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She sat on the ground with his head in her lap. He had a bloody gash on the side of his head which leaked red all over her pretty green dress. It leaked despite the fact that she held her sweater up to it. She didn't care though. Her only concern was the person lying unconscious on the ground. Tears streamed down from her blue eyes.

"Someone please call an ambulance!" she shouted at anyone who would listen. No one seemed to hear.

She looked around. To her relief, the wound was starting to trickle less. The people responsible for his condition had vanished into thin air. She felt movement and quickly gazed down into her lap.

"Seaweed," she said quietly.

"Penny what's wrong baby?" he asked feeling her tears on his face.

"We were attacked by a group of guys and while you tried to fight them off they knocked you unconscious," she answered.

"No wonder why my head feels like it wants to explode," he said.

Penny grinned. "We need to get you to a hospital"

"Will you be ok for a minute while I go find a payphone?" she asked.

"I'll be alright. My head doesn't hurt so mu…" he answered trailing off. Seaweed's eyes closed and his head turned sideways a little.

"Seaweed wake up!" Penny exclaimed. More tears pooled in her eyes and started sliding down her cheeks.

He didn't move. Penny knew that they needed help and that she needed to get to a phone so she took off her backpack and laid it next to her. She then placed her sweater on top of the backpack. She gently slid Seaweed's head from her lap to the backpack so it rested on her sweater. She put her index finger up to her lips then placed them on his.

"I'll be right back I promise," she told him.

She then stood up and walked in the direction where she thought a payphone stood. She found one a few blocks down but realized that she didn't have any money on her. She picked up the phone anyways.

"Hello?" a nice sounding woman said.

"Hello, operator, my boyfriend was attacked by some guys and he needs a hospital," Penny said quickly into the phone.

"I'll patch you through to the ambulance," she told her.

"Thank you," Penny said.

"Hello I need an ambulance! My boyfriend was attacked and he has a gash on his head that needs stitches or something," she told the guy on the phone.

"Alright miss. Tell us the address," he told her.

Penny told him the address the placed the phone back on the receiver. She was glad that she hadn't been asked to pay anything. She then rushed back to Seaweed. He was still breathing but was still out like a light. Sitting down besides him she couldn't help but hope that the paramedics would get there soon.

When they arrived one of them looked at Penny and Seaweed funny. The other one just went to work on Seaweed.

"Get the stretcher Jerry."

"But he's black Mike."

"So he needs our help," Mike told him.

Jerry sighed but did as he was told.

"This is the good thing about being his superior, I can make him do things he doesn't want to," Mike told Penny. He winked. Penny grinned slightly before turning her attention back to Seaweed.

On the way to the hospital Seaweed's breathing became rhythmic like he was asleep. They got him to the hospital where he was stitched up. Penny was forced to sit in the segregated waiting room. She held her blood stained sweater and backpack. She argued with the nurse who didn't want to let her go in to see him. Finally after several minutes the nurse caved in and allowed her to go. When Penny walked into the room she gasped. Seaweed lay motionless on the bed with white gauze around his head. She immediately went to his side, finding a chair next to his bed.

"Oh Seaweed! I'm so sorry that this happened. We should have never gone down that street," she said, her voice wrought with emotion. Penny laid her cheek on his hand.

She stayed like that for a while before the nurse came in the room and asked her to leave.

"Can I please stay a little longer?" she asked.

"I'm afraid that visiting hours are almost over miss."

Penny nodded towards the nurse.

"May I have one more minute with him before I leave?" she asked.

The nurse nodded. "Just one minute."

Penny kissed his lips. He didn't respond back like he usually did.

"I love you Seaweed. Please don't leave me," she whispered, tears flowing down her cheeks. She wiped the wetness from her cheeks and after lingering a moment longer left.

She didn't want to go home so Penny found her way to Tracy's place. She was immediately ushered inside once Tracy opened the door. She followed her friend to her room. She sat down and immediately started sobbing again.

"What's wrong?" Tracy asked.

"It's Seaweed. He was attacked by a bunch of guys and he's unconscious," Penny sobbed.

"Oh my God! What happened?" Tracy inquired.

"We were walking and these guys came up and started heckling us for holding hands and a fight began when Seaweed tried to stop them," Penny replied, her voice muffled from the tears.

"I'm so afraid," she added. Tracy sat next to her and put her arms around her shoulders.

"It'll be alright. Where is he now?"

"In the hospital."

"Seaweed's strong, he'll pull through," Tracy said trying to comfort her inconsolable friend.

Tracy grabbed a handkerchief and handed it to Penny. She wiped her tears and blew her nose.

"Want to get out of those clothes? Ma can probably get the stain out," Tracy said.

Penny nodded. She watched as Tracy rummaged through her draws. Tracy handed her an old dress that were too small on her. Penny stood and walked to the bathroom. Upon walking into the bathroom she turned on the light. She passed by the mirror and turned. Her eyes were red from crying and her hair was all messy. She washed her face with cool water. The water felt nice against her warm skin. She then changed into the dress, which was still a little big but was at least clean. She then walked back into Tracy's bedroom.

"Feel any better?" Tracy asked.

"A little," Penny answered. She was glad she had stopped crying.

Tracy hugged her. "Let's go find ma."

Penny nodded and dress in hand picked up her sweater. She then followed Tracy out to the kitchen. Edna smiled at seeing Penny but quickly noticed that she wasn't her usual self and that she was wearing one of Tracy's old dresses.

"Hi," Edna said.

"Ma could you see if you could get the stain out of these?" Tracy asked motioning to the dress and sweater.

"What kind of stain?" Edna inquired.

"Blood," Penny replied softly.

"Blood! Whose blood!?" Edna exclaimed.

"Seaweeds' he was attacked and is now in the hospital," Tracy explained.

"Oh my lord! You poor thing! Are you alright?" Edna said.

Penny nodded solemnly.

"I'll see what I can do. Have you eaten yet? Food always seems to make things better," Edna asked.

"No," Penny answered.

"Well sit down. I'll make you something then clean these clothes."

Penny handed her the clothes and sat at the kitchen table. Tracy sat besides her. Edna took the clothes in the other room them bustled back in. She made roast beef sandwiches for Penny and Tracy then wet back in to work on the clothes. Penny picked at the sandwich. Even Tracy didn't eat that much.

"Don't worry," Tracy told her.

"How can I not worry? He's lying in a hospital bed! I wish I didn't have to leave his side," Penny said.

Edna came back in. "Has anyone called Miss Maybelle?"

Penny shrugged. "I'm not sure."

"I'll do it. She'd want to know that her son is in the hospital," Edna said.

Tears started pooling in Penny's eyes again.

"Don't worry hun. I'm sure he'll be alright."

"I hope so," Penny said.

Edna went into the living room and called Maybelle.

"She's going to call the hospital. Penny you can stay here tonight and we'll take you over to see Seaweed tomorrow," Edna told them.

"Thank you," Penny said quietly.

"Want me to call Prudy and tell her that you'll be here?" Edna asked.

"Ok, thanks again Mrs. Turnblad."

"You're welcome hun," Edna replied.

The next morning Penny was back at the hospital with Tracy and Edna. Penny stood frozen as nurses in white uniforms and doctors.

"Come on Penny," Tracy said taking her hand and leading her to Seaweed's room.

Maybelle and Inez were there sitting by the bed.

"Why do people have to be so cruel mama?" Inez asked. She had tears in her eyes and a somber look on her face.

"I'm not sure sugar," Maybelle answered. She looked like she had been crying.

Tracy and Edna walked in. Penny stood at the door almost too afraid to go in. She hated seeing Seaweed so helpless. Penny watched as Maybelle stood and greeted Edna and Tracy. Maybelle then walked over to her. Penny hugged her, holding tightly to her.

"I'm so sorry that I couldn't prevent this from happening," Penny said.

"At least you called for help. He might've laid on the ground unconscious for hours before anyone did anything if it wasn't for you," Maybelle told her.

"How is he?" Penny asked. She finally walked in the room. Inez stood so that Penny could have her chair. Penny immediately took his hand in hers. She was disappointed when he didn't respond. Tracy sat in the other chair.

"Stable," Inez answered.

"That's good isn't it?" Tracy asked.

"Yes sugar it is. The doctors are hoping that he'll wake up soon," Maybelle answered.

"I hope that he will too," Penny said softly.

Tracy heard her and gave her a look to show her that she believed he would wake up. They stayed throughout the afternoon. Shortly before visiting hours were over they left despite some hesitancy from Penny. Penny stayed over Tracy's house again that night. She didn't think she could handle going home and being alone in her room. She looked at Tracy's vanity mirror. Hundred's of pictures of Tracy and Link outlined the mirror. Penny's eyes found one picture of her, Seaweed, Link and Tracy together. They had been dating a little over a month when Tracy suggested that she and Seaweed join them. They all had goofy grins on their faces. Penny smiled at the memory but then frowned remembering what had happened.

The next day Penny went with Tracy and Edna to visit Seaweed. Maybelle and Inez were already there sitting by the bed.

"How is he?" Penny asked. Maybelle and Inez looked up at them with tears in their eyes. Maybelle had a handkerchief up to her face. Penny's stomach dropped until she heard a faint voice.


Penny smiled upon hearing that voice. She ran to his side.

"Seaweed you're awake!" she said happily. Inez quickly moved so Penny could sit. Penny kissed his hand then held onto it tightly. This time Seaweed squeezed back.

"He woke up a few minutes ago" Maybelle said.

"He probably knew you were coming," Inez added.

"Baby," Seaweed said softly.

"Yes?' Penny replied.

"Love you too," he told her.

Penny smiled and kissed his lips. "You heard me?"

Seaweed smiled.

Over the next few days Seaweed grew stronger. He was also developing a scar on the part of his head where the skin tore, causing the gash. Penny was there to help Maybelle and Inez take Seaweed home. She noticed that Seaweed was a little stiff while walking.

"Seaweed you're not walking well," Penny told him.

"It's because I was out for so long and in that hospitable bed," Seaweed said.

"Will it get better?" Penny asked.

"In time," Seaweed answered.

He did have trouble but in time it did get better. Penny was just glad that she had Seaweed besides her and that he had survived.