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Maerad's blue eyes fluttered open, finding their room still enclosed with night's veil of darkness. "Isn't quite morning, then," she thought to herself as she shifted slightly against Cadvan. The rain continued to batter against the windowpanes, exciting a myriad of strange creaks and moans as the wind howled outside the Inn. Rolling her head to the side, she looked up at Cadvan, faintly able to make out the peaceful expression that covered his war torn face. With a faint smile, she closed her eyes to sleep, until Cadvan moved beneath her head.

"What time is it?" he whispered, his mind still wrapped in sleep.

"Not yet dawn," she replied, kissing his shoulder. "Rest."

"Why aren't you?" he retorted lazily, tightening his arms around her.

"I couldn't," she said truthfully.

He tilted her head upwards, squinting to make out her face before deciding to light a candle. "Is something bothering you?" he asked after extinguishing the match.

"I was just thinking," she responded, now resting her head on her own pillow. "How much things have changed."

He eyed her with much curiosity, waiting patiently for her to continue. "I never… thought I would be so….close to you, and it seems that overnight we've gone from friends to being engaged," she laughed, facing him. "It's all a bit overwhelming."

"Aye, I would say it is," he told her, taking her hand in his own. He stroked them gently, as he thought of something to say. "If you wish, we can wait."

"I just don't see how we couldn't, Cadvan. Especially with this war, such a bond would cripple me, as I wouldn't be able to bear it if…if you were to fall," she added sadly.

"Love is what will end this war, Maerad. Without love, Sharma will reign as the dark lord forever. Never forget that," he reminded her. "As for bond, you already share one with me that couldn't be any deeper than it is right now."

She thought of arguing her point with him, but found it no use. He was completely right. Instead, she watched him rise from the bed and throw his clothes back on. "We should probably leave," he noted, pulling on his boots.

"Mmm," was Maerad's response as she turned her back to the soft candlelight, still wrapped warmly in the thick blankets covering the bed. "It's still dark. And it's pouring rain. Perhaps we should wait awhile longer," Maerad mumbled.

"The longer we stay here, the more danger we're in. Chances are, someone will have sensed our presence. We should move on while we still have cover of darkness," he said, throwing her dress on top of her.

Sighing with discontent, Maerad pulled it on, her skin cold against the iced room. "What are you going to do with the Innkeeper? If someone asks after us, he will surely tell them."

"That is not an issue. I plan on helping him to forget our time here before we leave. But first, let's grab some breakfast," he smiled as she trudged towards him. Still feeling a bit awkward, Maerad managed a slight tremor when Cadvan wrapped an arm around her waist, giggling slightly at her own reaction. Cadvan merely shook his head.

Walking down the cluttered hallway and down a steep set of stairs, they once again found themselves in the small kitchen where a small woman stood, frantically throwing bits and pieces of food into a kettle.

"Excuse me," Cadvan began, showing his palm in a signal of good will. "Would you mind if we grab something to eat before we leave?"

"I 'and't mind if yer mistress helps me cook," she said, gesturing with a flour covered fork. "Lots 'a do to cook for the army."

"Army?" Maerad asked.

"Ye, the army. You deaf child?" the woman clucked, turning away from them to continue kneading the bread dough.

"Cadvan, what army?" she asked through mind speech.

"I'm not sure," he replied, thinking deeply. " I believe it bodes ill for us, however. We should leave."

"What do we tell her then?" Maerad continued.

"Surely you wouldn't make my wife work, my lady. Her ankle is hurt, swollen from falling down on our journey here. Because of that journey, she is now ill. We need to be leaving if we are to reach Innail before her condition worsens," Cadvan told the woman.

Maerad coughed, turning away as the woman eyed her with the same suspicion the Innkeeper had shown them. Cadvan hadn't really lied; after all, her ankle was throbbing with the weight it held, and she did feel a bit nauseous.

"Aye, then," the woman said after a while, passing them a bundle of food. "Perhaps you shouldn't make 'er wander in such weather then, lad. I would assume it's 'alf 'er problem!" she scolded, shooing them from her cooking sanctuary.

Throwing their hoods up, Cadvan told Maerad to wait by the exit until he finished his business with the Innkeeper. It was then the woman from the previous night appeared. "I beggon your pardon for last night," she said, startling Maerad who hadn't seen her. "Had I known that you were…busy....I wouldn't have come in so abruptly."

"Thank you," Maerad said, smiling fakely. She didn't wholly trust the woman, and after last night's intrusion, she didn't wish to speak with her.

Much relieved to find Cadvan walking towards them, Maerad noticing his disapproval of the woman who stood next to her. "We're off then," he spoke softly, opening the ancient door.

"Best o luck to ye both," the woman smiled, closing the door behind them.

"Did you find anything out about this army?" Maerad asked after the hearing the door lock into place, talking loudly over the thundering sound of rain.

"I'm assuming it's little more than a group of Enkir's soldiers. Either way, we make for Innail. We're sure to find welcoming arms there," he said, already sniffing at the bitter weather.

Maerad agreed. She hadn't seen Silvia for about a year, and was desperate to tell her of everything she'd encountered in her time away. Interrupting her thoughts was Cadvan, as he reached for her hand. "Try not to fall down this time, Maerad," he smirked.

Maerad made a funny face at him before laughing herself. "Had it not been for this ridiculous rain, I wouldn't have known you felt as you do," she said, falling back into the rhythm of traveling.

"You have a point," he said, stepping through numerous potholes. "However, I would have much appreciated better circumstances than what we're in," he pointed out, letting go over her hand to wipe his face.

Maerad didn't reply, for she could hardly bring herself to remember the previous night without blushing. Instead, she continued onward, beginning her repetitious speech in her head as they trekked through the sea of water surrounding them.

Rain. Grey skies. Soaking wet. Mud. Almost there.

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