A/N Im so sorry for the wait for this final chapter of the challenge but my inpiration for it left me for awhile, but it finally came back! This is supposed to be for a sci-fi genre but I'm not sure how sci-fi it is....I do hope that you like...

Tammy sat at her vanity resting. It was Saturday afternoon and everyone had left from that mornings practice. It had been brutal to her and her feet. It was quiet as she touched up her powder and lipstick. Suddenly she jumped as she heard a door blow open. Tammy stood. She walked around and discovered that a closet door had swung open. After closing it she went back to her vanity. She looked for her small purse so that she could get home but the purse was missing.

That's strange. I thought it was right here she thought.

Tammy heard another noise. She looked around again and found the same door open. But this time there was a huge vortex inside the closet. Tammy screamed as she was pulled into it. A few minutes later Tammy opened her eyes to find sunlight hitting her face. She sat up and found she was in a bed with crisp white sheets and a mauve colored comforter. There were yellow walls and medium dark brown furniture. She heard the door creak and a young woman in a long old fashioned dress came into her room.

The woman looked at her and smiled. "Good morning miss, its time for you to get up."

Tammy just stared at her. "Who are you?"

"Miss Tammy you know who I am."

"Meg is she awake?" another woman asked. This one sounded like her mother.

Meg walked to the door. "Yes, Mrs. Smith."

Tammy's mother walked into the room. She was dressed in an 1890's dress. Tammy thought it was a beautiful red dress but she wondered if she was in some kind of dream or something. Mrs. Smith also held a red hat in her hand.

She looked to Tammy. "Tammy dear get dressed. We shall be late for brunch with Mrs. Collins."

"Mrs. Collins? You mean Corny's mother?"

She nodded. "Cornelius's mother."

"Why are we meeting with her?"

"Because you are at the age where your future should be discussed and Mrs. Collins is a wise woman."

Meg was standing at the other side of her bed. "Come on miss, I'll help you choose what to wear."

Mrs. Smith turned to Meg. "Meg, make sure its something that will impress Mrs. Collins."

Meg curtsied. "Yes ma'am."

Mrs. Smith grinned then left the room, closing the door behind her.

Tammy stood, her white nightgown falling gracefully around her ankles. "Do you think IQ will be there?"

Meg looked at her confused. "Who's IQ?"

"Ian Quinn," Tammy replied.

"Ah yes, he should be there miss." Meg smiled. She knew that Tammy liked him even if Tammy herself would never admit it.

Tammy chose a light green dress that set off her eyes and her hair, which was a lot longer than she remembered. Meg put it up in a bun for her.

"Thank you Meg."

"You're welcome miss," she said as she curtsied.

Tammy walked out of the bedroom. It felt strange to have a dress or skirt go to her ankles. Her arms were even covered. At least the small heel she was wearing was comfortable. She walked out the parlor. Her mom was waiting for her.

"Don't forget your parasol," her mom told her.

What's a parasol? She thought.

She saw her mom take a small umbrella and she realized what a parasol was. Meg came running and handed Tammy her parasol. She followed her mom outside and gasped at the sight of a horse drawn carriage. It was black and had two horses hooked to it. Tammy had trouble getting in the carriage. Luckily no one noticed. It didn't take long to get to the Collin's residence. Mrs. Smith got down with the carriage drivers help. He then helped Tammy down. They were greeted by a maid and shown into the drawing room. Several minutes later Mrs. Collins and IQ walked in. Tammy smiled as she saw him. Mrs. Collins was wearing a blue dress that set off her magnificent blue eyes. IQ was wearing a tweed suit.

Mrs. Collins walked up to them. "Good morning Mrs. Smith, Miss Smith."

IQ came in and greeted them. Tammy took her cue from her mom and did a small curtsey as they said good morning back. Tammy couldn't hide the big grin on her face. Everyone sat except for IQ. He stayed on his feet.

"My son wanted to say hello. He has other business to attend to," Mrs. Collins said.

Tammy was disappointed. She'd hope that he'd stay. IQ bowed to them then took his leave. Butlers came in and placed plates in front of them. Tammy found grapefruit, a small pile of eggs and a couple pieces of sausages on her plate. They had tea to drink.

Mrs. Collins looked to her mom. "So Miss Smith here is ready for University?"

"Yes she is."

"A fine place to find a husband," Mrs. Collins told her.

What! What about going to school to learn? Tammy thought.

"Wouldn't I be learning anything?" Tammy asked.

"Yes, how to take care of a husband," her mom answered.

"What about getting a degree?" Tammy inquired.

Mrs. Collins looked at her and laughed. "Who needs a degree when they have a husband?"

Tammy was going to say more but then her mom suggested that they look around the estate, which was huge. Mrs. Collins agreed and they all stood and followed her. As they past through a hall Tammy saw a closet door similar to the one in the studio and it blew open as she walked by it, sucking her into another vortex. She was pushed out back into the studio when she was knocked out by something. When she awoke IQ was looking at her concerned. He had his normal shirt and pants on to Tammy's delight.

"Are you alright Tammy?"

"I think so."

"What happened IQ?"

"We were studying and I went to use the bathroom and when I returned you were on the floor unconscious. I managed to get you on your bed so you had a pillow."

Tammy sat up. "My book dropped and I tried to get it without getting up and I fell, hitting my head or something. I had the strangest dream that I was in the studio and there was this vortex that sucked me into the 1890's and you, your mom and my mom were all there."

He looked at her. "I was there?"

Tammy nodded.

"Wait right here Tammy. I'm going to tell your mom that you are alright."

She nodded. "I won't go anywhere."

He grinned as he walked out of her room. She looked around thinking how strange the dream had been. She saw her overturned book on the floor and picked it up. It was her history book and it was turned to a page on the late 19th century. Tammy couldn't help but shake her head at seeing a picture of a young woman who looked just like Meg. IQ soon returned with her mom. Mrs. Smith assessed Tammy for anything more serious than a bump but found nonething other than bumps. After she left, IQ produced a small item that he had hidden behind his back.

Tammy's eyes widened. "My purse! I dreamt that it was missing."

IQ handed it to her. "You did leave it at the studio after our last rehearsal."

"Thank you IQ."

"You're welcome doll."

Soon after IQ left Tammy opened her purse. She found a note in it that hadn't been there before. She was full of curiousity as she opened it.


Will you go to the movies with me this Friday?


Tammy smiled at the note eager to tell him her answer. She yawned as she placed it on her desk and decided that it was best to get some rest. Hitting her head and going to the past even, if was just a dream, was enough activity for one day