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Naruto seemed to glow with a pale light, staring at the gay snake across the roof from him in barely withheld rage.

"You dare insult my mother in front of me, calling her a whore, my OWN mother. I would be really pissed if you insulted any woman in that fashion but saying that about my mother was the last STRAW!"

The glow began to steadily intensify, soon becoming as bright as a sun.

"Ye dragons of old hear my call" Naruto intoned, his voice taking on a tone of prayer-like speech, "Dragons of the spirit, Dragons of the Body, soar freely through the open skies, spread thy claws and let thy presence be known to man, as you rain down thy heavenly judgment. Come forth…"

The light burst outwards, causing a surrounding explosion across the roof in a tremendous show of power…

"Minato, Dragon of the eye, Kushina, Dragon of the Soul."

Gone were the leaf tipped swords. In his left hand now rested a katana, 6 feet in length, slim and sharp. Its hilt now resembled a dragon's head, blade protruding out of its mouth. The blade was a dark steel grey with a slight curve, a streak of thing green crystal running down the center.

In his right now rested an immense zanbato, also 6 feet long with a vein of red crystal running down its center. The hilt also appeared to be the head of dragon with its mouth agape, a small portion of the blade leaking out through its fake teeth and then widening at the end. It rested against Naruto's shoulder while the really long Katana was held nimbly in his left hand, tip resting against the ground.

Every onlooker could not believe their eyes as saw the two unique blades.

The two once dead Hokages did not even have a chance to react as Naruto clashed his swords into an awkward x shape and called "Heavenly Dragons: Soul Release."

An orb of light formed from the point where the swords crossed. From said orb, flew out tow beautiful serpent dragons, with white leathery wings and white scales, blue eyes glowing in the sun. Both impacted upon the shocked dead men. Instantly the soul were forced out of the dead mens body, revealing 1 dead oto genin and 1 dying, the same that had participated in the 2 portion of the exam but had gotten defeated.

The light soon vanished as the piles of ash vanished in the blowing winds. Naruto stared across the roof at Orochimaru, who had at this point drawn his kusanagi, with the Hokage standing off to the side with the ANBU holding down the shields casters.

"You ready to dance you pedophile snake?"

Orochimaru grinned sadistically, if only to hide his shaking legs.

"Come try my brat."

And thus did the two swordsmen charge to meet in a furious clash of steel.


(Konoha Streets)

Konoha nin could only watch in amazement as their enemy were swallowed by dragons that came out of the ground one by one with ease.

"What are these things?" asked one random nin.

"Stone Dragons is what they are. Much like fish they 'swim' through stone like fish through water."

The nin turned and came face to face with Hana Inuzuka.

"You know?"

"Nope just a rough guess and the way they move. They move like snakes do, at least those that can swim."

"Makes Sense."

"Are you Hana?" spoke a reptilian voice from behind the two conversing ninja.

Both jumped and cursed as one of the stone Dragons floated up behind them.

"I have a message from Naruto. He would politely ask you to visit him at your earliest convenience once all this is over for some…private entertainment."

Hana blushed at the implication as the random nin had a bloody nose as he merely thought of what Hana looked like.

(Back with Naruto)

Orochimaru was thrown back, destroying a line of tiles.

'That was unexpected' he thought.

As the clash began between both swordsmen began, both swung their swords in wide arcs, Narutos Zanbatou meeting Orochimaru's Kusanagi.

To say the least, Orochimaru felt like he had been hit by Tsunade's, the slug sannin, punches. He was thrown back and flipped over to land on his feet. To come face to face with Naruto who swung the Katana. Orochimaru was barely able to raise his Kusanagi up in time to stop the slash.

What he did notice immediately that the power that had been present with the Zanbatou was not there with the Katana.

But he soon found what replaced that power: speed.

With speed unnatural for such a fresh swordsman as Naruto seemed to be, he did a quick spin that shifted his blade from an overhead strike to an underhand strike. This surprised Orochimaru greatly, so much that he did not react in time to raise his guard as Naruto flipped and slashed down with both swords. Orochimaru was not a sannin for nothing, as he managed to back step to avoid the majority of the damage the blades would produce.

But not all of it…

The tips of the blades successfully managed to cut into his chest, leaving two immense gashes in his chest.

The blood ran fast down his chest, so fast the Orochimaru was literally dressed in red.

The pain was an immense assault to his senses. Orochimaru paid for his mistake, two in fact.

Underestimating Naruto Namikaze…and insulting his mother.

He felt an arm wrapped around him from behind. He never knew who but he felt himself being pulled back as they left the roof, a voice screaming over his pain "All available oto-nin cover Orochimaru-sama's retreat. For the glory of the Immortal Snake."

Naruto charged at Orochimaru as Kabuto appeared next him and began to jump away.

"You are not getting away that easily."

But to his rage, Naruto had to stop was his way was blocked by a score of Oto nin.

The one directly in front of him took advantage of Naruto's sudden stop by pulling out a kunai and slashed at Naruto's chest.

Naruto regained his senses just in time to avoid the majority of the slash, but the tip made a small cut across his chest, just below his throat.

With an unseen ease, Naruto sword his Katana and killed the man as the rest of the remaining score charged at him, in hope of delaying him.

Positioning his Zanbatou horizontally before him, Naruto Called out "Dragon of the body, roar in eternal might and let loose thy flame, Dragon Kido: Hellfire slash!"

Raising the blade over his head, Naruto swung…unleashing a flame hotter then hell itself that sped towards the oto charge. Most were smart and moved out of the way, the rest were not.

The flames exited at the other end of the roof and harmlessly disappeared into the blowing wind.

But that was not the main focus…

…it was the chared bodies, still standing, caught in a gruesome picture of death and damnation.

There stood the burnt bodies of 10 oto nin…or what was left.

Ten pitch black skull stared at the eternal sky, their mouth agape, as if screaming in eternal pain. All were standing, remains of hair and clothing forever etched onto the surface of the bones, muscles shrunk to little black husks.

The wind blew…and the bodies exploded inot immense clouds of black dust and ash. The clouds carried and swept across the remaining Sound nin. All but one rna in fear, paler then ghosts.

"Get back here cowards, figh-"

He never got the chance as a Katana was now protruding from where his heart was meant to be, said organ standing at he tip of the blade. The last thing he heard was…"I may not have gotten the snake but you will have to do."

Naruto shoved the body off his sword using his boot. The body rolled down the roof of the ruin building and fell to the distant stadium floor below.


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