Author: Villemo
Disclaimer: Not mine. Be nice, don't sue.
Summary: Well, Pete is in it :o (yikes) but it's really not about that, I swear!
AN: A little story I found in my fic folder. Set season 7. SJish :)


He calls him dad

Her head hurts,
from the constant strain of being good,
of keeping on the mat.

They're both here tonight,
her father
and her fiance.
To say they like each other
would be a stretch.

Her father talks to Daniel,
about his work, and Sarah.
Her father talks to Teal'c
about the rebels, and his family.
Her father talks to the general;
about the SGC, and...her?
Pete stands in the background;
She walks over,
and puts a hand on his arm.
He glances at her,
before returning his gaze to her father,
who just put his hand on the general's shoulder...
"He doesn't like me much does he."
she looks down, at the hand that grips her glas,
swirls the liquid, before answering.
"No. - but I'm sure -"
"How come?"
"Why doesn't he like me?"
there's some animosity
but mostly curiosity.
She's taken off guard.
when to be honest
and when to lie...
"I guess he just..."
"-always pictured you with someone else?" he finishes,
she ducks her head.
"With O'Neill."
It's a statement,
not a question
but she answers anyway.
he nods. thoughtfully.
"I don't get that." he says,
she half-looks at him.
"I don't get that he wants you to be with him - you said it yourself, even if you wanted to, it's not allowed."
"No." she concurs
"Then why does he..."
"He likes him."
It's as easy as that.
He likes him, and he likes the way she is when she's with him.
"So he can't like me...?"
She pauses, before answering
"I don't know..."

"He calls him dad you know."
"I know.."