A Nightmare Come True

"For the last time, Cole, I know where I'm going. So if you'll just let me do the driving…shimmering…whatever this is we're doing…we'll be fine."

"Really? Let's reflect back on to trip to Tahiti that put us in Elizabethan England."

"That was a long time ago."

"Three weeks, sweetheart."

Phoebe opened her eyes blearily. There were voices coming from the hallway. Late-night (three A.M., to be exact) discussions in the Halliwell Manor weren't out of the ordinary, but this one sounded a little bit different than the ones that usually took place. She held her breath to try to hear any other sounds from the hallway.

Sure enough, there was a thump and a curse.

"Where are we?"

"We're…we're gonna be dead meat if I don't get us out of here soon."

The brunette witch flung herself out of bed and pushed the door to the hall open, squinting at the brightness. "Who's there?" she demanded.

She was met with stunned silence.

"Who's…who's that?" asked the pale-skinned, dark-haired woman standing next to…no. This wasn't happening.

Cole. Cole Turner, Phoebe's ex-everything, was in the middle of the hallway, looking like nothing had happened to him. Like he hadn't been vanquished twice and sent to where he belonged.

"What are you doing here?" Phoebe asked evenly.

"We got a little off-track," said Cole. "You--you look great, by the way. You look, uh, fit."

"It comes from kicking demon ass." The evenness was leaving Phoebe's voice with every syllable. "Cole, you didn't answer my question."

"I could ask what you're doing here. Don't you live across town?"

"Coop's off on assignment and I figured I'd hang out with my sisters and you're distorting the conversation. Tell me why you're here."

"We're on vacation," the unknown woman said. "Honeymoon, actually."

Phoebe could have spat. "You got married? In what kind of sick and evil way this time?"

"In a Methodist church," the woman said. "I'm Kay."

"I'm severely confused."

"Long story short," began Cole, "I can tell that Piper didn't tell you about our little visit two years ago, and I don't really have the time to. So just chalk this up to…oh, I don't know. A dream?"

"More like a nightmare," Phoebe said. "You're supposed to be gone. Forever."

"'Forever' is a lucid term."

Phoebe looked at him for a moment. "You know what? I think I might call this a nightmare. If you or your new bride ever show up here again, I'm having Piper blow you up and Paige orb the remains to Switzerland."

"That's actually where we need to go," said Kay. She turned to Cole. "Shimmer, sweetheart."

And in the blink of an eye, they were gone.

"Dream," Phoebe said to herself. "Dream, dream, dream." She leaned against the wall shakily. "Either that, or a nightmare come true."

A/N: This came from the deep, dark depths of nowhere. I know--it leaves a lot of questions ("How'd Cole get out of limbo? Who's the bimbo? Will Phoebe's life go all askimbo?"………okay, I'm stopping now), but those will perhaps be continued in something along the line…


A/N Part Two: I wrote this sometime in the summer as a simple plot bunny, rediscovered it today, and decided to post it. Enjoy? Ideas? Whatever, let me know!

And yeeeesssss, everything that I have posted previously is still being continued! We're good!