Stop Them From Making Me

By The Alternative Source

Disclaimer: I don't own the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But it doesn't stop me from writing about it.

Author's Note: Remember I'm not really going with what's happening in the show right now. Just forget all the stuff past John and Riley hanging out more.


Previously on Stop Them From Making Me:

Derek was about to say something when Cameron heard something. She held her hand up as she heard the sound again. Derek had heard the sound the second time and quickly retrieved his gun. Standing beside her they both listened for the noise.

When they heard it again Cameron walked quickly towards the door, "It's coming from John's room."

Just as Cameron stepped out of the room someone crashed into her. The person fell to the floor with a grunt while his book bag flew off of his shoulder. And Cameron just stood there staring at the person on the floor. She could feel Derek leaning over her shoulder to get a better look at the intruder. She could tell he was angry by his elevated heartbeat.

Cameron could only stare at the person on the floor in disbelief. Her regular emotionless mask slipping off. And the person on the floor was looking up at her with the same expression.

"Where the hell are you going John?" Derek asked over Cameron's shoulder.

"What the hell was Cameron doing in your room?" John asked from the floor as he took in there state of dress.

A door opened to the left and Sarah walked out of her room, "What the hell is going on out here?"


Chapter 5

The hall was silent for a couple of seconds as everyone looked at each other. The awkward silence grew until John spoke.

"Cameron was in Derek's room," John told Sarah with a hurt tone. Cameron gave him a curious glance.

Sarah looked over with a confused face, "What is he talking about Derek?"

Derek looked at his clothes and at Cameron's and knew that they didn't have an explanation for this. Everyone knew that they hated each other and they wouldn't be caught dead next to each other but here they were standing together in their pajamas.

"I was just discussing some security measurements with him," Cameron said in a monotone voice. She didn't want the situation to get out of hand and knew that something like security measurements would be an acceptable excuse.

John gave her a hurt look and she knew that he knew that she was lying, "You're lying."

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked as she looked in between Cameron, Derek, and John, "Will someone tell me what the hell is going on here?"

John took a deep breath and looked into Cameron's eyes, "She's lying."

"Lying?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah. They've been in there for a while."

"Come on John. It's just security shit. Why would I be spending time with it?" Derek asked as if he had no care in the world.

John became angry at this and pointed at Derek, "She's not an it. She's Cameron!"

Cameron felt a part of her warm up that she didn't know was there at his comment. But still….she had to neutralize the situation. Her systems were telling her that and whatever could be considered her heart was telling her that she didn't want to hurt John. She cared for him too much.

"He's right John. There's nothing to worry about. It's cool."

John gave her a weird glance and looked back at Sarah before looking back at Cameron and Derek who hadn't moved from their position at Derek's doorway, "You're still lying. I've been ignoring it but I've noticed that you've been sneaking into his room for a couple of weeks now."

"What?!" Sarah practically shouted as she took out her gun and pointed it at Cameron. If Cameron could sigh then this was the perfect moment for it. The situation was getting out of hand because of nothing. Well that's what she wanted them to think. Looking back at Derek she winked at him. He gave her a slight nod in acknowledgement.

"The truth is that we're trying to work things out. Don't take it the wrong way. It's just I've come to realize that we can't beat the bastards if we keep on fighting. We've been strategizing and she's been helping me clean my weapons," Derek said in a tone of voice as if he had given up a big secret and was slightly embarrassed by it.

John's and Sarah's eyes widened in disbelief and Sarah lowered her weapon, "What?"

"He's right," Cameron said as she retrieved the rags and liquid cleaner that they had used to clean the weapons, "We've been cleaning."

"At night?" John asked.

"I don't sleep John," Cameron said.

"And at night's the only time I get to clean my weapons. Takes too long to do it by myself," Derek said with a shrug.

"Then why all the sneaking around?" John asked as he looked between them skeptically. Sarah was also looking at them with skeptical eyes.

"Because it's weird alright," Derek said as he sighed and looked at Sarah and John, "Do you know what it feels like hating them all your life and then trying to get along with one?"

Sarah and John contemplated this for a second before Sarah sighed and rubbed her eyes, "We'll talk about this tomorrow."

With that she turned around and walked to her room. When the door slammed shut and the creak of her bed could be heard the hallway became awkward again. John was still staring as they were both aliens. And what nagged Cameron was the look in his eyes. Those still innocent and inexperienced eyes were looking at her with confusion and something like tenderness in them. Cameron decided that this would be a moment to give him one of her rare smiles. Even though he thought it was all part of her programming she gave him one. How was he to know that she really meant it?

"Come on John. You know that I wouldn't lie to you. And Derek wouldn't lie to you. We're trying to work this out for you. So you can succeed."

John looked at Derek and then back at Cameron. His soft and innocent eyes became angry for a second at Derek's silence and his embarrassment at the situation, "You sure?"

"Of course," Cameron replied as she touched his cheek.

The sudden touch surprised him and his mind was taken of the situation instantly, "Ok."

"It's late John. We can talk about this later," Cameron said in a relaxed manner as she ran her thumb across his cheek.

John blushed and nodded, "Ok."

Smiling again Cameron slowly removed her hand and watched as he backed away from her. With another glance towards Derek he turned to his room and closed the door slowly. But not before giving her a small glance. A small glance that spoke words. The glance of a man from the future. The man that she had loved was there for a moment and if she had a heart it would be breaking now.

Derek stood next to her and placed a hand of her back as she stared at the door. Her face diminished and emotions were strewn over her face. Love, disbelief, and sadness. He was there for a moment and Derek knew it. Her future John Connor was there. And what broke her heart is that she had to fix this. She had to protect him with every power cell in her body. She had to give up what she was and what she wanted with John to fix everything. She had to stop Judgment Day.

And at that moment she slid her hand down and grasped Derek's hand. Derek looked up at her with surprised eyes but said nothing. He had only seen that look on her face one time. The one time in the basement with the music. A memory that both of them would rather not think about. Grasping her hand he stood there silently with her.



"I'll never see him again won't I?"


"I have to stop Judgment Day."

"I know."

Cameron looked over at Derek with the emotions still clear on her face, "Help me stop it. Help me stop them from making me."

Derek nodded and pulled her towards him. Cameron rested her head on his shoulder and both of them thought of the absurdity of the situation. If someone were to walk out into the hallway right now there lie would not be believed. But for this one fleeting moment they were friends. Not robot and human. Just friends.

"I will….You know you'll see him again."


"You were human once. Before you were this machine that they forced you to be you were human. I saw you. I remember you. I'll help you with this. I promise," Derek whispered as he stroked her hair. He wasn't used to this but it came naturally to him after all they had been through. They were closer than anyone thought.

"I know. But not anymore."

"I promise that he will meet you Allison."

Cameron closed her eyes as her name spilled from his lips. She hadn't been called that in so long.

Derek continued, "Maybe not in this timeline but some day he will."

"We will stop this," Cameron said as her eyes opened and a determined look came into her eyes, "One way or another we will. And one day he'll meet me. The real me. Not the machine. Not the terminator. Just me. Allison from Palmdale."

"I promise," Derek said as they both stood there in the quiet hallway taking comfort from each other, "Come on."

Derek pulled Cameron into his room and closed the door. The house was quiet for a couple of seconds until John opened the door slightly and peeked into the hall. He knew it……….. He knew that there was something wrong with Cameron. And he had been right. Closing the door again he leaned against it and closed his eyes.

'I knew from the day that I met you that things would be different. I knew there was something special about you since the first time you asked me my name. And I ignored it until now. But I promise that I will fix this for you Cameron. I will stop them from making you if it takes every last breathe in me. One day I will meet you Allison from Palmdale.'

Opening his eyes he walked over to his bed with a changed demeanor. He couldn't be a kid anymore. He couldn't be the one complaining anymore. He had to take responsibility for the future that was coming. The future that he was going to stop for her. And the one thing he knew is that when he met her he would….

"Take care of you. And love you like no one has before."


The End


Author's Note: I was just looking through this to finish it off and I realized that it was leading nowhere. So I decided to finish it off with an open ended scene. I just lost the flare for this and now it's especially gone because they canceled. I might repost later on if I get any more ideas. Ciao.