Title: I Bleed You When Cut.

Rating: M.

Warnings: Angry sex.

Summary: She is the only thing that he does not share with his twin and that makes Sakon hate her as much as he desires her. Sakon, Tayuya, and why being a twin can be a hurtful thing.

- - -

She is the only thing that he does not share with his twin and that makes Sakon hate her as much as he desires her. She is the space that separates the 'you' and 'me' of his bond with Ukon, the difference that defines him as himself and not as his twin. Where once they were a single being in two bodies, now he knows that he is different – separate – and he blames her because it is his being drawn to her flame that distances him from Ukon's casual indifference towards her.

Sakon is not indifferent when it comes to Tayuya.

"I hate you," he growls in her ear, grabbing a handful of that poisonous looking hair and pulling it hard as he shoves her against a wall. She makes a high, rage-filled noise and struggles to break free, but he is taller and, while not much heavier, still has the edge of strength necessary to keep her there.

Not to make her comply, not that. But enough to press her into a dark corner and mark her pale neck with bruises that threaten to rival her hair for colour.

"Fuck you," Tayuya snarls right back, and then he's kissing her, trying to chase that angry, angry tongue down, and she's kissing him right back. She pushes against him as if she wants to crawl underneath his skin. As if she wants to tear off his skin. And he groans when her nails score a pathway across his shoulder.

Their coupling is never pretty. It is rushed and hateful, leaving them bruised and sticky, and the pleasure is always, always shadowed with pain.

Afterwards, she's always the one to leave first, with a smouldering look over her shoulder to remind Sakon of just how much his female teammate hates him, despite the sin they share. And he will return to the room he shares with his twin so that he can crawl into their bed, so that Ukon can touch the angry marks Tayuya has left – often bleeding – and look at him with curious, sad eyes.

It is that sadness that makes Sakon hate her, and it is that sadness that means he will continue to have her, as long as there is breath in his body.

She adds definition to a life that has always been shared. She defines him. Sakon.

And in a world where he and his twin are nearly the same person, and names aren't important when it comes to dying for Orochimaru-sama, that means a lot.

- - -

Notes: Not sure where this one came from. It just kind of…bulled its way to the forefront of my mind and ended up being written in about five minutes. It contains horrible, horrible comma abuse, but I kind of like it.