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Insane Interrogation Chapter Four

Topaz: All right! Let's get started with Autumn-Angel-31! Her questions/comments will be in bold and italics…

^_^ I love these things! ^_^ You make me happy now!

Topaz: I'm so very happy to hear that! I love to make people happy!

I have a comment; I also think Jim is the hottest character on GX! ^_^

Jim: Why thank you! All Australians are naturally sexy, no?

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Chumley: (pauses) Umph.

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Oh man that was hilarious! O-o'

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Blue French Flamingo? O-O'

Jaden: Yup! Cuz Jess has blue hair and looks French and…and…AND FLAMINGO STARTS WITH 'F'!!!!!!

Alexis: Who out of all the GX guy's is the hottest?

Alexis: Well, probably someone other than Jaden…but we love him anyways!

Zane: You JERK! Don't pick on Sy, or I'll sick the Evil Green Bunnies of Doom on YOU!

Zane: I'm not scared of your stupid bunnies.

EGBD (Evil Green Bunnies of Doom): Oh yeah?! (chase Zane with machine guns)

Aster: Your cards rock, and guess what... I have D.D. Crazy Beast!

Aster: GASP! Did you steal that from my deck!?

Tyranno: Go Dino DNA It totally Rocks! also guess what I have... Cyber Dinosaur! MuHahaha

Hassleberry: DINO DNA IS BEAST!!! RAWR! … what are you planning with that Cyber Dinosaur, huh? Your evil laugh is hinting at evilness…

Also I have both of those cards in my deck!

Topaz: That's fantastic! Sounds like you could kick serious butt!

I'll start off with my first attack with... I mean question.
Axel- Speak, or I'll sick my Cyber Dinosaur on you. (I mean it I will hunt you down!)

Axel: Attack? … how violent kids are these days….

Topaz: Oh like YOU'RE one to talk!

Private Hassleberry- If Axel doesn't speak you may command my Cyber Dinosaur(i call him Cyber D) to attack Axel at will, and I mean any time you feel like it.

Hassleberry: FOR REAL!? (does a victory dance) NO LONGER SHALL MY JAMICANISH BRAIDS BE INSULTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Syrus- Poor, Sy, is that door face (i will not say his name) being mean to you? have some candy canes.

Syrus: Yes he's so MEAN to me! (cries) oh, candy canes! (hugs you) thank you so much!

Zane: (too busy being attacked by the EGBD to stick the candy canes in Sy's hair! YAY!)

Jim- You're still the best. (do me a favor, sick shirley on Yubel for me won't you.)

Jim: Will do if he gets outta hand.

Jesse- I love the Crystal Beasts and you, but not as much as Jim-san.


Alexis- how's it feel to know Jay likes you?

Alexis: (blushes) It feels so…indescribable…

Yubel- I understand your feelings for Jay and all, but mess with him again and you'll feel the wrath of my Wicked Deadroot.

Yubel: yeah yeah.

Topaz: LE GASP! I had a Wicked Dreadroot and I used it to beat the snot outta my snobby cousin but then I gave it to my little brother for Christmas!!!!

Zane- Hurt anyone, and you'll be in the same boat as Yubel.

Zane: (is being strung up in a tree by his toes by the EGBD)

Bastion- Awesome to meet you! though I didn't like the fact that you joined the society of Light. I think that if I was there only me and Jay would have been left to save all your sorry butts.

Bastion: I got a comment! It must be the apocalypse!

Aster- guess what I got, and Chumley its not Pocky, It's... D.D Crazy Beast!
well that's all for today.

Aster: yes, I still think you stole that from me.

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Topaz: All righty, moving right along we have ROZENNEKO101 with some questions!

hey there um this is a question to zane I'm just wondering cause i love this pair and i dont care what anyone else thinks of this pair unless its good things you love syrus more than a brother or do you just love him as a brother.

Zane: umf ugga! (has been gagged by the EGBD)

Topaz: (shrugs) I have NO CLUE what he said…you'll have to think for yourself on this one.

hey um i hope were alowed to ask for more than one questoin umm this one is for jaden even though you said you like alexis do you like anyone else like for say a boy named jesse and please be honest oh and yess im a yaoi fangirl.

Jaden: Yaoi? What is yaoi?

Jesse: Well, Jay, it's like…like Clay Aiken or whatever his name is…

Jaden: So yaoi is….being the next American Idol?

Jesse: Not exactly…it's…it's….guy love…

Jaden: Like that song from Scrubs?

Jesse: uh…sure…

Jaden: COOL!

Jesse: Maybe you should just answer the question, Jay.

Jaden: Hmmmm….can I just give her and IOU an answer note?

Jesse: (slaps forehead in exasperation) No.

Jaden: Ok…eenie meenie minie mo…YO!

Jesse: YO?

Jaden: YES and NO! COMBINED! I couldn't decide!

Jesse: (sighs)

ok this one is for...syrus ok do you love someone not inclueding duelspirits,jaden,or zane.

Syrus: um…(blush) the Dark Magician Girl! (sucks bashfully on a candy cane)

ok and this one is for jesse ok so are you in love with jaden or with someone else.

Jesse: That depends…what type of love?

umm alexis who do you love more zane or jaden.

Alexis: Jaden wins hands down!

ok another one for zane do you love alexis.

Zane: (still gagged) ARAAAAAGRHHGIASK!

Topaz: (giggle) Zane looks totally humiliated…

ok this is for axel um do you love someone on yugioh gx.

Axel: I have no love.

ok this is for atticus do you have a crush on anyone in duel academy.


ok this one is for jim how did you meet karen.

Jim: On my way to Grandma's HOUSE! I was wearing my little red hood!

Topaz: he's just pulling your leg…

ok here is my question for aster soo whats ur fav person in yugioh gx not inculeding you ok.

Aster: hmmm…Jaden, I suppose, he's a worthy rival…or Zane…

ok here is a question for blaire be sides jaden do you love or like anyone not including zane or jaden.

Blaire: not really.

and last but not least a question for yubel are you a boy or a girl cause from episode 155 or episode 154 we saw you a boy maybe a girl so are you girl

Yubel: Do you watch English version or subbed? I am a GUY! 4KIDS makes me sound like some freakin' girl but I am a MALE!!!!!

Topaz: so true, so true…


Topaz: Well! That was fun! Thanks to all who reviewed and all who are GOING TO REVIEW ON THIS CHAPTER, ISN'T THAT RIGHT?!