Author: Sparta

Title: How to be Sky Tate in Eight Easy Steps

Pairings: Sky & Bridge Wes & Eric Wes & Merick

Rating: R

Crossovers: Time Force & Wild Force

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, fun

Chapters: 8/8

Completed: No

Summery: A funny look into who Sky really think he is?

Chapter Summery: Bridge

Authors Note:

This has been a hell of a laugh writing and I've picked up some new fans on the way but I'm glad my normal ones liked this enough to read it, I'm thinking about doing a second part How to be Bridge Carson in Eight Easy Steps.

If you'd like to see it written then please message me or say so in your review, now on to the most important chapter I've written Sky love for his man.

Step Eight: The Boyfriend

Sky Tate was a proud man, proud of everything he was, had and would be some day but the one thing that had stayed the same throughout all of this SPD lifeā€¦


His one true and loyal lover and his most proud moment in his life, he remembered it better then any. He's been comply infatuated with the eccentric genus from the moment he laid eyes on him, he fought down his friends, Bridges friends and the robotic hell hound to ask him out.

That night though had been quite a cock up, he'd been trying to talk to Bridge all day and when he finally collard him Bridge started babbling about how Dru and he were both pig and deserved to rot in hell before going to leave.

Pissed off with Dru and himself for not protecting him Sky blurted out his feeling in the middle of a very full Common Room, Sky blushed afterward but was rewarded with a bright smile and a pair of hot lips on his own and the best sex of his life that night.


"Platinum for you thoughts Sky" said Bridge as he sat down next to his lover.

"The film just made me think back to when I asked you out" laughed Sky as he blushed.

"Police Academy box set?" laughed Bridge as Sky growled.

"It was Da and Dad favourite films when they were my age" laughed Sky as Bridge settled down in his arms.

"They were good back then, though I don't think Cruger's seen them though?" laughed Bridge

"I'll get Boom to copy them and we can give them to him as a 'we've beat Gruumm' present" laughed Sky as Bridge dug him in the chest.

"Beat me up and you don't get this" said Sky as he passed Bridge a cup cake with a candle in it.

"Happy anniversary baby, five year to say" laughed Sky as they shared a kiss

"and worth every second of it" said Bridge as he blew out the candle and dragged Sky off to their room.

Yes someday it did pay to be Sky Tate, Blue Power Ranger and defender of Earth.