed at the top of my lungs trying to make sense of what was happening to me. My heart still ached. I dropped to my knees not caring where I was and let some tears fall. She died didn't she? I saw it, I saw them take her away, and I came back to her, every chance that I could get as a kid after what happened until I came here.

I looked at the ground until I felt a familiar hand on my shoulder. I jerked my shoulder away from the hand. I didn't even look back.

"Jaden, what happened?" I heard that soft sweet voice of Alexis.

"Nothing." I said not knowing what else to say.

"Jaden." She softly begged.

"I can tell you." I heard another soft voice and my head shot up. Small tears still fell from my eyes. I knew GK had come closer, her voice grew with each step of courage.

"Is this some cruel joke someone decided to play on me?" I asked my voice sounding with a slight shake.

"No Mattie, it's not." She said her voice still sad.

"Than what is it?" I asked sounding bitterly angry.

"Mattie, I'm alive." She said, I knew she had tears. I didn't reply."Right after we got kidnapped….


8 years ago

'I looked around the room and saw it was made of wood almost everything, the last thing I remembered was walking through the park with Mattie, everything else is a blur. My head hurt and I tried to move my hand and felt they were tied up. I saw Mattie next to me in a chair, he's the one who woke me up. He whispered to me and told me not to say anything. Three really tall men in black masks walked in. They came towards us and stopped in front of me. One of them, the tallest one in the middle brought his hand close to my face and rubbed my cheek. I whimpered and tried to get away from his touch. He got angry and slapped me. He then wrapped some cloth around my face and over my mouth so I couldn't talk. Mattie started yelling at them saying things like 'get away from her' and 'you, idiots better not hurt her'. They stepped away from me and to him, they hit him and yelled at him to shut up. He wouldn't, so they started to hit him more, but he only grew louder. They finally gagged him liked they did me. They came back to me, ignoring him yelling into his gag. Once they tried to take off my shirt, Mattie flipped, He started moving his whole chair and finally knocked his chair on top off one of the men's feet. The man screamed and held his foot. The other two glared at Mattie and picked him and his chair up and ripped the rope off of Mattie's hands that were tying him up. The taller one took the chair and threw it across the room. He motioned for the one holding his foot and the other one to each grab one of Mattie's hands. They did and held him up in front of the taller man. They yelled at him, cussing at him, calling him a brat and started to beat him. They kept hitting and hitting him, it felt like I could feel every blow and he was only trying to protect me. I started to cry I opened my eyes and Mattie was lying in the corner with a lot of blood all over him. They started to come back towards me and a big bang sounded throughout the building. I heard footsteps and voices get closer to the room. The men started to panic and said something about explosives and sticking to the plan. The one in charge came and grabbed me untying me. He then picked me up and went through a trap door in the floor leaving the other two with Mattie I started screaming and kicking. I wanted to be with my brother. The man that was carrying me got on the telephone as he walked carrying me through a tunnel of sorts, as he was talking I listened. He said it was all set and the building was rigged with bombs and said something about the boy and still having one for ransom. He then got in a fight with the voice on the line to wait on setting up ransom. I used all my strength to try and get away. The man finally hit me head on the dirt floor and everything went black' by the time she was done she had tears running down her face and so did Alexis. I could tell as I always could with these two.

"Jaden are you Mattie?" Lexi asked in a small voice trying to put together the pieces so I wouldn't have too. I shook my head starting to stand up.

"No, that's not me." I said my face blank of the emotion that must be flooding through even my hands. I didn't turn around to face them, I couldn't stand the confusion that must be written on Gracie's face.

"But Mattie…" I could hear her voice cracking.

"Jaden?" Lexi said as she tried to put her hand on my shoulder again but I jerked away yet again.

"Mattie, come on your being ridiculous." Grace said trying to calm even herself down.

"Stop calling me that." I said softly.

"Matt."She said trying to get my attention. I still wouldn't turn to meet them.

"I said stop calling me that." I said trying to get the own name out of my head.

"But Matt…" She said but I cut her short.

"I told you I am not him." I said, calming myself enough to turn around with a cold expression. I tried to walk forward and was aware we were in the middle of the forest. "I just need to think." I said looking at the ground as I walked away. I could hear them following me from behind I don't think they knew where we were. I just kept walking. I ended up leading them back to my dorm. I could hear them still softly murmuring behind me.

They went to the cafeteria and I watched then turned around to a face I was expecting to see but was praying wasn't there. Zane was leaning up against the tree behind me, a glare once again on a normally flawless face.

"I thought you were going to stay away from her." He said as he closed his eyes in a semi-dramatic pose. I frowned at him but didn't say anything. I don't think this helped calm his anger, He opened his eyes and came off of the tree with good speed and swung me around pinning me up against the tree he had just recently occupied. My mind receded into my own and I could tell my eyes went into a daze. I thought about her, how I'd promised myself I would protect any girl that came into my life no matter what it took but I'm the one to hurt her.

All of the sudden I felt his hands tighten around my neck and I snapped back into state.

"Listen, to me." He said shaking me slightly. I looked him straight in the eyes my heart going cold yet again. "I warned you not to play with her heart, now you're going to pay, don't ditch Alexis for that little whore you let win in that duel." His eyes flashed anger at me and I snapped my mind dipping into a haze. He called her a whore. Never. My mind flashed anger and hurt and I felt my hands grip his hands around my throat in a grip and pull them slowly off. I could feel myself losing control but I fought my mind still mine for the time being. I knew my eyes must be going slightly gold as I stood there.

Zane glared and shook his hand out of mine. He threw his fist at me and I quickly moved out of the way.

'Jaden dodge, don't lose control he doesn't deserve this he is only protecting Alexis.' I kept telling myself hoping it would work to calm me down just enough for time sake. I knew they were coming. He lunged for my wrist and I moved my wrist around to grab his twisting it around his back and pushed to let him know I was their then let go. He flipped around and swung at me again and I ducked his fist hit the tree with a loud thud and came back partly bloodied. He grabbed his fist in pain and stepped back a few steps from me. Guilt flooded me, I wanted to take it back. They are here.

"What's going on here?" I heard the Chancellors voice boom. I stepped back so Zane and I were next to each other. Around this time everyone had come out of the Sleifer cafeteria but had fallen silent at the sight of me and Zane. With the chancellor was Joey, Yugi, and Kiaba. I felt my eyes fall to the ground. I closed my eyes and just listened to the chancellor talk.

"I bring the three greatest duelists in the world to see my best student and I only come to find the best that graduated and the best now fighting. What is the meaning of this?" Chancellor spoke his voice the angriest I've heard in a long time.

"Nothing." I heard Zane say his voice back to its normalness.

"That didn't look like nothing." He said, I could tell by his voice he was looking between us. My head was starting to hurt from fighting. I needed to get out of here. I put my hands in my pockets and started to shift backwards while everyone was talking until my back hit the tree until I noticed something. I didn't feel my picture. It was supposed to be in my pocket. I felt panic ride through me as I searched my pockets once again to come up with the realization it wasn't there. I searched the ground around us swiftly with my eyes hoping no one noticed me. I noticed Kiaba bend down to pick up something. He stood up and studied it and I tried to move quickly running up to him and trying to grab it. He moved faster and pulled it out of my reach pushing me onto the ground.

Everyone turned to look as I got up again and tried to grab it. He pushed me down yet again. He held up the picture and looked at it closely. His eyes widened.

"Where did you get this?" He asked his eyes still focused on the picture. I didn't answer my voice was caught in my throat. "I asked where you got this." He said his eyes turning towards me with a glare. I still didn't answer but I felt arms lift me up off the ground and turned to see Jesse and Chazz helping me up, an odd combo I thought. I brushed both of them off when I got up and turned to face Kiaba, my eyes as calm as they could ever get at this point. He glared back, his glare scarier than Zane's. I closed my eyes I can't even face him after so many years. With my eyes closed I heard whispers all around me telling me to let go just this once it won't hurt. They need to know the real Jaden what a beast you've really become. I knew they did need to see and I could control it well if I couldn't Yugi's here and I'm sure he could handle it. So I gave in.

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