The Best Damn Thing . The Longest Yard

I was framed. How could anyone actually believe that a girl could pull something like that off, alone? Really. What woman in their right mind would trash a mall and shoot five guys all in one night? That's exactly what they said to me in court though; they said I wasn't in my right mind. That I had gone mad. Said I needed to be locked up in a jail far off from others, one which already contained insane people. And by people I mean, men. That's right, they sent me to a men's prison.

So right now that's where I'm headed, to the Allenville Penitentiary prison in Texas. In a big bus all alone, with a couple of guards in the seats in front of me, cuffs on my hands and ankles. What did they think I was going to try and get away? Where the hell would I go? Out the window?

I have my ex-boyfriend to thank for this really. But who can really even consider him a boyfriend? What guy would frame their girlfriend for something they did? A mental one that's who, really I think I need a better taste in guys. But let's face it, I'm only human and I thought Brad was good for me. Clearly, I was wrong.

"Get up."

I had been staring at the seat in front of me, lost deep in my thoughts. Hadn't even noticed we had stopped. I looked up from the torn seat and to the guard who was now smirking at me. I stood, simply giving him a look that would be hard to read. He forced me away from the seat, and into the bus isle. He pushed me along to the front; I glared at the next guard waiting at the exit.

"Welcome to your new home." The one in front of me said looking me up and down. My face scrunched up into a disgusted look. Sick. I walked carefully down the stairs of the bus, carefully jumping off the last one to the ground. I landed gracefully and the guards stepped out after me.

"This way…" One said, putting his hand on the small of my back and guiding me to the entrance. I let out a disgusted sigh, and let him push me along the dirt path to the front gate.

He showed me all the way to a dimmed hallway with a few doors here and there. We walked along the hall to the door at the very end. It was the warden's office that much I could tell. What I had to do in there, I didn't know. There was another guard standing there waiting for us. Now I'll admit; this guard… He wasn't as bad looking as the first couple. He was actually attractive… once you got past the sneer pasted on his face.

We stopped in front of him, and the guard that took me there nodded to the other and then walked off. I followed him with my eyes, watching where he went. Then returned my gaze to face the man in front of me. He looked me up and down, but not in the same way which the first guard had. It was different, more careful as if he were secretly worried in how I would react. At least… that's what it looked like to me.

"Captain Knauer." He simply said. I nodded, looking straight into his eyes; his bright blue eyes.

He opened the door to the office and motioned for me to enter, so I did. I entered a small room with a secretary desk, and an old lady with reddish hair sitting at it. She smiled happily, and waved a small hello. I smiled back with a quizzed look on my face. Why was she so happy to be receiving another inmate?

"Go on in." She simply said, and so I entered the next door leaving Captain Knauer there.

Once I was inside the room, the door was shut behind me and I looked around. There was a big man with gray hair and a beard sitting in a chair while fanning himself. And another tall man with a bald head and an old looking face sat in the chair behind the desk. He was waiting?

"Miss Charlize Jacobs." He said looking me up and down. Rolling my eyes I nodded my head. "A pleasure to have you here…" He continued, "I am Warden Hazen, and you… You are my only girl criminal. The first I've ever had to receive, but when they told me I would be receiving a woman in my prison I was eager to say yes. I figured my guards could use something nice to look at." He said with a short smirk.

My eyes narrowed and I felt the urge to slap the warden across the face. But I knew better… that would only make my stay here worse. I could tell by the look on his face that he was testing me, and he was amused by the fact that I hadn't lashed out on him. I had just given him the satisfaction of knowing full well that he was the boss and there was nothing I could do about anything he said.

"One of my guards will show you to your cell, and around the prison." He said. I nodded and my thoughts began to wander to what it was going to be like as the only woman in the prison. I shuddered a bit, thinking of all the nasty men staring at me. The Warden seemed to notice this and he laughed a little and I could tell he knew exactly what I was thinking. "My guards will keep a close eye on you." He assured. Oh yeah, that made me feel much better…

"Now… out of my sight." He ordered and I began backing out of the room. I slowly turned around, and got out of there as quickly as I could. Shutting the door behind me, I saw the secretary still sitting at her desk. She smiled at me again.

"Captain Knauer is waiting for you." She said pointing out the door. I nodded and gave her a brief smile and exited the room. I walked out slowly, watching my feet carefully trying not to trip on the cuffs that held my ankles together still. I bumped into something big, and noticed another pair of feet in front of me. I looked up quickly and met those beautiful blue eyes again.

"S-sorry…" I stuttered out, and took a couple steps back only to trip from the cuffs I had been watching seconds earlier. As I began to fall backwards, the Captain reached out and grabbed my waist. He steadied me and his hands lingered there for what seemed like long minutes, before they jerked away.

"Let me get those." He stated, and reached for a set of keys in his pocket. He knelt down to the ground and unlatched each cuff from my ankles. He then stood reaching out to my hands. He released each from my wrists and set them on a random table in the hall.

"So should I show you your cell?" He asked staring down at me.

"Be my guest." I said, not fully recovered from his touch.

He nodded, and a short smile reached his lips and he began walking away from the Warden's office. I quickly followed suit, now able to walk normal without the cuffs attached to me.

Before we went to the cells he showed me around a bit. He showed me important places like the cafeteria, the lounge, outside places, the library. And most importantly the guards football field… they had a football team for the guards and they practiced all the time. He told me about the warden's love for football.

Lastly he took me to the cells; there were about three levels full of prison cells plus some. On the way there, I got some really disgusting stares and some whistles and even some smirks. It was disturbing in so many ways, but I had the Captain with me. And not one convict came near me. Not one made any move to touch me at all. Captain Knauer made me feel safe. Once we reached where my cell was, I saw that it was right smack in the middle. Figures…

He offered an apologetic smile, "Well here you are. I have to leave you now…" He trailed off.

"Thanks." I sort of mumbled. He nodded, it was no big deal. He had probably shown a hundred convicts to their cells before, some more forcefully then others.

"Don't worry… I'll keep a close eye on you and anyone that comes near you." He replied and nodded once more and then took off. I watched him leave, and he got many glares on his way out. Most of those glares turned their gaze directly towards me once the Captain had gone. And those glares… they turned into smirks. As one convict made to get up, I quickly backed away not taking my eyes off him. I walked all the way to the other exit, and bumped straight into someone.

I turned around quickly, letting a small scream escape my lips. I hadn't expected that at all. The man turned me around, and as I went to scream again a strong hand covered my mouth which only made me want to scream louder.

"Shhh! It's okay." He said calmly, and released his hand.

I looked up to find a tall black man. He was rather skinny and had real short hair. He towered over my small frame. He smiled down at her; it was a friendly smile as if he was saying that he wasn't going to hurt her. I returned my own, small smile.

"They call me Caretaker." He said, reaching a large hand out to me.

"They call me Charlie." I replied, taking his hand and shaking it. His grip was strong, but friendly. It made me feel like he could be trusted, and that I would be safe with him. We released hands and he let out a laugh.

"What are you doing here?" He asked kindly.

"More like, what are you doing here? You're too nice." I replied smugly. He just shrugged. "In the truth, I didn't really do what I'm about to say… I trashed and robbed a mall, and shot five guys."

"Oh shit, no way." He sounded shocked, and a bit scared.

"Like I said already, I didn't do it."

"Then why are you in here?"

"All the evidence led to me. And I was at the crime scene. They had no other suspects and no matter what I told them, it didn't matter because everything still led to me." I stated simply. "In short… I got framed."

"Ouch…" He replied, with a sympathetic look. I shrugged; it wasn't that big a deal anymore. At this point, all that mattered was the fact I didn't have to face my ex-boyfriend. "So now you're the only woman in this place…"

I nodded. Good thing I was tough.

"Well, I'll be sure to have your back." A ringing noise was soon heard, seconds later. "Come on, it's dinner."