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Chapter One – What to do when the worst happens

It was a bad dream. A very bad dream. It had to be.

Lilly was staring at the white wall of the hospital waiting room, ignoring the pain from the cut on her forehead and wondering how the hell the day had gone from pretty good, with her parents actually getting along, to this nightmare. Suddenly, there was a movement at the entrance of the door and her best friend came rushing in, she looked as white as the walls around and came running over to Lilly when she saw her.

"Lilly!" she exclaimed and pulled her into her arms, she felt numb and didn't know what to say to her, "I ... I ... I'm so sorry" Miley whispered into her hair. She could see Mr Stewart talking quietly to the doctor who had told her the news about half an hour ago and she knew that he was telling him what had happened. She couldn't stop her mind from replaying it.

Her dad had been driving her mom and her back to their house after their bi-monthly meeting. Her mom wasn't being snippy at her dad and her dad wasn't being the king of passive aggressive land. She was happily thinking about the Hannah concert due the next day when a truck crashed head on with them. Her dad didn't even have time to brake as their car rolled and was tossed from one side of the road to the other. She couldn't remember anything that happened from the time that she heard her mother yell "Look out!" to the time when she heard the voice of a fireman asking if she could hear him. After the fire crew and EMT's had started working on her parents who were both unconscious, Lilly was whisked away to the hospital to be checked over. After a few hours and having her head wound stitched up, she was asked to wait in the waiting room whilst her emergency contact was called. Whilst she was sat there, her parent's doctor came to see her.

"Lillian Truscott" she heard called from across the room.

"Yes?" she said and jumped up to the doctor, "Are my parents ok, can I see them, please tell me they're ok" she said in rapid fire fashion.

"Please sit down Lillian, I'm afraid that I have some bad news" Lilly sat as the doctor continued, "I'm afraid that the injuries to your parents were simply too severe and they both died earlier today..." The doctor continued to talk to her to tell her when her parents would be released when he realised that she wasn't paying attention. "Have you called any family down?" he asked, hoping to speak to someone a little older who could help her to handle a situation of this magnitude.

"Yes ... erm my best friend and her dad are on their way ... I think ... I mean ..." she simply stopped and started staring at the wall, which is how Miley and her dad found her half an hour later.

Miley could feel Lilly shivering in her arms. She didn't know what to do for her friend so she pulled her closer and looked over at her dad. It had been a long time since she had seen her dad look so sad and defeated. He nodded his head and shook the doctor's hand as he turned and walked away. She watched as her dad drew his hand across his face and then through his hair before he turned and looked over at his daughter and her best friend. She met his gaze and she could see the sorrow in his eyes. He made his way over to them and sat down next to Miley, taking one of Lilly's hands in his.

"Lilly bud, you're coming home with us, ok?" he asked. They both looked at Lilly, expecting a response of some kind but the only reaction of any kind was Lilly turning her head into Miley's neck. Miley turned to look at her dad and as she did so she could feel Lilly's tears on her neck.

"Is everything ... sorted? Can we go?" Miley asked her dad.

"Sure bud, whenever Lilly's ready" he confirmed.

"Come on Lilly, we're going home Sweetie" Miley tugged Lilly into a standing position and kept her arms wrapped around her to stop her from falling back and then urged her forward to the car outside. She felt Lilly tense as the car started and Lilly also gripped onto her arm. "It's ok Lils" she whispered into her friend's ear.

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