Disclaimer: Um, I don't own the GX gang…yet

Summary: I just joined FF and this is my first fic, so I decided to start simple! Since there didn't seem to be a lot of them, I have chosen to make a Yugioh GX questionnaire. I'll be using the American names because more people know them (even though the Japanese ones are better! XD) Rated T to be safe, y'know? Please send in your questions! And any helpful suggestions! Now, let's get started!

Insane Interrogation

Me: Hello everyone! The time has come for you to find out the deep secrets of the GX gang! The characters here are:

Jaden: Sugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!

Alexis: Hi everyone!

Syrus: G-good morning…

Bastion: Greetings.

Aster: (waves)


Hassleberry: Go Dinos!!

Chumley: (is eating a grilled cheese sandwich)

Tanya: Let's get started!

Blaire: Yay!

Atticus: (tuning ukulele)

Echo: hmmm…

Adrian: Yes, yes…

Axel: (silence)

Jim: G'day mates!

Jesse: Hiya!

Yubel: …why am I here?

Me: So, if there's someone else you'd like to have appear from YGX, just tell me! . Anyway! Send in your questions so we can all get some answers! Thanx!