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Chapter One ; Torn Apart

At least we have each other.

I'll always be there for you.

You can count on me.

I won't hurt you. I won't leave you.

I sat staring at the wall thinking of all the things Jake had promised to me. Even after getting around the small fact he couldn't reveal his secret, even after we were comfortable again, even after everything seemed right in the world again, mostly. My sun was back. My Jacob was back. Until it was torn away all over again, by a 10 year old.

I felt the pain edge in again, biting back the bitterness I felt for an innocent girl. It wasn't her fault, I suppose, except that she'd been born. And I couldn't exactly blame Jacob for it, he can't help it, so I'm told. It just happens, and it's something that all the boys go through, have gone through. I push the thought away again. And I guess, if I was being honest, I was merely being selfish. I'm happy for Jake, in a way. I'm not who he needs me to be, who he deserves. Still the Broken Bella, even all this time later.

I didn't think of them all that often anymore, and thinking of them didn't force me into shock. But, I'd been filling up my time with the wolf pack, as I'd taken to calling them. Mostly spending my time with Jake, and all my other time I spent with Emily, sometimes I talked to Leah. But she was a little too bitter, and a little too scary for me. Some days I couldn't get enough of her, other days I couldn't get away fast enough. I didn't much talk to anyone else, or see them even. Embry and Quil seemed to avoid me like the plague, they stuck together mostly, as close as brothers would, maybe closer.

All of the boys stuck together, and since Jake had… imprinted. There, I'd thought it, without too much pain. Since Jake had, done that, most of the boys had avoided me all together. Actually come to think of it, I hadn't seen any of them except Sam, and Seth. And then of course Leah and Emily. Even Jake seemed to be avoiding me, I tried not to think about it.

I threw my book down, this was completely pointless. Trying to fill up my Spring Break with books, and reading, was becoming depressing. I checked the clock, it wasn't even noon yet. Sighing I rolled over onto my stomach, I felt the ache of tears growing in the back of my throat, the burning heat of them behind my closed eye lids. I growled to myself, throwing myself from the bed and stomping towards the bathroom.

I took a shower, threw clothes on, and walked back to the bathroom. I stopped and stared at myself, before realizing what I'd thrown on. Clothes my mother has sent me; tight pants, and a low cut, form fitting shirt. I didn't even have the strength to rip them back off, I sighed running a brush through 

my hair quickly. Before I ran down the stairs, Charlie was gone, obviously, people to protect, work to be done. I smiled at the thought, before jumping into my truck, my faithful old friend.

I thought about my life as I took my time heading towards Sam and Emily's house. Pulling into their driveway I noticed that it seemed like no one was there. I knew better though, Emily was almost always home and usually cooking. The guys were probably out patrolling or messing around, being boys.

I rolled my eyes as I almost skipped towards the front door, I shook my head at my own child like behavior. I'd become much more lively and human, as Emily often liked to tease me lately. I swallow down the lump as I thought of Jake again, he'd fixed me and left me. But, not purposely. I think that's why Leah and I related so well, we knew what it felt like to lose life to an imprint. To something you can't control or fix, or make better. It just is.

I walked into the house, and could instantly smell the food in the air. It was always the same, a predictable smell, I tried to guess what Emily was making as I slid around the corner into the kitchen.

"Hello Bella," Emily didn't even have to turn around, I was a bit miffed at that, was I predictable too?

"How do you do that!" It was injustice, not right, not fair. Were her senses heightening too? It was already not fair that all the other boys and Leah could smell me, sense me, hear me, and see me from far away, before I could even make out their silhouette. I sighed to myself, suddenly depressed again, throwing myself down into a chair.

"It's mother's intuition, Bella." Emily joked, I smiled at that. I was constantly calling her the mother hen, she treated all of the boys and Leah, as if they were her younger brothers, some even like her own children. I laughed out loud suddenly, thinking of how much Leah would appreciate my thoughts, constantly saying the boys and Leah, like she was an add on. Emily turned to me then, on eyebrow raised and I blushed suddenly, my face heating up with my embarrassment.

"Sorry, just laughing at my own thoughts, Mother Hen." A small smile graced her face, before she turned back to cooking. I peeked around her carefully, baking. She was baking cookies, and cupcakes.

"Special occasion?"

"No, just in the mood, I already made two cakes."

"The boys will be even more in love with you."

"Haha, Sam already is. But, I'm sure all of them but Embry, Jake and Brady will be." I instantly drew back, internally withdrew myself from the conversation, and fell within myself. I knew what she meant by that, and it was the first time someone had mentioned it out loud, except for Jake, the one time. I fought down the darkness, trying to hold onto the sun, my Jacob. I shook my head, no. I had to let go, he wasn't mine, he never really was mine.

I must have gone into shock, or blacked out. Or maybe I was just suppressing everything so much, I'd finally gone crazy and lost my marbles. Hell sure was dark, I figured I'd been granted one wish by God, death and damnation in Hell. I realized that my eyes were closed, that the darkness wasn't Hell afterall. I groaned and wished it was.

"Bella?" Someone was here with me, I really didn't want to open my eyes now. One of the guys, I sudden realized the fluff beneath me was probably a bed, or the couch. I moved my hand slightly, a bed, I could feel the sheets. "Bella, I know you can hear me."

Was that concern, and exasperation. There was something else in that voice, worry maybe, uncertainty. I wasn't sure I wanted to open my eyes to find out, I couldn't quite figure out who's voice it was. It was familiar and yet, somehow not familiar enough. I wanted to know suddenly, who's voice it was.

My eyes flashed open, and I groaned out loud at the brightness of the lights. "Damn it, the lights." There was a curse from somewhere across the room, and then the lights were gone. I blinked a few times, adjusting to the normal light of day. I rolled my shoulders, and sighed. "Am I dead?"

There was a gruff laugh, and then an 'ouch'. There were two voices, two bodies, two boys. Wonderful. "No Bella, you aren't dead."

"Shucks. That's depressing news." I heard the door open, and then slam shut again. Were they gone, I risked peeking towards the door. Quil was standing there, his face was grave and set. He looked suddenly angry. "Quil, are you alright?"

"I'm fine Bella." His voice was cold, and cut. His eyes narrowed, my eyes suddenly flashed to his hands, they were as steady as ever. "I said I was fine Bella." I felt instant guilt for doubting him.

"Sorry, it's a natural reaction." I pulled myself up into a sitting position. "Who left?"

"Embry." I felt my eyes widen, and I couldn't help my mouth from flopping open. Embry? The same Embry that had avoided me since I'd found out. The same Embry that stared at me through narrowed eyes, whenever I was near. The same Embry that would shake slightly, when I walked into a room unannounced.

"Oh." I couldn't think of anything else to say. "Why?" I felt the instant rush of heat to my face, and wanted to take back the question immediately. Quil's face softened at the question though, and suddenly he looked torn and tired, and young. He was the Quil I'd met months ago, before everything changed, for a few minutes. He smiled at me, and it seemed like a sad smile.

"He needed to go for a walk, he was upset." He seemed like he was choosing his words carefully.

"Of course, he's always upset when I'm around. Always walks when I'm around. He won't look at me, and when he does his eyes narrow and he looks like he wants to take a chunk out of me. He leaves whenever I walk into the room, avoiding me at all costs. He never comes here when he knows I'm 

here, leaves before he gets to the door like he can sense I'm here. Why would today be any different." I was surprised by my own voice, how lost and alone and hurt I actually sounded. Did Embry's reactions to me, really hurt that much. I closed my eyes, feeling the tears coming back. "Go away Quil." It was a quiet whisper, but I knew he could hear me. I didn't want to break down in front of him, how embarrassing. All of the boys were so strong, so solid, so sure of themselves and everything they did or said.

I fell back against the bed, throwing my hands over my face as the first traitorous sob escaped. I felt the bed sag underneath Quil's weight, seconds before I felt his warm hand brush over my head, through my hair.

"I'm sorry Bella. Please, don't cry, don't be upset. He doesn't mean it, he's stupid." I wanted to laugh at that, and nearly did. I was the one being stupid. I threw myself into Quil's arms, latching onto him like a lost child. I rubbed my face into his neck, and sobbed. His strong, warm arms wrapped around me tightly, and I felt slightly better, slightly calmer, and safer.

He didn't say anything, just held me and rocked me back in forth. I held on tighter, and tighter, trying to bury myself within his warmth, feeding off his strength. I didn't say anything, and time continued to tick by. He held me as I sobbed, as I cried, as my tears fell against his warm skin, rolling over his chest, his neck, his back. He didn't complain, he didn't push me away. He just kept on holding me. And I felt like everything was going to be okay, for now.

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