Chapter One

Bella's POV

Twenty years ago Edward left me and little did he know three others. My two daughters Elizabeth Rose and Carly Alice Cullen. Then my son Anthony Edward Cullen. I was changed a few months after they where born. . The triplets were half vampires until they turn eighteen and were fully changed. Anthony has my hair but his manners and attitude scream Edward. He loves music and is a very talented guitar player. His power is he can tell when people are lying , which is often very useful. Elizabeth has her fathers hair and loves to shop. She has a beautiful voice and her power is to control emotions like Jasper. Carly is a beautiful piano player maybe even better than Edward. She also loves to shop and can read minds. She once chased me around the mansion we live in 5 inch heels while Elizabeth and Anthony bet on how many times I'd fall. I love my kids and they mean everything to me. They do know who there father is because I felt they had the right to know. They don't ask to many questions about him because they know it still hurts me to talk about him. As for my power I can absord the powers of those around me and I can block powers. It does not take the power from them it just lets me use it as well. I am also disgusted by human blood. I have not seen or heard from the Cullens in 20 but I know at some point I will have to face them.

I live with a coven of ten. Mia has been 23 for 50 years and can change peoples apperences which allows me to look 16 or 17. Her mate Mark has been 26 for 75 years and can shapeshift. Jenna is 14 and has been for 15 years she has visions like Alice. Alex has been 18 for 30 years and can control the weather. He likes me but I just don't like him in the same way. There is Adrian who has been 17 for 40 year. She has no power but could beat Rosalie in any beauty contest. Then there is Drew he is 16 and the funniest person you will ever meet. Then me any my kids. They are like family to me.

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