This is poems that different Naruto characters write

This is poems that different Naruto characters write. It explains why and where they fit in. I wrote them myself and I do not own Naruto.


Dead House

Dark, deep, cold haunted places

Forgotten horrors, bony faces

Corpses n' blood, calling breezes

Mangled bones, choking wheezes

Creaking, crawling, howls and cries

Ghosts, skeletons, everything dies

Blood stains, burns, fabric torn

Every room looks forlorn

Gloomy and depressing this dark house stands

The broken wood, splinters reaching out like hands

It needs repairs and gleeful fixes

Furniture, flowers and colorful mixes

This house is not a house but a broken soul

Whose happy life has taken a terrible toll

No one there to help or reach out

Wandering lonely, out n' about

People pass on by without a care

No one helps or even stops to stare

This house will break down soon

Collapsing under the light of the moon

It crashes and crumbles

Creaks and rumbles

The soul is in pieces, cold and dead

This was what was always in dread

Too fragile, too weak, to stay upright

Others to afraid to shed their light

Memory of the fallen rack there minds

The remembrance of death really binds

Help was scarce and left alone

Now all that's left is skin and bone

So many souls break down and die

Because the others were way to shy

Fallen souls lay unmoving

Death and pain, lay proving

We cannot be alone to despair

And finally go beyond repair

A broken soul, a broken house

Whose cries were as loud as a mouse

No one to hear and no one to care

Now the guilty has pain to bear

I was alone to bear this pain. I had killed my clan and no one was there to guide me or shed their light. No one wanted to help me restore some of what I had left behind. I was a broken soul left to die.

I clutched my Akatsuki uniform tightly around me as I looked around in the dark.

I was a murderer. A filthy murderer. I had blood on my hands all the time. No one thought that I was sad for what I was doing. They all hated me because they thought I had a stone heart.


Did you ever stop to think about the minds of the murderers?

They guilt that they experience when they were life plunderers?

How they must feel all the time, all alone

Wasting away becoming just skin and bone?

They have done a great deed from which isn't forgiven

Die at the chair or shamed at it for liven'?

Hated by all, rejected as well

Their death dates come soon like a toll of a bell

The pain that they feel inside as everyone jeers

As they hand from the gallows as everyone cheers

The tears that they spill from the pain that they're given

The madness inside of them has them driven

Have they ever said to you to just kill them now?

You beat them and at your feet they plead and bow

The remorse they feel is like none other

They cry for the forgiveness of their mother

We hate them, despise them, and treat them as dirt

With all the torture it makes them alert

Of suicide and leaving this cold world

And leaving their penance in which they've been hurled

They've killed before, why not again?

Strangle themselves so you will not win

They're dead inside and seem not to care

And you frown and growl, yell and glare

You want them to die, to pay the price

You control their life, like rolling the dice

They seem to sit and wait for their penance in vain

Feeling all the excruciating mental pain

The hate that they feel is just unreal

Their sentence isn't as bad as the guilt that they feel

They walk away, pained gaze focused down

As they head to prison sentenced by the town

Have you ever killed a man?

Got scared and ran?

Felt the guilt and pain?

While you were still sane?

Compassion to them is very rare

No one is ever dealt with fair

So go on and sentence this guilt ridden man

His pain will have ended, and yours has began

I studied the silent forest and let a few tears drop. I wasn't one for crying but it hurt inside. I was cutting and considering suicide but before I would do that, I needed to apologize to my vengeful brother. He wouldn't understand now, but he would later on in life. Once he becomes a killer, he will know my pain. He will now what it's like to kill a man. He will know what it's like to force yourself to not show your feelings. He will know what true suicidal means. True pain. True hurt.

I turned and began walking to the village where my brother was at. I would commit suicide by letting my brother kill me. He will understand eventually. He will feel the guilt even though some of his pain will be lost. He will gain the pain of knowing he has killed me. He will understand all of this torture. Sasuke will curse me for it, but I only want to make him stronger. That is my goal. Killing me is just one step. If he likes it, he will take a similar path in which I have taken.

I near the village very slowly, thinking the whole way as to occupy my mind away from the thoughts of my suicide.

Sakura will see the side of him which has been hidden inside of him since the night I killed the clan.

Naruto will have to protect all those around him because Sasuke's hidden nature will have been brought into view.

I, Itachi Uchiha, may have never cleared my name, or killed all of the Akatsuki, but I have been making my brother stronger and I have been making him understand himself more and more. He will not like it and he will still hate me for it but he will understand why I did this when he is old enough. I know he will live up to the Uchiha standards one way or another. Good or bad.

I was almost there. Almost to Sasuke.

I stopped at the gate. I could feel his eyes on me. I closed my arms and stepped out from the safety of the trees and held out my arms.

Make it fast little brother. Make it fast.