Dragon of Time: Hey there people, this is a new thought that just came to me a while ago and I have been trying to figure out how to start it and that just came to me so I'm trying this out

Dragon of Time: Hey there people, this is a new thought that just came to me a while ago and I have been trying to figure out how to start it and that just came to me so I'm trying this out. Don't hesitate to review and rate. If you must flame this fic please be sure that it is constructive alright. Here we go and remember that I don't own Naruto etc. Only thing I own is the originality of this fic dammit.


Prologue: Enter the Dragons, The soul and the eye. Naruto vs. Sasuke

The wind blew across the grassy plains, making the grass appear like the waves of the ocean. A blond boy standing barely at 5 feet stood at its center, at the bottom of a set of steps. Said steps led to the top of an immense dais that just popped out of the sea of grass. Naruto Uzumaki looked around himself in open curiosity, remembering that just a moment ago he was in the forest of death section of the chunin exams. What was worse was that he had something done to him by the blasted snake bastard. Before he could voice his disgust at recent events a voice came over the winds…

Naruto Uzumaki…rise the steps…

Curiosity winning over rational sense, Naruto slowly moved up the dais steps. As he reached the final step he came upon what seemed to be an alter, with two huge crystals at each end. Just as he came to a stop before the alter the voice once more flew from the winds…

Ye of the dragons whom has brought them together…ye who has suffered hell on thine earth…what they see is they past…the alter hath been used to seal away the line of power from thine ancestral past…the beast sealed within thee has been calmed and for her wrongs against thy had pledge her loyalty to you…with the deed done the gods of this world have deemed thy worthy to wield thy past…let wings be opened and claws be sharpened…young dragon sage

The message came slowly to Naruto but by then it had already begun. The alter began to crack and with an immense explosion, Naruto was sent flying of the dais. As the smoke began to clear, all Naruto could do was stare straight upwards at the two huge figures not standing before him.

The one on his left was a typical eastern dragon, Long and slinky like a snake with scales the color of the deepest ocean, its whiskers stretching all the way till half its body which was about 10 yards long. The horns on its head were small but pointy. Its crystal green eyes seem to pear straight into his soul.

The other on his left was odd. The scales were shining with a deep red color that glowed in the shining light. Its body was massive but not as long as the eastern dragon. The neck was about 3 meters long with spike running down the spine. Its eyes gave a clam yet dangerous feeling to Naruto. Its two enormous wings were folded on its back and finally its tail ended with what appeared to be a small webbed fan. A legendary western dragon stood there basically.

"Ahh" said the eastern dragon "so you are Naruto Uzumaki. Ironically my name itself is Uzumaki, serpent dragon."

The other seemed to grin and said "And I am Namikaze, Beast dragon. We are the spiritual representations of your two bloodlines."

Naruto fell on his ass as the last part registered "t-t-two bloodlines…" he said in shock.

Uzumaki gave Naruto a sharp grin and said "Yes, I represent your dragon soul bloodline. This one allows near direct control of the elements around, allowing you to wield them as if they were part of your own body. The techniques that come with this are unique and can't be copied or reproduced and will come to you in time."

Naruto nodded slowly still in a daze as Namikaze said "I represent your dragon eye, which has the ability to copy anything from tai-jutsu to gen-jutsu. It is not selective so there is no way to avoid copying all of what you will see. Unlike other abilities, the eye will access the mind of the one you learned the technique from and copy all the basics so you may be able to improvise with what you learn. It also wields the elements as an attacking force but they are not as powerful as the ones with the soul but they are more varied. Also the elements act as a secondary defense sphere that allows you to see all around you, much like the byakugan except with no drawbacks like their own. Now that you know I must ask what you intend to do with this power?"

Both dragons stared at Naruto whom, following his extinct, replied without hesitation "I would want to use it to protect all that I love and show those who believe me to be a demon that I'm human, just like they are."

The dragons nodded and Uzumaki continued "Now there is another issue to discuss. You will be able to switch between both bloodlines and use them for different situations but the problem is that being a member of the dragon clan, you must have a partner dragon but being that you can use both of us what shall you do?"

Once more following his gut Naruto responded "Why not give it the same ability to change herself depending on the situation."

Uzumaki blink in surprise having not thought of that. Namikaze chuckled and said "Come out Kyuubi."

Suddenly, in a burst of flame, Kyuubi was sitting next to Naruto. Instead of the usual blood red fur, it was more of a light red and the top of its head was on the same level as Naruto's shoulder. The boy stared at the fox in rage but the hurt eyes of the fox made that rage disappear as Namikaze said "You have pledged your undying and eternal loyalty to Naruto so you will be his partner."

The fox nodded and said in a clear feminine voice "I have. For all the damage I have done to you master I will serve till eternities end, what shall you have me do master?"

Naruto looked at Kyuubi and smiled a nice smile as he said "First off don't call me master, it makes me feel old, Naruto or Naruto-kun will do. Second all that you have done is in the past and now that we are working together we must start with a clean slate."

Kyuubi looked at Naruto in shock as she started to cry. No matter what had been done to the poor boy he still chose to forgive her. He body seemed to fade soon replaced by one of a young girl with long red hair, perfect curves, c-cup bust and nice tan skin. She was clothed in a simple kimono and that did a little to hide her luscious curves as the low v-neck gave Naruto a perfect view of her chest.

She stared at the ground; her red yes shut and spilling tears like there was no tomorrow. Naruto hugged her as she cried on his shoulder hugging back, pressing her considerable cleavage to his chest, making him slightly blush.

The dragons said in unison "She will come out after the second exam is completed young dragon sage. You must awaken for we feel that something is about to happen in the outside world. Your subconscious has already been given the information on how to activate our separate bloodlines and your name has already been placed on our summoning scrolls so we will see you again, good luck."

With a final kiss to Kyuu's forehead he vanished from the mindscape.


Naruto opened his eyes to find himself on some banister overlooking an arena, his back against the wall.

"So you decided to wake up" came the voice of Kakashi Hatake, his sensei.

Naruto replied "yep so what's going on now?"

Sakura, whom he had not realized was sitting next to him, explained the preliminary rules and how he and Sasuke had not yet had their matches, likely being that they were both going to fight each other. (A/N: just so you know, I had Kiba face Sasuke's original opponent and win.) She also explained how Hinata had lost to Neji whom called her a worthless dead-last destined to fail. As she said that both Kakashi and Sakura saw what could only be described as pure rage flashed by his eyes. Just as he was about to respond, the proctor called "Would the last two competitors come down to the arena."

Realizing that he was up he got off the floor and moved towards the stairs as Sasuke just "hn" and moved as well.

On the arena floor they both stared at each other, not listening at the banter behind at the banister they just left.


"Naruto stands no chance" said the blond girl Ino to her teammates.

Kiba said "Though Sasuke is the lucky bastard to get such an easy opponent."

The sentiments were followed by the rest of those who knew him.

Kakashi sighed as the procter began the match.


The opponents stared at each other. Sasuke said "Just give it up Naruto, you can't beat my sharingan, you are just to weak." Just as he finished he activated his sharingan straight into Naruto's unflinching eyes.

The viewers nodded but stood in shock as Naruto responded "And I should give damn why?"

Sasuke smirked as he responded "Because you are a failure."

Naruto closed his eyes and shook his head as he chuckled and said "When will you ever learn never to underestimate me, Sasuke?" snapping his eyes open.

Every observer that could see Naruto's eyes stared in open shock as the spotted his eyes, now instead of the blue color they were completely gold with no white showing. At the eye's center, where the pupil was, the now was red diamond shape with curved eyes, giving them a reptile like appearance.

"I present to you the dragon's eye. Now shall we do this or not?" Naruto asked.

Getting over his shock, Sasuke launched a giant fireball at Naruto. What happened next caught them all off guard. Naruto's pupils changed from red to green and with a wave of his hand the wind came to life, cutting the fireball to harmless flames.


Asuma quickly turned to Kakashi and yelled "What the hell are you teaching this kid? There is now way he should be able to do that."

Kakshi merely stammered out "I did not teach him that, I swear."

Asuma merely scowled and turned to Kurenai whom looked away from Asuma, their relationship over because of his cheating on her. They both looked back to the fight that was happening before them.


Sasuke was ticked, no matter how many fireballs he lauched at the dobe, Naruto just kept shredding them to pieces with wind. They were staring at each other, Sasuke panting heavily while Naruto did not even look winded.

"Just give up Sasuke, you can't beat me" Naruto said.

Sasuke merely scowled and retorted "Never loser."

Sasuke charged straight at Naruto for a tai-jutsu confrontation as Naruto took a foreign stance, one hand fisted at his waist and the other palm outfingers bent into his palm making a half fist.


Gai turned to Kakashi and tried to show his rage and his quietly asked "How did you teach him that style?"

Kakashi looked a Gai and asked "What style?"

Gai noted the honesty that was portrayed in his rival's voice as he replied "The stance he just assumed is the combat-ready stance for the Soaring Wind style. It was believed to be lost centuries ago and was known to be the most dangerous hand-to-hand combat style for wind users."


"It ends now Sasuke" said Naruto as Sasuke reached back to punch. In speed that the genin could not follow Naruto swiped at Sasuke whom because of the blow was spinning in the air. That was how the punishment began.

As Sasuke flew upwards, Naruto jumped right in and began to land blow after blow as they both continued to go higher and higher into the air, wind clearly seen swirling around Naruto's hands and feet, increasing the power of the blows to extreme levels.

As they reached the sealing, Naruto slammed a punch into Sasuke sending him back to the ground with a sickening thud. Naruto followed him down and yelled "Storm Landing" and slammed the back of his heel into Sasuke's gut, expelling all the air out of his lungs and forming a crater underneath him.

As he flipped back up and stood straight he said "Hope you learned you lesson teme, Never underestimate me." With that he turned back to the banister as he declared the winner to be Naruto.

No one said anything as they realized the implication of this. Shikamaru stated the obvious by saying "Troublesome…it always happens where you least expect it."

(You know what happens here but I'm just going to give the different line up)

After the numbers were chosen it came to the lineup that was like:

Match one: Naruto U. vs. Neji H.

Match two: Kiba I. vs. Garra S.

Match three: Kankuro S. vs. Shino A.

Match four: Shikamaru N. vs. Temari S.

And Dosu face the winner of the forth match.

After that they were all dismissed, the Hokage staring at Naruto's retreating form.


Dragon of Time: Well there you go people. This story is a harem and Kyuubi and Hinata are already guaranteed a position. Let me know of who else you want and I'll see what I can do so se you later.