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In the Palm of My Hands

"Someday we will look back at this, laugh nervously, and change the subject." – Anonymous

It´s been five months now. I remember it so well. I kissed him, fell to ground and hugged him so hard, I think I choked him. I squealed like a piglet, I think I cried too. Hell, I'm crying now. I cry too much, tell me something I don't know. For the first time in my entire life it felt like everything is as it's supposed to be, like everything fell in place, the puzzle complete. I heard Sasuke laugh lowly in my ear then, when I hugged him. The first time I've ever heard him laugh. It could be that or it was a sound he emitted because I was strangling him with my hug.

That's how my mother, Tsunade, found us, on the ground in front of the limousine, right outside the airport, hugging and kissing the living daylights out of each other. She said that lots of people formed a semi-circle around us and watched the whole spectacle going down. All the women blubbered when they figured out Sasuke was proposing. I didn't care that they were there, and I was certain Sasuke didn't either. We finally had each other and the rest didn't matter.

I went home with Tsunade and she couldn't stop smiling. She said I was glowing brighter than the sun, but I didn't mind. All I could think about was that I was with the man I had always loved and that my left hand felt a bit heavier with the beautiful engagement ring on it. The diamond sparkled in the sun, almost giving it a natural light. I couldn't stop looking at it. This was the second time I was marrying Uchiha Sasuke, but the first time wearing this.

It was marvelous.

Three days later, he invited me to his house, where his parents and brother were present, too. He told them squarely that we were getting married, again. But this time, very much in love.
Itachi swiftly punched his little brother in the shoulder, saying that it was time finally. And you're not going to believe this, but he came and hugged me. On his own. Yeah, I was shocked too.

Mikoto smiled at us, and told us that she had been hoping we would end up together. In the beginning she disapproved of our relationship because I was a maid, but later she realized that I truly cared for her son, unlike Karin. But all the time she kept her mouth shut, assured that Sasuke would figure it out on his own. And he did. She hugged us both at the same time, then pinched Sasuke's cheeks and said that she was happy for us.

Then there was Fugaku. He demanded to know what happened between his youngest son and Sarina Karin. Sasuke told us everything, because I hadn't heard the full story of that either, and I was curious to know every detail. Sasuke explained that Karin planned everything along with Tatiana Kiyoshi. I couldn't believe how low they had sunk.

After that Fugaku turned to me, telling me with a frown that he had to apologize for all the shit he had said and done to me. I glared at him. I said that he was an unemotional, rude, insulting bastard who brought me misery every time he even glanced my way, let alone opened his mouth. Mikoto gasped when I said that to him in his face, Itachi smirked and Sasuke tried to keep his face serious and not start smirking also. He pulled it off, though.

Fugaku stared at me with wide eyes for a moment. I bet he was shocked that I dared saying that to him, but it was true and he knew it. He said that he was sorry and was unable to keep looking me in the eyes, so he turned away in shame.

My face cracked from the glare. That was all it took. A sincere apology of the constant-harsh Fugaku and I forgave him for all he has done. We smiled, well, uh, he smirked.

Without further ado he welcomed me into the family.

And so everybody heard it, heir of the Uchiha clan Uchiha Sasuke and heir of the Senju clan Haruno Sakura, were going to marry. Like, again.

I wasn't the only one who got my happy ending though. Naruto and Hinata married three months ago. They were radiating off cuteness so heavily, I couldn't keep looking at them. Every damn minute they were making out and you would ask yourself if they ever caught their breath, or something.

Neji and Tenten were weird. Neji said they were in love, but Tenten refused to admit that she was so every time when asked. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other, although never in public. Neji wasn't the type of person who was fan of PDA, and Tenten said she wouldn't be caught dead even near Neji in society's eyes. Such stubborn idiots. So a month after everyone returned from Japan, Neji announced that they were going to marry too, somewhere next year.
Tenten wouldn't have it. She said he didn't even propose but just decided. He replied that he knew she was going to say yes anyway, so why bother? She flipped him off and muttered a whatever. In other words, yes, they were going to get married.

Everything ended well.

Oh yeah, remember Marina, that bitch in the beginning of the story that made sure I looked like a thief when Mikoto's jewelry got stolen? Yeah, well, I told Fugaku the truth. He looked her up, because two months after she got half the million dollars, she moved to Barbados into some classy villa near the beach. Fugaku had her arrested and demanded all the money back. Her ass is now in prison with a debt she won't be able to pay off in three lifetimes.

I never again heard of Karin and Kiki. Sasuke told me that the contract they had had expired, and he let everything that had anything to do with him go. Last week I heard Kiki's company went bankrupt. Rumor has it that Karin moved with her parents to London. She needs her daddy's money and now she's hunting some English men. Or women, who knows?

Aside from that, tomorrow was my big day. I was excited to be with my ex-husband forever. What was a bit of an overkill, though, was that Yamanaka Ino came to wake me up 4.30 in the morning.

Sakura groaned. "Urgh… whaat?"

"Wake up! Wake up. It's your big day, WAKE UP!"

Instantly Sakura was wide awake and literally jumped out of the bed. "Oh my God!" She yelled. "I'M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!"

"YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!" Ino answered with a yell of her own.

"WE'RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!" They screamed together early in the morning.

Now, don't get yourself wrong, Ino isn't getting married today, but she always longed for Sakura to get married, especially with Sasuke. You know best friends, she didn't just say it was Sakura's wedding, but her wedding as well. Hell, she arranged more things of the wedding than Sakura herself. And when Sakura protested Ino just turned to her and flatly told her she had no say in this.

It was a tough choice, choosing between Tenten and Ino to be maid of honor, but Sakura reluctantly chose Ino in the end. They had been best friends since forever and she was there through everything. Thank God Tenten didn't mind. It was awful enough to be in another dress like that again, so she gracefully gave that honor to Ino. But no matter what, Tenten couldn't escape being a bride's maid, nevertheless.

"Ok, first things first, I called the beautician and now I want you to get into that bathroom and take a bath, not a shower, but a bath."

"But a shower is quicker." Sakura protested.

"How many times do I have to tell you? You have no say in this," The blond automatically responded. "Everything about you has to be perfect, starting with your skin. I already set the lotions and soaps and perfumes in there, all you have to do is to pour them in the water."

Honestly, since what time is Ino up?

"Ad how long do you suppose I stay in that water?"

"At least an hour and a half. Your skin has to soak up the lotions."

"That long? My skin will prune."

"Yes, that long. Why do you think I woke you up at four thirty?" She shot the rosette a 'duh' expression and pushed her towards the bathroom. "Your skin will be fine five minutes after you've dried up. Use everything in there. In the meanwhile I'm gonna drag your mother out of the bed so she can hit the showers along with the rest of us and fix their hair." Ino wasn't joking around, she had been bustling her ass since 3 o'clock. She went to bed yesterday six pm so she wouldn't lack any sleep today.

Sakura sighed. It was only now that she remembered, whilst taking off her clothes, that she had been separated from Sasuke since yesterday. Ino decided that she was to come home because Sasuke couldn't see his bride before the wedding, and that rule started right at 12 am. Not only had she dragged Sakura back home, but also Tenten and Hinata away from their lovers to be here the next morning. Ino, of course, stayed over too, to whoop their asses into perfection today.

Two days ago was their bachelor and bachelorette party. Everybody knew Ino and Naruto were a bit crazy, so Sasuke and Sakura decided to keep it secret what happened at their party, for their own good. She didn't know what Naruto had planned for the boys, but knowing him it wouldn't be much better than what Ino did. She hired strippers when they hit the bar and it was epic. They never became that drunk, in fact, they saw a side of Hinata they never expected. All Sakura could confirm the next morning was that both parties became shitfaced drunk and woke up with a hell of a hangover.

She smiled. It was fun. And judging from Sasuke's low chuckle, he had a good time too.

"Let's go, let's go, let's go." Ino pulled her out of the bathroom an hour and a half later. "We still gotta do that hair of yours. And a manicure, even a pedicure. Did you do all you waxing, on all the places I ordered you to do?" Ino had rollers in her hair and a cell phone in her hand.

Sakura shivered when she experienced that wax. "Yes, I have."

"Good. Now come with me." She grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the living room, where they met with the rest of the females. They were all getting their hair done.

Tsunade smiled when she saw her daughter. "There's the future bride!"

Hinata and Shizune grinned from ear to ear. Tenten was still half asleep.

"Ready for your big day?" Hinata asked softly?

"Yeah, yeah, not entirely." Ino cut in, not giving Sakura the opportunity to reply. "We need to get all of your hair perfect today, especially the bride's! I want her perfect!"

It was a garden wedding behind Sasuke's home, since his backyard was huge. They drove from her home to Sasuke's house in a white limo, and with a lot of fuss and whining to make sure Sasuke wouldn't see her before the wedding, she slipped into one of the bedrooms with all the females behind her.

It was soon almost time and Sakura couldn't breathe when she finally slipped into her wedding dress, the veil neatly on top of her head. Shizune almost cried seeing her like this, Tsunade for once, almost too.

"You're a vision in white, Sakura." Ino smiled, hugging her. "It's almost your time. I still need to do something."

The sun was shining in full strength when an already dressed Ino came barging into the room. All the men backed away a bit when they sensed the killer aura surrounding her.

"I want the groom and the best man in front of me, pronto."

Sasuke, Naruto and Itachi wisely kept their mouth and followed the command. Immediately she began fixing their clothes and primed their hair neatly. As last she focused solely on Sasuke.

"You," She started menacingly, eying Sasuke closely. "You're not having second thoughts, are you?"


"You are completely ready to spend your entire life with her?"


"You would never break your vows, will you?"


"You will stand by her side whenever and forever?"


"Will you let other people hurt her?"


"Can I completely trust you?"


"Will Sakura ever mistrust you?"


"You are sure you love her?"

"Yes." Sasuke glared at her. What kind of question is that? He loved her more than anything in this world.

"Good." She didn't match his glare. "Because if I ever hear that you've hurt her in any kind of way, I'll chop your balls off with a blunt axe, rip your head off and feed your body to some malicious piranhas." The wide smile she flashed him was more lethal than a bullet to the brain.

Sasuke's wasn't intimidated by anyone, but he couldn't deny that she was freaking scary. He merely gave her a short nod to satisfy her.

"Perfect." She chirped. "I want you standing outside on your places in ten." With that she walked out.

Kiba whistled low. "Damn, ya have one creepy ass woman, Shika."

"Don't I just know it", Shikamaru sighed. "Believe me when I say that that was just scratching the surface. Just be glad that you passed that test, Sasuke."

"Man, this is so awesome! Sasuke-teme is gonna get hitched! I hope Sakura put ramen as a dish in her dinner tonight." He nudged his best friend in the side. "You're not getting any shivers of cold feet, do ya, teme?"

Sasuke shot him a skeptical look. He wasn't getting any shivers of anxiety at all. When you know that you're going to marry the right girl there's no need for shivers.
Not that he would ever say that out loud. He could already imagine Naruto's horrified look at reply at his out of character comment. 'Oh my gawd, hear him sprouting sappy shit like a true whipped bitch. Who are you and what have you done with the real cold ass Sasuke bastard?' He rolled his eyes.

Shikamaru sighed again. "Let's go and take our positions. Our ten minutes are almost up. We don't want a hell bend Ino at us." He groaned. "God knows how many times I met that scary side of her."

"You're so beautiful, honey." Tsunade smiled gently at Sakura, who just finished putting the final touches at her dress and hair.

"Thank you." She smiled, close to tears. "Ok, I have something old, something new, and something blue. I miss something borrowed."

"Ah, here!" Tenten reached behind her neck and unhooked her necklace that held a tiny silver kunai on it. "I got this from my sensei back when I was still obsessed with knifes and such. I think it's something nice to borrow at the moment."

Again on the verge of tears, she took the necklace and hugged her, right at the moment the door burst open. "Ok, enough hugging like a bunch of sentimental schoolgirls." Ino commanded. "We have a princess to get wed!" She gave a grin in return. "Places, people, places."

To say it was a wedding every girl dreamed of would be a lie. It was a nice, warm, cozy wedding with only their closest friends and family present. Just the way Sakura liked it, and knowing Sasuke, he liked it too.

Walking down the aisle with Tsunade giving her away and every and all eyes on her felt surreal, but the only pair of eyes that kept her earth bound was the onyx colored ones of Sasuke. His expression was softer than usual, his gaze straight on her.

She heard Ino and Tsunade sobbing and sniffing behind her, Shizune and Tenten probably comforting them. On Sasuke's left stood his brother Itachi and beside him was Naruto. He was unable to choose a single best man so he chose them both. Itachi, unlike his little brother who stood short from blank, was smirking in approval, while Naruto was smiling from ear to ear. He shot her a quick thumbs up in a sort of good guy pose, she supposed.

When she finally reached the front, the too calm and collect Sasuke took her hand and led her to the old man in the front. Everyone took their seat and all was quiet until the old man started his tale.

She wasn't listening and she was aware of it. She'd watch what was being said and done around her later on the recorded videos they're surely taping right now. She was focusing on her hands that were safely in Sasuke's. She was focusing on his eyes that spoke of everything and nothing all at once. On how his lips twitched and his brow relaxed.

She swallowed when she was brought back to attention by Sasuke, when he had to let go of her hands. She was confused as to why he let go, until she noticed that Itachi gave Sasuke a ring.

Ring swapping time.

"Take her left hand," The old man croaked, "And repeat after me."

Sasuke pushed the ring half way her finger already.

"Haruno Sakura, come health, happiness and prosperity, I will stand with you." Sasuke repeated, his voice suave and low. "Come illness, trouble or poverty, I will stand with you. Take this ring as a sign of my love and commitment." He gently pushed the golden band along her slim finger until it had settled together with her engagement ring.

Shortly after Itachi gave her a ring alike and she repeated the same.

The old man blessed the ring. Then he asked the question she had dreamed of for a very long time.

"Do you, Haruno Sakura, take Uchiha Sasuke to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish until death do you part?"

An euphoric sigh escaped her lips, her toes curled in her shoes, her hear beat too fast.

"I do."

As soon as she said that Sasuke showed her possibly the most beautiful smile she had ever seen in her life.

The old man nodded and repeated the same to Sasuke.

"Do you, Uchiha Sasuke, take Haruno Sakura to be your wedded wife," The gorgeous smile on his face he simply mouthed three words. I love you. "To have and to hold from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish until death do you part?"

Sakura had his ring around his finger even before he answered. "I do."

The old man coughed, blessed the other ring and smiled at them. He looked up into the watching crowd, his expression turning too serious. He scraped his throat and talked louder than he had before.

"If anyone feels this couple should not be united into holy matrimony, speak now… or forever hold your peace."

Everybody held their breaths.


This was the third time in her life that she was this much grateful that she was resting in a soft bed after hours of pain, agony and torture. But the end result was worth it. It was always worth it.

She was exhausted and sleepy but she knew she was still waiting for a visit from a bunch of people. She didn't want that though. She was dead tired. She looked like a mess and was kind of need of a shower, but right now she doubted that she could feel her legs, let alone use them to get off of the bed. All she wanted for now was some peace and silence.

"MOOOOOOMMYYY!" The door practically flew off its hinges and bounced against the opposite wall. A boy with short black hair and tears in his eyes wallowed louder, rushed towards her bed and threw his short body on the bed. Correction, on her legs.

Sakura grunted and was about to pat the boy's head and comfort him when the next little boy entered quietly.

"Mommy is okay." The one said to the other who was crying. "So you can stop now, you big cry-baby."

Sakura wanted to laugh but for the sobbing boy's sake, she frowned. "Now, now, what have I told you about bullying your brother?"

"Sorry, mom."

The one still sniffing sobered up. "Don't worry," He said wiping his eyes with the back of his hands. "I wasn't crying."

Sakura smiled at him and lifted the boy up. "I know that, Hoderi, you're a big boy now, and big boys don't cry."

Hoderi was her oldest son of 10, with jet black short hair and spiked up the back, exactly like his father's. His eyes were just as dark as his hair and he just lost his tooth in the front. Despite his appearance that looked like his father, personality wise they were different. Hoderi was easily in tears, had quite a temper and was shy most of the time. People said he was his mother's son, but Sakura swore she was nothing like that.

The other boy in the room rolled his eyes. "You cried, just like you always do." He crossed his little arms. "And if you said you didn't, I'd say I just saw a pig fly."

That little smartass was 7 and a half year old son, Hosuseri. He was a bit too tall for his age, making it seem like he was 9 instead of his mere 7 years. That his hair was reaching the top of his shoulders wasn't helping either, he held it together like his uncle Itachi, his self-proclaimed 'idol'. His hair color was a shade lighter, leaning towards dark brown almost red-ish if exposed in the light. His eyes were just as dark as his father's, though. He was the quiet one between the two siblings.

"Hosuseri, stop it, will you?" Sakura scolded him, looking around if someone else came with the two boys. "Where's your father?"

"I dunno." Hoderi, the ten year old, shrugged. "He said he went to pick someone up and we should be very quiet and come straight to you."

"But Hoderi thought he was lost so he began to cry and thought you were hurting, until I said that we have found you." Hosuseri glared at his big brother.

"Pick someone up?" Sakura questioned. "Who could he be picking up?"

On cue there was a soft knock on the already open door. The scene just made her smile.

Sasuke was holding their newborn baby and smiling down at the bundle in his arms. Even after marrying Uchiha Sasuke, his smiles were limited, if not rare. But occasionally, beautiful occasions just like this one, Sasuke was always glowing from the bottom of his soul.

"I had to take this little one with me." His voice was soft and tender, "Unfortunately, I bumped into others too, including that idiot."

"Hey!" An offended response came from behind the wall. "You ruined everything! We wanted to surprise Sakura!"

In walked Naruto, followed by Hinata, Tsunade and Shizune, Neji and Tenten. A bunch of congratulations and 'hey Sakuras' were directed to her. She greeted everyone back with Hoderi still on her lap. He jumped off to struggle with Hosuseri.

"I want to hold the baby." Tsunade gently took the infant from Sasuke's arms.

"I want to go next." Tenten jumped up. "Ino will be so jealous that I'm holding your little one before her."

"Where is Ino?" Hinata asked, holding Naruto's hand.

"After picking up her kids from school, she'll be arriving as soon as possible with Shikamaru in tow."

Shikamaru and Ino had blond haired twin girls of five years old, Shikai and Inori. Shikamaru referred the females as 'the three most bothersome whiners of his life'. Needless to say he loved each and every single one of them.

As for Tenten and Neji, they had one boy toddler, Heiji. Neji claimed that he wanted more kids but Tenten had enough with one for now. Everyone was convinced Tenten would be pregnant in no time again.

Sasuke kissed Sakura on her forehead. "Our son has your eyes." He said as softly possible and kissed her nose. "Finally", he gave her a chaste kiss on her lips. "Thank you." Then he gave her another kiss. "Thank you." Another. "Thank you."

It was his ritual, she supposed. He did it every time.

"Aw, look at him," Naruto teased. "Three kids and he's all wiggly and showing PDA. I think you should give him ten more babies and maybe then that stick will be forever removed from his ass, Sakura."

They laughed, save for Hinata who shouldered him to watch his language around the kids.

"Says you who cried like a bitch when Hina and Minato were born."

"I think it's better if Hoderi and Hosuseri join Hina and Minato at the kids play." Sakura shooed the children away. "Sasuke and Naruto can't ever seem to watch their mouths."

Hosuseri snorted. "They never do."

"Just go."

Just then a booming screech sounded from the hallway, accompanied by the clicking of heels against the tiled floor of the hospital.

"Lemme see the baby!" Ino squealed, practically flying into the overcrowded room. "Tenten and I wagered that this third child would look nothing like one of the Uchiha men." She panted, slightly looking about the room. "So, where's the baby?"

In Sasuke's arms, after he took it back from Tenten. He just loved obsessing over his children in the first months after they were born. Even Sakura had troubles with prying their first two kids out of his arms to feed them.

All at once the females took a beeline to the Sasuke, fighting over who would hold the infant next.

A beautiful baby boy. You couldn't find an even more happier mother in the world if you tried.

He was soundly sleeping in his bundle of blankets until the gleeful squeals of the women woke him up. He yawned, moved his little finger and semi-stretched. He blinked a couple of times before sleepily gazing up at the world, revealing a set of beautiful forest green eyes.

"Sakura's eyes." Sasuke repeated, only for the women to jump again.

"He's so beautiful!"

"Look how adorable!"

"I'm going to steal him!"

"No, I want him!"

"Such a cutie."

The men rolled their eyes and then joined the females.

"So, has this little fellow a name yet?" Naruto asked the two, who became parents for the third time again.

Sakura smiled. "Howori."

"So the three Uchiha brothers are Hoderi, Hosuseri and Howori?"


"Sweet. You wouldn't easy forget that, but don't you get confused with who's who?"

Sasuke took a seat besides Sakura on the bed. "We're not you, dobe." He put his arm around his wife and immediately she tiredly leaned her head against his shoulder.

Tsunade was the first who noticed Sakura's exhaustion. "Well, I guess we should leave the couple alone after quite the hectic day." She announced, starting to push everyone out of the room.

The Yamanaka was holding the baby again. "We'll bring this little one back to the nursery." She flashed Sasuke a look of warning, because she knew the idiot would be a bit possessive.

A couple of hugs and handshakes later, they were gone and Tsunade closed the door behind her. Sakura dropped her entire weight against Sasuke, whose hand instantly wound up in her hair. She sighed and basked in the silence they were left behind in. She blinked. She started picking up Sasuke's habits a long time ago. She used to dislike silences.

The warmth beside her, his caressing hand in her hair and his deep breathing almost made her fall asleep. "Three sons." He stated. "Three beautiful sons."

Sakura chuckled. "You say they're beautiful just because all three look like you."

She couldn't see his face but she assumed the bastard was smirking. "That too," He agreed. "Although, I was hoping we would have a girl."

She shifted and turned to him. "Since when do fathers want daughters anyway?"

"Since I know she'd be the most beautiful baby girl, coming from you."

Sakura smiled. "You can stop with the mushy stuff now, it's so unlike you."

He leaned forward slowly. "Sorry." He kissed her lips once. "You know," He kissed her deeper. "We can start trying to get that girl right now."

"Right now?" She kissed him back. "In a hospital? Where everyone can walk in? It's better we don't." Despite her protesting, she wasn't stopping his sneaky hands.

She giggled when he successfully took off her shirt and his along with it. "I hope we better won't get caught, Uchiha Sasuke."

"We won't." He placed butterfly kisses down her neck. "The door is closed, so we won't."

The blood in his brain rushed south when he heard her breathing become heavier. He loved it when she sighed in his ear, when her hand ran through his hair and how her lips touched his skin.

"I love you." She whispered, her wandering hand traveling to his pants.

"I love you too." He groaned in reply when her hand brushed his twitching length. He shrugged out of his pants as fast as he could, it was becoming a little too tight.

His fingers brushed an erect nipple, his left hand clutched one of her thighs and lifter her to him. Their lips clashed together in a fierce, desperate kiss.

"Hey Sasuke-teme are you coming to- OH MY GOD! OH MY GO- HIDE IT! HIDE IT! FUCKING HIDE IT!"

I hated Naruto too, but after his interruption, and as cheesy as this will sound, we indeed lived happily ever after.




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In The Palm of My Hands


'Now that we've found love what are we gonna do with it?' – Heavy D & The Boyz


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