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WARNING: This fic is M-rated for specific reasons.

I cannot help myself, people need to curse.

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In The Palm of My Hands



'There is no sin in my body. I have not spoken that which is not true knowingly, nor have I done anything with a false heart.' I forgot…



Sigh. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe it. This has been the weirdest time of my life, yet if it didn't happen, I would be miserable and alone.

I should thank her, because if she didn't do the thing she did, then I never would've been at the place I am now.

Who is she, and where am I now, you ask? You'll find out later.

What I wanted to say and ask is; was this all meant to be? Was it destiny? Faith…? Or… pure coincidence? Was I there at the right time? At the right moment?

I guess I never know.

But what I do know is, that it happened. It actually happened. And for whatever the past was between them, it's over now.

All over.

And I know it.

Because I am Uchiha Sasuke and nobody messes with me!

No, just playing with you. I am Haruno Sakura, and I couldn't believe how my life turned out.




- Miami, Florida. United States of America.

Uchiha Mansion -

"Where exactly is my son?" Uchiha Fugaku asked some random butler, one of many they had.

"He's been on a little vacation on the yacht for about two weeks now, sir. That's what he said." The butler, who was beginning to have white hair here and there, replied politely.

"How can my son be so irresponsible and leave the company by itself without telling someone?" Fugaku stormed into their huge living room that was mostly made out of glass so you could have a nice view on half the city and half the ocean.

"Father, Sasuke's twenty-five years old. He's not a child. He's working in the company since he was eighteen. He knows what he's doing." Itachi responded calmly while taking a seat in their sofa.

"What if something goes wrong, huh? What if something happens? Who's there to take charge? To handle this? We are Uchihas, we have the authority. We can handle everything at every time and we're supposed to be there so people would know it." His father hissed back to him.

Fugaku dismissed the butler, for he is witnessing too much of their argue.

"Then if that's so, Sasuke doesn't have any problems. He is an Uchiha. He can, as you say, handle everything, at every time. So at the place he is, wherever he is, he probably knows exactly what's going down in the company." Itachi didn't even bother to look his father in the eye when he talked to him. Zapping the channels of their build-in flat screen indifferently, knowing very well how his father could be agitated about the stupidest things.

"Come on Fugaku. What is the chance of something happening with the company for two weeks? Sasuke has done a very well job with it for years and nothing has changed. In fact, we've done better business than when you were running the company." Mikoto passed her husband to accompany her son on the sofa.

"You never know what will happen. And by all means, care to explain what that statement of yours meant? I've done great business for years, and without me, that company wouldn't have become as successful as it is now. Sasuke only continued with what I was doing."

Fugaku grimaced. It wasn't like he wasn't proud of Sasuke. Because he was. But he just didn't want to let Sasuke get all the credit for something he helped rise from the ground.

But true enough, since Sasuke began to run the company, it became even more successfully than when he was running their business. It was his time, as Itachi declined to continue his work, Sasuke took it over. And sure, the results became better and better when Sasuke barely reached the age of 20.

Sasuke was a born businessman. It was in his blood after all. Sasuke's smart, they called him a genius, both of them were, Sasuke and Itachi. Only Itachi didn't want to run his father's business.

And no, it isn't like Itachi sat home and did nothing; it was only because Itachi had plans of his own. Like, starting his own business.

It isn't as great or as successful as the company his father has started, but, it needs time to grow, and Fugaku couldn't lie, it's reaching their point of successful very fast.

Yes, he was proud of both his sons. Even though Fugaku wished it went a little different.

He can shamefully admit that he always praised Itachi more than Sasuke. He wanted Itachi to be the one who continued his work at their company. Because he was the eldest, he should have been the one who took it over. That's how it supposed to be. But after Itachi brought his plans to the light, Fugaku was against all of it. He couldn't agree with one single thing that came out of that genius' mouth.

He was, in that time, disappointed. To say the least.

Itachi had proven him wrong, showing him that he could do whatever he want without his father's help or money. And he did.

About Itachi, Fugaku is… content.

Over the years that the praising of Itachi had lessened, Sasuke had earned more and more of his attention. He became very fond of him. And when he noticed that Sasuke is all in all a great, no, amazing businessman, by the age of 18 already, he declared in himself that it was Sasuke who needed to be praised more.

So actually, both of his sons, has proven him wrong. He had miscalculated, and was prejudice of both of them. Itachi had ruined his plans, while Sasuke, who he actually didn't pay mind at all, has settled his plans straight.

It was the wrong son after all.

While Sasuke is now his number… -a number- priority, Itachi is merely second hand.

The company is Fugaku's number one priority. Always was. But if his wife knew that, she would kill him.

Frankly, he couldn't care. His work is his life. And no son was going to ruin that. He gave sweat, blood and tears for that company. He rather went to the seven hells and back then let any boy destroy that.

"Well, he didn't destroy the company like you feared. So loosen up. Sasuke has been working this year non-stop. He's a human being. He, too, needs a little rest every now and then. So you're not going to disturb him for any business measure. Besides, he's already 2 weeks out. He isn't that far from coming home." Mikoto ensured him and took a sip of her tea that some maid recently had brought for her.





Coast of St. Martin, Caribbean Sea. Uchiha Sasuke's private Yacht, Sharingan.


Loud music came from the Sharingan, as more than hundreds of unfamiliar people were dancing and drinking. Some were even unconscious from all the alcohol.

People walking around, mostly girls, half naked. Sweaty bodies were groping each other, bottles of strong alcohol and some people lay everywhere on the floor.

Some swimming trunks here, some bikini tops there, it was practically one big orgy.

The Jacuzzi was overfilled with girls trying to take a dip. Drunken guys tried to touch them or take their bikini tops off like some girls were doing.

Laughter, screams, loud music, it was one hell of a party on the 1.5 million dollar two storage-high yacht.

"Teme!" Yelled a drunk blond over the music. "Thish… is sooo awesome! We shoold... like… do this... more fucking often!" His voice slurred of the many amount of alcohol that was in his system.

He was completely inaudible the hear, the music was too loud, his voice wasn't clear and above all that, the man that he was talking to was drunk himself and didn't hear one word what he said.

More because his attention was on two things only.

One; on his bottle of Heineken beer, checking if it wasn't empty.

Two; the drop-dead, knock-out, beautiful girl that rubbing her ass against his groin.

He liked it and there was nothing stopping him from fucking this girl later on this day. That was already decided in his drunken mind. Besides, why does he need to hear what that blond idiot has to say? It probably wasn't much good anyway.

The music's rhythm went a little faster and so went the ass of the girl against him. Moving along with her, he couldn't help himself but to get a hard-on her when she danced faster.

She knew he was getting an erection and just put more pressure on his cock with her ass.

She smiled.

He smirked.

Horny piece of ass.

In the corner of his eye he could see that Naruto had taken his orange Hawaii-shirt off, spinning it around in the air like some cowboy and yelling 'Go girl!' with some bimbo who was rubbing her own ass against his groin.

After his little yell, the other party peeps yelled along with him, dancing more wildly than before.

It was like Naruto was the host of the party himself, because whatever he did, the other people went along with him and partied more like wild animals.

Sasuke didn't mind. He had hooked up with this girl for almost a week and a half now, fucked her for a week and a half and liked it more than he would admit.

This whole charade was Naruto's idea, of course. Complaining, whining, and yelling in his head that he needed a break for just a week or two. He said that Sasuke had a yacht at the docks that was getting old and dusty without using it.

And because Naruto was very persuasive, he hadn't had the heart to decline that nice offer, so he agreed.

In other words, Naruto has forced him to pack his things and dragged his ass to the yacht that was already filled with unfamiliar people Sasuke had never seen in his life.

Convincing Sasuke that it was a good thing to mingle with people other than from the company, he reluctantly adjusted with the whole partying-and-drinking thing.

He hadn't felt himself so free and loosen up in a very, very long time.

Sure, it was quite a while that he had a woman in his bed, -last month if he remembered correctly- but he's catching up with it all now.

Can't forget to thank Naruto later for this.

The girl, woman, he could say, pulled him at his black shirt to somewhere more private where he had been mostly this week and a half, to continue for what they mostly did this week and a half.

He happily went along.




- Miami, Florida. USA. Uchiha Mansion. -

"Young Mr. Uchiha will be returning over 2 days and I want you all to make this house spotless. Especially his room." The eldest butler, who had began to grow white hair here and there, spoke to the set of housemaids before him.

"Marina, I give you the lead to separate the tasks between the other maids. I trust I can leave you with that kind of responsibility, right?"

"I can assure you, Mr. Hanika, you can." Marina, a black long-haired female, responded. Flashing him a grin to make sure he could indeed trust her.

Mr. Hanika Joshua turned away from the group of housemaids. Leaving them under the control of Marina.

And Marina wasn't the politest woman in the world.

"Ok, listen up you little pieces of ass, I'm the boss around here and you better listen." Marina's sweet tone that she used earlier to Mr. Hanika was completely gone and replaced by a nasty commanding one. "Let's begin at the begin shall we?" Her chocolate brown eyes went over a piece of paper Mr. Hanika left for her. Probably a list with chores.

"You." She pointed to some maid in the corner of the room. "I don't like you, never had, never will. I don't even know why you came working here. I bet because you didn't want to become a crack whore so you chose to do this. Hmm. You'll scrub the toilets. All the toilets in this house and pool house. Get it?"

"B-but… it's so many…" The poor maid squeaked.

"Do you see in my face like I care?! Hmm? I don't think so!" She sneered back to her. Marina looked back to the piece of paper in her hand. "You're lucky, because there aren't too many chores this time, so you can be paired up. The work will be less hard. Even though you deserved it, you poor ugly witch." Marina looked at the woman who stood next to the maid.

"You two, go and scrub all the toilets. And when I come and check, I don't want to see any dirty spots. Not one!" She spat at the two.

And when Marina said that she didn't want to see not even one dirty spot, she meant that she can't even see one little spot.

Or else…

"What are you two still standing there? Shooting roots? Move bitches!"

Quickly the two maids made their ways out of Marina's sight.

"So… who's next?"

Marina gave 4 other maids chores with a lot of curses and insults between. There were still 3 maids left for how far Marina could see.

"Kay, which leaves you three. The fireplace needs to be cleaned, the plants needs to be cut, and Sasuke's room itself needs to be cleaned and aired. Precisely three people for three chores." Her facial expression smugly, because if she gave out these orders, she didn't have to do shit herself.

"You, shorty, you do the plants. And you, ugly, with the pink hair, you do Sasuke's room. I would've done it myself if he was home, but Mr. Hot-and-spicy is unfortunately out on vacation so you can do it, and then of course leaves the last to you, fatty."

When the three housemaids were about to walk away to do what has been told Marina called.

"Hey ugly pink haired. Wait a minute."

Said woman stopped and turned back to Marina.

"You are, in fact, cleaning my Sasuke's room. So listen up. The bed; needs changing. Open all windows and the door of the balcony, clean his bathroom with that. Dust everything off, and whatever you see in there or whatever you hear, don't. Touch. Anything. Capiche?"

Marina saw how the ugly woman before her nodded her head in fear.

Marina quite couldn't understand how somebody could be so ugly like this woman is. Her hair was split right in the middle, -making her forehead seem huge- then to be pulled back into one long braid that reaches her mid-back. She wore red thick glasses that she didn't had on right now, but Marina knew she had one.

Mentally Marina laughed her ass off, and behind this pinky's back, she laughed her ass off, too. Jeez, this was one damn ugly woman.

"Man, do you even have a mirror in your house? Or are they breaking every time you look in one, because -wow- you're uglier than a dying mouse on a stick!"

Marina laughed flat in her face, which caused hot tears to burn into emerald eyes.

"Come on… haha… move… Hahahahaha… you,… you heard your chores. Hahaha!" She said between laughter.

The pink haired woman turned on her heel and went to clean Mr. Uchiha Sasuke's room.




"It's ok Sakura, Marina is just one evil bitch." Ino slightly patted Sakura's back while the emerald eyed woman cried.

"No, no, she's right Ino. I am ugly. Look at me. Never in my life did I get attention of any guy. Not once." She sobbed. Her eyes red and puffy, her nose was running and her body was trembling.

"No Sakura, you're wrong. You're beautiful in your own way. And be patient, one day the love of your life will come to you unexpectedly. And he will love every part of you. Inside and out." Ino smiled.

Sakura wiped the tears from her flushed cheeks. "Like that will ever happen. This isn't a fairy tale Ino. This is the real world. Things like that never happens. Besides, you know very well who I-"

"Ah, c'mon Sakura. You've got to have faith. That's it."

Sakura stopped crying. Her face dead serious as she looked Ino in the eye. "I've believed in faith most of my life and it has brought me nothing than biting me in my butt."

Ino stayed silence and stared at Sakura with a sad face.

"Forget about it Ino. I'm going to begin on my chores." Sakura put on one of her cold masks, just for now so Ino would shrug it off.

But she knew that Sakura felt worse than shit right now. And just to please her and to make her feel better, she let the subject die.

"Well, me too. Before Marina comes check up and I haven't done a thing. Man, I would get some screaming at my head. So I'll see you around, kay?"

"Yeah, is cool." Sakura turned to clean her face.




The mansion always had two rooms especially made for the butlers and maids who has to stay for the night. If the Uchihas wanted something in the middle of the night, a butler or a maid has to be present.

These were filthy rich people, they didn't do one thing by themselves. If it was possible, they didn't even pee or breathe themselves.

In this room there was at least 5 beds placed. Sure, the servants needed to be there 24/7, but even they were human.

A bed in the corner of the room was named for Haruno Sakura. She sat on the edge of the rather small bed, resting from cleaning the whole room and bathroom of Mr. Uchiha.

She sighed while she looked at a photograph in her hands.

"Sasuke." She whispered while looking at his picture.

Secretly, like every woman who lays eyes on him, she fell in love with Uchiha Sasuke.

He was after all so beautiful. He was precisely that what so many women dreams of. Tall, dark and mysterious. His onyx eyes that could look so cold but once you look in them, you can just drown in them forever.

His face that is made by angels was so smooth and flawless.

His hard and oh-so perfect toned body was incredulously amazing like a divine Greek god.

His voice, deep and rich, smooth like velvet.

His scent was intoxicating.

She could smell him in his room, when she changed his bed, in the bathroom, and could still smell him now.

He was just so hot that she wondered if she'd touched him that she'll burn.

Uchiha Sasuke was gorgeous. To put it in one word, because there were many others.

The picture in her hands was close-up of his face only. He wasn't looking into the camera; somewhere to his right, a hint of a smirk playing on his lips.

The whole photograph was just goddamn sexy, it should be illegal to even look that good.

She sighed again as she tucked the photograph under the bed.

Uchiha Sasuke was forever out of her reach, he played always in her dreams, in her imagination.

But for real, she could never have him.

They were too much of a difference. Two completely other worlds.

He was the rich beautiful man.

She was the poor ugly woman.

Their pads would never collide.

And that alone, broke her heart.




- Coast of Cuba, Caribbean Sea. Uchiha Sasuke's private yacht, Sharingan-

Burning sunlight hit his closed eyes as he stirred in his sleep. The first thing he smelled was alcohol and it made him sick. The second thing he noticed was that there was another body draped over his.

The third thing he knew was that he had one hell of a hangover.

The music has stopped, there was only silence. This was the first time in almost two weeks that he had heard complete silence. The music went on non-stop and it actually was a relief that he could hear the peaceful serenity of silence.

He loved silence.

But that feeling of peace was gone as quickly as it came, because right now, he felt his head literary ram against his temple and it came closely to the feeling of someone hammering on your head.

The strong smell of alcohol filled his nose once again and he wanted to puke right then and there, his body wanting to get all that poisonous liquid out of it. He tried to stand up, as that body that lay on him, kept him down. His vision was a bit blurry but what he saw was enough for him to recognize who it was.

She stirred as well, but didn't wake up.

His headache was killing him, he didn't have hangovers in years. He blinked a few times, every time he did so, it hurt. He looked around, noting that he was on his back, on the floor, with many more bodies around him sleeping. He tried to stand up, pushing the woman off of him, as she groaned but still didn't wake up.

Finally standing straight he quickly made to the nearest edge of his yacht. Puking every little thing that contained in his stomach and more.

He hated hangovers just for this.

"Teme?" Came an overtired, sleepy voice. "You're awake?"

Sasuke had to treasure this moment, this was one of the few, many few times that Naruto wasn't loud and hyperactive.

Thank god.

"No, I'm still asleep, dobe." Sasuke rasped, being all too sarcastic. Naruto could see that he was awake and standing right?

"Oh, ok." Naruto replied while rubbing his eyes. "Just wanted to tell you that we're nearing Miami. Or something like that the dude with the white hat said." With that he meant the captain.

Sasuke didn't say anything, and he saw how Naruto turned, lied back down on the floor and fell in sleep.

Feeling another wave of nausea come, he puked once more.

He definitely needed an aspirin. He was getting home with a hangover so bad it must takes 5 aspirins to get rid of this damn headache.

This all is Naruto's fault with his 'you-need-a-vacation' shit.

Can't forget to kill Naruto later for this.




"Sasuke…" Karin purred in the said man's ear as they sat in his black limousine, riding back to the Uchiha Mansion. She kissed his cheek as he looked outside, not giving her attention at the moment. His headache faded a little but it was still there.

"Sasuke, do you think your parents will like me?" She whispered softly. Her lips trailing his jaw, planting butterfly kisses on his throat to the junction between his neck and shoulder.

"Of course."

The redhead girl Sasuke has been with for more than a week and a half wasn't just a random chick.

Sarina Karin was in fact the daughter of -one of Miami's billion-dollar company's- owner, and, Uchiha corps only rival.

He didn't know this fact when he started to fuck her on his yacht, he just found out between the lines. And for the matter of fact, he didn't mind at all. Karin was a beautiful red haired young woman and that she was the daughter of the company's rival wasn't that wrong.

On the contrary, if he played his cards right, it would be an advantage for both him and the company.

He knew why he is bringing this girl along with him. Not because he wants to have some good business between him and her father, but she really has awoken some of his interest in her.

It's really hard to get Uchiha Sasuke interested in one woman particular. But he couldn't help it. Except the great sex they had all the time, Sasuke found himself growing a liking for this woman. He didn't know why or how it happened - in less than two weeks- but it happened.

Maybe a petite part of him should thank Naruto, because if the idiot didn't throw that non-stop party, he wouldn't have met her.

So in reality, he should, but he wouldn't. Especially not after he had punched him a good few times to get his frustrations out.

Yet, there was still one little thing, one little problem that kept on Sasuke's mind and his hangover was feeding on that little thing.

His little problem was called; his parents.

That was the problem lay before him.

Ok, he knew his mother would be fine with it.

She's a beautiful woman with a very good background. She is a billionaires' daughter. And his mother always wanted him to find a woman.

He didn't have any trouble with his mother.

It was his father who was the real pain in the ass. He will start questioning her, thinking that she was after their money. Thank god she was already filthy rich. The thing is, though, he didn't really know how his father will react when he hears her surname.


His father will immediately recognize the name and it will be a very mystery what his reaction will be. Sasuke always had a problem with keeping his father satisfied. He was never good enough, and because of that, he tried to get a little attention of his father for most of his youth. His father never praised him like he did with Itachi. And sure, he was jealous, not anymore, but still, wanting to stay in the liking of his father, getting it now more than ever before, he didn't know how his father will be like when he hears where this girl comes from.

Fugaku kind of always hated the Sarina family.

It was only because that business made it very hard for their own company to grow.

Uchiha and Sarina corps. were rivals even till today.

And here Sasuke was, present owner of Uchiha company, dating the daughter of the owner of Sarina corps.

This could either come out for the very good, or, for the very, very, very, bad.

He lied to himself and Karin, knowing that whatever his father had to say, he will do whatever the heck he wanted. He wasn't that insecure 16 or 18 year old anymore. If his father had any objection, then it was his father's problem. Not his.

With this new confident, he looked back out of the tinted window. Feeling that the headache ebbed away.

Karin laid her head on his shoulder and rested her eyes. He slightly smirked.

The hell with his father and all.




- Miami. Uchiha Mansion -

"He's coming home, he's coming home. Ooh, I can't believe it my loved one is finally coming home." Marina happily jumped up and down. "Isn't this a beautiful day? The birds are singing, the butterflies are flying around in the Grand Garden, ooh, I love it." She chirped as she combed her long black hair.

"Yeah, it is a beautiful day, too bad that on a day like this, Mr. Uchiha Sasuke will never even set his eyes on you." Ino grunted back.

"What did you say, pig-face?" Marina whipped around from the mirror to glare at the platinum blond.

"Exactly like you heard me, cheap whore. For years you have worked here, and I think that Sasuke still doesn't even know your name!"

"Humph, he so does! And it isn't like he knows your name! You insignificant junk."

"Oh, but I'm not the one who's claiming Sasuke to be mine and that he's in love with me and all that crap. Unlike some bitches I know." Ino retorted.

Marina stood up from the place she was sitting at. "You want to get it on right now, egghead?" She threatens Ino.

"Bring it on, cheese face."

"Excuse me?" Mr. Hanika Joshua stood at the door of the maids' room.

Marina sprung around and put on the most innocent façade she could manage. "Joshua! I mean, Mr. Hanika, we were just fooling around. A little play by play between our girls." She grinned.

"Yes, whatever you want. You and Miss Haruno are personal maids for today. Be in the entrance hall over 15 minutes. Mr. Young Uchiha can arrive any moment." Joshua said, fixing his suit.

"Of course, Mr. Hanika." Marina bowed shortly. Keeping that innocent façade of hers until he left. "Ok ugly, I hope you put that magnifying glasses of yours on, because I don't want any 'accidents' with the Uchihas. Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha are there, as well as Itachi-meat. I don't want to be embarrassed by you."

Sakura, who sat in the darkest corner of the room, nodded silently.

The whole family was there, she couldn't wear those ultra-thick glasses of hers. Then she would hit rock bottom if she walked around with that and… Uchiha Sasuke has to see her that way. She gulped. Well it was that or… a very angry Marina on her back.




"May I pronounce the arrival of Uchiha Sasuke." Joshua said as he opened the door.

"Finally. About damn time." Fugaku mumbled as he looked at his watch.

"You can't give Sasuke a break, can you?" Itachi said to his father as he crossed his arms.

Fugaku frowned at his eldest son who stood at his left side. He decided to better stay quiet before Mikoto hears him, who was by the way, clinging at his right arm.

Sasuke came into his mansion with a bored look on his face, but stoic most of all.

Joshua and another unfamiliar butler bowed their heads for him. So did the two maids who stood aside.

"Father." Sasuke exclaimed as soon as he saw his father's own stoic face.

"Sasuke." Fugaku responded monotone.

"Sasuke, honey, you're back. I hope you have enjoyed yourself." Mikoto smiled, releasing herself from Fugaku to give her youngest son a hug. She stood on her tiptoes to reach him as Sasuke grew very tall over the years.

"Mom." Sasuke may have called his father, 'father' but his mother was the one who always supported him and had faith in him. So he called her plainly 'mom'. He had the closest bond with her.

She gave him a smile that could warm Sasuke's inside.

"Little brother." He heard the smooth and almost identical voice as his own, of his older brother.

Looking up from his mother to him, seeing Itachi smirk. Sasuke couldn't help but to slightly frown. He wasn't all too surprised that his parents were at his home, they've come regularly. His father came mostly to check up on the company, but, he was used to it. He didn't expect to see Itachi with them though.

Itachi and his father weren't exactly two hands on one belly. Itachi found his father too stressed and a workaholic, while his father found Itachi a tradition-breaker and a smartass.

So why the hell was he here?

"Itachi." He said monotone. Deciding that he better kept his thoughts to himself, he kept them in the back of his mind to ask him later this evening.

"Enough with the greetings, where have you been?" Fugaku slit through the almost comfortable atmosphere.

Sasuke faced his father. "Nowhere particular."

"Particular my ass. Do you know the condition of the company?" Even though his voice was calm, his tone was angry.

Something only an Uchiha was born to be able to pull off with ease.

"Fugaku, Please! Sasuke has just come home from a short vacation. At least you could wait until dinner before you complain about that damn company." Mikoto growled at him. Shutting Fugaku up almost immediately.

Sasuke and Itachi both hid a smirk. Their mother was the only one in the entire Uchiha family who can handle Fugaku and keep him on a leash. She didn't feared him like most people did.

Maybe that's why he married her.

Mikoto smiled back at Sasuke. "Besides, it's not that I have both of my sons with me this much like it used to be. I'll rather converse about something else than work, work and more work."

Like always Sasuke and Itachi couldn't agree more with their mother. And this time, they both flashed her their own smirks of amusement.

Fugaku hated when she acted that way.

"Uuhm, excuse me?" A soft feminine voice came from the door.

Everybody whipped their heads towards the front door to see who had interrupted their little… family 'bonding'.

"Who the hell are you?" Fugaku demanded rather than inquired.

It was like he just didn't knew the significance of 'being polite'.

Polite wasn't in Uchiha Fugaku's vocabulary.

Sasuke had completely forgotten about her. It was mainly because Itachi had blown away his mind by appearing in his house.

"Uuhm, I-"

"This is Karin," Sasuke walked to her and put his arms around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. "My girlfriend."

"Your what?!" Fugaku couldn't help but to raise his voice.

"Girlfriend, huh?" Itachi said smugly while crossing his arms; smirking at the couple. Not just because they were supposed to be 'cute' but because any moment they would hear the full tantrum of their father.

"A girlfriend? Oh honey, that's wonderful! Why didn't you introduce her before?" Mikoto smiled while walking towards Sasuke and the red haired woman.

"Oh, aren't you lovely? I'm Uchiha Mikoto, Sasuke's mother." She flashed the new woman an enchanting smile. A smile that made her look more amazingly beautiful then she already was, and made her look like an angel as well.

Never in his life did Sasuke saw a woman smile as angelic as his mother.

"Yes, and I'm Uchiha Fugaku. Who cares? Who are you?" Fugaku was his harshly self again.

"Fugaku!" Mikoto said low to him. "Have some manners."

"I want to know the name of my son's girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?"

"Not in the way you're asking it." She glared at her husband, letting him know that he should stop.

But he ignored her glare and continued on the same way. "I've never heard that Sasuke had a girlfriend before he went with his lazy ass giving some excuse that he went on 'vacation'. Now that he came back, he got himself a woman. One who may be after our money."

"Uchiha Fugaku! I'm warning you for the last time!" Mikoto hissed.

Oh, she was serious alright. She called him at his full name, which only meant that she was pissed off and Fugaku better kept his mouth shut before he gets himself in many trouble.

"Don't pay attention to any of his ridiculous words." She shot him a glare again before smiling back to the couple. "What's your name, sweetie?"

"I'm Sarina Karin."

"Sarina… Sarina… that name sounds familiar." Mikoto looked up, clearly thinking.

"Wait!" Fugaku interfered again.

'Here we go…' Sasuke thought.

"You're Sarina Kaori's daughter? Of Sarina corporations? That Sarina you mean?"

Karin looked down, her face flushed. Whether it was of embarrassment or just plain blushing Sasuke didn't know. But her cheeks were having almost the same color as her hair and eyes.

"Yes." She responded softly.

There was a silence. A weird, uncomfortable silence that even somebody like Sasuke couldn't handle.

Everybody in the main entrance hall looked at Uchiha Fugaku whose face became completely blank and impassive.

Even Mikoto waited for her husband's response to that one.

But nothing.

He looked around and only said; "Oh. Fine."

'That's it?!' Everybody thought surprised. Only 'Oh. Fine'?

Ok, stop and rewind. Who is this and what happened to the real Uchiha Fugaku?

Apparently it was the one and the same Fugaku who was staring back blankly. Everybody, really everybody was taken aback by Fugaku's reply.


Itachi faked a cough to break the icy silence.

"Yeah, this is my brother, Itachi." Sasuke turned with Karin and all towards the said man.

Itachi smirked only out of politeness. Lesson to be learned when he saw his mother get angry on his father.

"Karin, pleased to meet you." She smiled.

"Oh, the pleasure was truly all mine." Itachi said smoothly, expanding his hand to shake hers. And it was, seeing his father act this way was funnier than a stand-up comedian.




'H-h-h-his g-girlfriend?!'

Sakura felt like someone cruelly stabbed her in her heart.

Here she was, standing in the main entrance hall with Marina, -The Bitch- Joshua, -The Head Butler- and Shiraku – one of the other Butlers- staring at the Uchiha family with a guest.

And not just any guest, it was a Sarina, and second, she was his…


Sakura gulped down the tears she felt rising in her emerald orbs.

She saw how Mr. Uchiha Fugaku just said 'Fine' with Sasuke's…

She saw how Mrs. Uchiha Mikoto just brightened when she heard the red haired woman was Sasuke's…

She saw how Itachi flashed one of his handsome smirks to Sasuke's…

All those things she wished she could have if she was Sasuke's girlfriend.

She wished that she was the one that Mr. Fugaku was ok with.

She wished that she got one of Mrs. Mikoto's mesmerizing smiles.

She wished that she saw one of Itachi's flirtatious smirks sent her way.

Oh, how she wished so many.

But it wasn't true.

That redhead - Sarina Karin- is Sasuke's girlfriend.

She inwardly sighed, she could handle this. When Sakura looked up again she saw that the Uchihas and their guest were heading for the living area. As she, Marina and Joshua followed suit, the other butler went the other way.

Where exactly did he go, Sakura couldn't care.

Her eyes were glued to the couple in front of her. Sasuke was still embracing her; his arm around her shoulder. He lowered his head a little to reach her ears, as he was a head taller than her, and whispered something that made her giggle like a little schoolgirl.

Sakura envied Karin with her life and beyond. If only she could make Karin disappear.

But that was only in her fantasy.

This was the real world.

And in the real world there is no such thing as good as in her imagination.

'C'mon Sakura, toughen up. You know what they say, if it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger. So, don't act like a child and show everybody that you aren't effected by Sasuke's girlfriend in any way!'

Sakura decided that she agreed with her inner speaking and she looked up. Raising her chin and walked with confident.

If only somebody noticed her.

To the world she was invisible.

Sasuke bent down to place a small kiss on the Sarina's cheek. She merely smiled and cupped his handsome face.

'This is definitely going to kill me.'

Itachi plopped down on the sofa once again. His face was, like his father's, stoic and mostly impassive. His dark coal eyes, exactly like his mother's, were set on his little brother and the female.

Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha sat down on the cough, side by side looking at the couple. Mikoto probably sat next to Fugaku to keep him under check, as he may say something indecent.

"Oh my, where are my manners? Karin, sweetie, do you like something to drink?" Mikoto inquired smiling to them.

"Yes. I do, a Spa with a lemon, please."

Mikoto nodded and in the same second she turned her head directly looking at Sakura.

Sakura was startled, she didn't prepare herself to get straightly looked at by half the room. Almost everyone except the happy couple was staring at her. Immediately taking the hint that it was a order to get her the drink. So she bowed shortly and made her way to the Grand Kitchen.

It turns out that Karin was a rich kid after all. Spa is expensive mineral water that's imported all the way from Holland and is only available for aristocrats.

People like the Uchihas and Sarinas.

Oh, doesn't that sound nice? Uchihas and Sarinas.

You could already picture it, with Thanksgiving the Uchihas would stay at the Sarina residence and with Christmas is the other way around.

Family outings, and all that crap that comes along.

Sakura growled as she tripped over something, almost landing on her face, but could caught something of that was made of wood to hold on to. She wasn't wearing her red thick glasses. Like hell she's going to put that huge thing on with Sasuke in the same room.

She would be like a mini pink version of Einstein.

Rubbing the invisible dirt off of her maid's uniform, that was a simple blue dress that reached her knee's with a white apron, she went on to the kitchen. Mella and Hotan were the kitchen servants. The chef and his assistant.

Sakura greeted them both, and they greeted back. She walked up to the Uchiha's overlarge refrigerator and grabbed a blue bottle of Spa.

Grabbing a glass with a slit lemon she walked back to the living room.

Finding Sasuke and Karin both on the cough next to Mikoto and Fugaku.

This was the part she didn't like. The part where everybody would stare at her.

Sakura was a simple girl. One of the servants of Uchiha's household. She was nobody important. An orphan, never knowing who her parents were, and invisible by nature.

She wasn't beautiful, heck she didn't even came near at the word 'nice', couldn't see clearly, is shy and quiet. She didn't like attention, because mostly when she did get it, they were all negative. So she rather stay out of the picture, ignored by everyone than get fooled in front of everybody. That's why she didn't like being stared at, at all.

She walked up to the glazed table to put the bottle with expensive water and the glass down when she just felt that Sasuke was looking at her.

Her mind panicked, saying to herself that she should put all her concentration on the bottle and glass and not to look anywhere besides the bottle and glass.

Gently she put the glass down, -that went well- she opened the bottle, -not a problem- filled the glass, -so far so good- and put the half empty Spa bottle beside the filled glass. Ok. Great.

She turned to leave as she miscalculated the space between her hand and the glass as the glass tipped over the edge of the table and splashed all around. The expensive imported water went every possible direction.

Suddenly, there was a screech.

"AAAAAARGH! OH MY GOD!" Karin screamed angry, her red eyes glaring to the pink haired woman.

"Look what you have done! These are my new Dolce and Gabbana shoes, you won't get them anywhere! Now they are ruined, you moron!" She pointed to her baby pink pumps that was as simple as every pumps would get, only at the side of the heel was a little D&G.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, sweetie. Are you ok?" Mikoto asked worried.

"I'm fine but my shoes aren't!"

"Tch, that servant is always clumsy when she's isn't wearing those glasses the size of Mount Everest." Fugaku muttered, crossing his arms as if there wasn't a big deal.

Itachi smirked at the scene that was playing before him. Mikoto was sitting besides Sasuke's girlfriend now, rubbing her back like somebody has died and the woman is in grieve. The pink haired servant was apologizing over and over while Karin was insulting the heck out of her. Sasuke held Karin on her place, telling her that he would buy new ones for her.

It was good to come at his little brother's house today, he hadn't this much fun with his family for years.

Well… not exactly 'with' them, but because of them.

Mikoto waved Sakura away, and with a bowed head she turned to leave.

Marina followed her on her heel. "Nice job you geek, I couldn't have done it better."

Sakura said nothing as she continued on walking. Back to the servants' room.




"And I let the glass drop with the water on her shoes. I couldn't help it, it was an accident!" Sakura sobbed as she finished tell the whole story to Ino.

"Whoa. W-wait, what? First, Sasuke has a girlfriend? Uh, yeah, like… since when? People like Sasuke doesn't have girlfriends. He has women. Many, many women. And you dropped Spa on her shoes? Ah come on! She needs to stop being a drama queen. It's water not red wine! It'll dry and her Dolce and Gabbana shoes would be e-ok. "

"That's easy for you to say, they didn't get angry at you. I've never seen Sasuke glaring at me, and today, he did." Sakura wiped her nose. "He probably hates me forever."

"No, that's not true. They'll forget about it by tomorrow." Ino gave her a new tissue to clean her face from the fallen tears.

Emerald orbs looked into baby blue ones. "I hope so."




- One month later, Uchiha Mansion -

The whole staff has already eaten. It was kind of late, the sun was setting and the servants who didn't need to stay for the night shift already left to their homes and families.

Only Ino and Sakura sat in the kitchen, just finished with their own meal as they talked about nothing in particular. In other words, Ino was gossiping about Sasuke again.

"Two days ago he and Karin went to Disney world. Che, could you believe that? Uchiha Sasuke in Disney world? But I've heard he only went with her because she said 'it's fun and romantic'."

"If he wants to please his girlfriend then let him be." Sakura muttered, playing with her spoon.

"Yeah… but, still. He doesn't have to do everything she says. She's neither his boss nor his mother." Ino frowned at the thought of Karin.

At the very first impression of Sarina Karin, Ino knew she was so hating this woman. She was a spoiled princess with a bad attitude. And she maybe does have a beautiful body or something along that lines, her inside was pure ugly. She wondered what Sasuke saw in this woman.

"So, that means he's beginning to love her." Sakura almost whispered.

Ino deadpanned. "Love her?! Let's pray to God he's not! Or else we are the ones who does not only have to serve her, but those children of them to come too! I hope I will never have to live and see that day. Besides… Sakura… are…-are you still, like, in love with Sasuke?"

"What?" Sakura snapped her head up, looking Ino in the eye. "W-why would you ask me that?"

"Because, you know, this must be, like, killing you?"

"Look, even if I still like him, it doesn't mean anything, ok? It's hopeless. Sasuke and I will never happen. I haven't even spoken to him. In those 2 years I'm working here, I didn't have the guts to say one word to him."

Ino grimaced. "If you haven't then you should. Even I said something to Sasuke once or twice, and if you want him to notice you, just on the friendly side, then you should open that pretty mouth of yours and com-mu-ni-cate. Get it?"

"I don't know…"

"Ah, Sakura darling, please. Just consider it. You've always wanted to help Sasuke in anything, if he's in trouble or needs a solution. Well, just open a simple conversation with him first, and if things go smoothly all will go with the flow." She grinned, trying to convince Sakura that it is a piece of cake.

While in fact she knew that talking to Uchiha Sasuke was as hard as talking to a wall. Especially when he's angry. But she's doing this for Sakura's own good. She wants to be on a friendly terms with him, then she does needs to talk to him.

Just like Joshua and Sasuke. They are in talking to each other like they're friends. At least, acquaintances. So can Sakura.


"Don't but. You want to, so do it." Ino turned to see a shadow coming their way into the kitchen. "And here's your chance, good luck." With that, Ino sped off from the other door.

"What do you mean?" It was already too late, Ino was gone.

Just as she turned to follow her best friend she saw Sasuke entered the kitchen with a blank impression on his face.

She froze, unable to do or say anything. Ino knew this, that's why she left. But… what should she do now? What should she say?




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