Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns everything except for the people and things you don't recognize

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns everything except for the people and things you don't recognize. I own the plot. Also, the sport teams and people in them aren't mine. Only Dean is.

The Bar

Chapter 1

"Leeeaaah. Let's go!"

Leah rolled her eyes at her brother's attempt to speed her up. She checked her reflection in the mirror—her hair was worn slightly wavy, cascading down her back. Her makeup was simple; black eyeliner, mascara, and some lip gloss; on her body she wore a pair of jeans and a black wife beater. She sighed, grabbing her grey jacket off its hook and walked out of her small bedroom.

As she walked down the stairs, she heard booming laughs fill her house. When she reached the bottom, she found that they belonged to Seth, Jacob, and Embry.

Jacob, noticing her presence, grinned. "Ready, Girlie wolf?"

Leah snorted at his nickname for her. He hand given it to her after his whole imprinting on the devil spawn and granting Leah with the position of second-in-command. "Sure, Alpha."

He rolled his eyes and ruffled her hair, "Come on, Lee."

She growled under her breath and fixed her hair. She followed the three men out of her house and into Embry's truck. They were headed to Seattle to visit Embry's girlfriend—or imprint—Alicia.

Alicia was a nice girl. Really spunky. Though, if you made her mad enough, she could be a little demon. Her mother and step father owned a bar in Seattle. It wasn't one of those junky places, but classy in a drinking-beer-and-yelling-at-the-TV-because-your-sport-team-sucks-ass kind of way. Leah had heard Jared and Embry talking about Alicia's older brother, Dean, who was a well know receiver on the football team at the University of Washington.

The truck pulled up at the bar and the four walked in. A striking red head stood behind the long closed-in counter. She spotted Embry and squeaked, jumping over the bar and into his arms. She gave him a long kiss and Leah felt the need to look away. She had hated the sight of any type of love after Jacob decided to imprint on little Nessie Cullen. During the days when Bella was still pregnant with the thing, she had found herself falling for Jacob. But she knew it wouldn't work out. It never did.

Alicia broke away from Embry and hopped back over the bar. The four wolves sat down.

"Hey bay-bee!" Alicia grinned at Leah, hitting knuckled with her. As much as Leah despised imprinting and the imprinted, Alicia was the only one she couldn't help love out of them.

"Hey, Licia." She shot a smirk back.

"You guys want anything?" the red head asked. They all shook their head no. Alicia was still sixteen, but because her mom was the owner, she got special permission to serve the alcohol.

The place was empty except for the pack and the girl. A wide screen 102 inch TV was on above them. Alicia's eyes were screwed on the screen. Seconds later, she let out a frustrated scream and whipped out her cell phone. Leah heard a man answer on the other line and then Alicia's shouts.

"Coach! You tell him to catch the damn ball or his baby sister is going to kick his effing ass out of Washington!"

The coach muttered something.

"I don't give a shit if his knee in injured! Tell him to suck it up and be a man or he's sleeping outside with the sprinklers for the next month!"

The coach answered. She nodded.

"Mmmkay. See ya later tonight. Oh and Coach…good luck."

She flipped her phone shut, her eyes back on the TV. The camera zoomed in on a black man yelling at a big guy in the blue and gold football uniform, the number nine on the back of the jersey. His face was hidden by the helmet, Leah noticed. The guy nodded and ran back toward the field.

"That's Dean, Licia's brother." Jacob whispered in her ear. Goosebumps appeared on her skin and they were not from the cold.

Leah kept her eyes on the screen. The team lined up in their positions, ready to play. The Center hiked the ball, the Quarter Back catching it. He ran back several yards and threw the ball. It spiraled through the air, landing in the hands of number 9, the Receiver. Dean went running past the 30, 20, and then 10 yard lines, avoiding any tackles, and into the end zone. Touchdown. The crowd went wild. So did Alicia.

"Yes! Yes! YES! Hells yes!" She jumped up, clapping her hands. The announcer of the game announced that UW had won another victory for the coach, Tyrone Willingham.

Alicia turned back to the four, her smile wide. "The team should be here soon."

For the next hour, the five discussed everything from pack business to Brittany Spears winning three VMAs.

Leah's head jerked up as the doors swung open. Twenty or so men flooded into the bar, laughter and loud conversation filling in the quiet.

"Alicia!" one of the guys shouted, jumping over the bar. His short hair and bulky form went well with his wide smile. He hugged her to him. Leah looked at Embry, but he didn't seem fazed at all. This guy must have been a really good friend of hers for Embry not to be jealous.

"Jake Locker!" she laughed, knocking his head to the side playfully.

"Girl, you seriously need to just be on the side lines with coach. Whip your brother into shape every game." He smirked.

"Hey! I'm not that bad Locker." Someone's spoke.

The crowd erupted in laughter as the guy who spoke stepped through the crowd to kiss Alicia's cheek.

"Sure sure, Deanie Beanie. Just keep telling yourself that." She replied.

Leah looked over to Dean, her eyes curious. His voice was deep in a sexy way. She caught sight of his shaggy platinum blonde hair. He wore a pair of grey sweatpants and a white T-shirt that clung to his every muscle. His shoulders were broad, his skin tanned slightly, and he was almost as tall as Jacob. He turned around and connected his striking grey eyes with hers.

Leah felt her world stop. He was the most beautiful thing she'd ever laid eyes on. She felt the need to protect him, to touch him. She felt a new emotion spark her senses, one she hadn't felt in a long time. Love.

'Oh god!' she thought. Her lean frame started to shake uncontrollably. Jacob noticed and followed her gaze. His eyes found her face again and widened, recognizing the expression. He grabbed her arm tightly, dragging her out of the building quickly.

She was furious. How dare he take her away from him!

Suddenly, she heard her clothes rip from her body and she was on all fours. She let out a long piercing howl.

A reddish-brown wolf stepped out from behind a bush.

'Congratulations Leah. You've imprinted.'

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