The next day, Caretaker told me they had met Nate Scarborough. I couldn't believe what I had heard. He told me I better believe it, and if I wanted to see for myself then I should come to the practice they had later.

I didn't get to go. I was called to the warden's office. He wanted to see me. So I was dragged off with one of the Guards. He escorted me to the Warden Hazen's office.

Once we got there, I stepped inside. The secretary lady smiled at me again and waved, as I walked past her and entered the office. Lately I had been feeling like his guards were watching me way too closely, and this meeting would probably give me the answer as to why.

"Warden Hazen? You wanted to see me?" I asked when I entered the room. He spun around in his chair to face me.

"Yes… Miss Jacobs. I've heard that you're real close with Mr. Crewe and his friend. Is that correct?"

"Actually, sir, I'm not all that close to them." I lied.

"I see it differently. Now, I have something I want to ask of you…" He paused, "I want you to attend the team's practices, and then report to me after each one. I want to know what goes on with the inmate's team."

I shook my head. I couldn't do that; I couldn't betray them like that.

"I assure you, that I can make your time here a lot better if you do this simple task."

"Sir, no disrespect… but I cannot do that." I responded. He frowned. So I repeated, "I can't do it, sir."

"You'll change your mind soon enough…" He trailed off. "Get out." He ended sternly.

I jumped and almost ran out of the room. Not even looking to the secretary sitting there. I ran all the way out, still jogging back to the prison. I wasn't looking where I was going, which wasn't a very good idea on my part. I ran straight into someone, almost toppling over to the floor. But I was steadied by a pair of strong arms.

"Shit… I'm sorry!" I apologized looking at the person that had just saved me from falling probably flat on my face. Just my luck, it was Paul. He looked down at me with a shocked expression on his face. Soon enough the shock turned into amusement.

"Hey… no worries…" He trailed off, his arms still wrapped around me. When he realized this, he immediately let go. I tried not to show my sadness as I stared into his dark eyes, it was hard to deny that I had developed sort of a liking to Paul. Sure, he was a jerk most of the time and it really didn't seem like he cared for much but I didn't care either.

"How'd the practice go?" I questioned, not wanting to part ways with him just yet.

"Where were you?"

"I got caught up in the warden's office."

"What did he want?" He questioned with a hint of disgust.

"It doesn't matter…" I answered and stepped closer to him to distract him from the conversation. I didn't want to explain what the warden had wanted; I wasn't even going to tell Caretaker.

My distraction worked, instead of pursuing the conversation he took a step closer to me and we were almost touching. His eyes stared down at me, and for a brief moment I thought I saw him look to my lips. Just as I was going to give in and just kiss him, he mumbled something about leaving and walked away toward the warden's office.

I let out an exaggerated sigh as soon as he was out of sight, and I continued on my way. I decided I wasn't hungry and I headed to my cell to relax. I wasn't angry or really even that shocked about what had happened. In fact, I didn't even really think about it all that much.

A week passed and I still hadn't joined in watching one of their practices. I was too afraid to be seen there. I didn't want the warden to get what he wanted, a huge victory over the cons for his guards. I knew Crewe's team was getting better, especially with the help of Nate Scarborough and of course the fact that they had gotten better players now.

I had so far avoided all questioning from Caretaker of why I haven't kept him company at their practices. I usually changed the subject or told him I was reading a great book. He understood when I didn't want to talk, and it was easy to get him to let it go.

Eventually, I was dragged to a practice though. Apparently they had snuck into the records of every convict and found the violent convicts and recruited a lot of them. So I was forced to see them for myself. So there I sat in the crappy bleachers they had, watching their practice. They definitely had strong and aggressive players, along with a lot of duds. But mostly they needed speed; Paul kept getting sacked because no one was open to receive the ball.

So we headed to the basketball courts. The only place we could to find the speed the team needed. I tagged along because, well honestly, because I wanted to. But I wished I hadn't. Crewe challenged the leader of the group to a one-on-one game and he was getting beat up all over the place. I had to resist the urge to cry out every time he got hit. Of course I knew he could take the hits, he played football after all. But it was still hard for me to watch. And even after all of that, he only got one guy of the basketball group to play.

His name was Megget and he was fast.