IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE CLOVERFIELD, and do not want to know what happens before you do, DO NOT READ THIS! It's a giant spoiler. This is just a project to see if I can still write without developing some form of multiple personality disorder. I admit, the beginning is boring as hell, but I had to put it. This is based on what you can see of the movie and of Lily. Try to enjoy the tedious beginning!

"Is this thing on, or what-"

Honking horns cut off Jason's voice as he quickly finished his journey across the street without getting hit by the taxi, who's driver was laying on the horn.

"Look out!" I hurried down the sidewalk, frustrated at Jason's near run in with death. He was fussing with the buttons on the camera that he insisted on taking along to document the day.

"Babe, it's not my camera; I don't know if it's the on button or the zoom button." He toggled more buttons as he walked behind me, only half paying attention to his surroundings. "Alright, here, here, here; I think I got it. Is this on?"

"Oh, perfect, now we can have a nice record of you getting run over," I said, half-jokingly.

"Is that funny?" He asked with half of a smile. "Hahahahaha!" He mocked.

I ignored him and continued on my way, occasionaly looking back to make sure he didn't wander into the street.

"What time is everybody starting to show up tonight? It's getting late."

"Uh, a couple hours, that's why we have to hurry!"

Jason angled the camera so that it was on my back. "Where are we going?"

"We're going - We're just going around the corner to the store!"

"I want you to go around with your brother's camera, and get testimonials from everyone."

"Why?" Jason asked, zooming in on the Juicy Fruit by the register. "I mean, it's not like this is a wedding."

"I know it's not a wedding, I said like a wedding." I collected the paper bags filled with chips, Funions, and booze off the counter and tried to get my wallet out with my free hand.

"I - I don't even know why I have to do it," he said, turning the camera in his direction. "I don't even know how to work this thing," he laughed.

"Okay, well, let me ask you a question," I said, collecting my change from the cashier. "Can you see me through the viewfinder?" I adjusted the bags in my arms while Jason turned the camera back around to face me.

"Yeah," he said, hardly focusing. "Got ya."

"Good! Now can you see me trying to carry all these bags by myself?"

"You're doing a great job," he smiled.

I pushed the bag in my right arm into his torso, and said, "Here. Practice doing two things at once." I turned to exit the store.

"Oooh!" Jason exclaimed, following far behind. That's good!" He said to the cashier, who laughed along with him. "That was was good!"

"I'm not lugging this thing around all night long-"

"He's your brother, it's important." I walked up the metal steps closer to Rob's apartment, hauling the bags of crap with me.

"I understand that, Lily, but it's a shitty job," he said, following me, never letting the camera stray.

"No, it isn't!" I said, getting tired of his complaints.

"Yes it is; I'm not doing it!"

"Jason, I have been planing this for two weeks, and all I want you to do-"

"I know you have, but I - Babe, babe, babe; Okay, okay, I'll do it, alright? It's fine." He angled the camera up to his face, and said, "I really pissed her off..."

I laughed to myself. Even when I was mad at him, he managed to make me laugh.

"Babe, come on," he pleaded. "I was just kidding, come on!"

I emptied all of the baked Lays chips into a blue plastic bowl and dropped it onto the breakfast nook's marble counter. People were already starting to show up, and things were finally coming together. Hud was by the wet bar, talking to Jason while he tacked up a banner saying "WE'LL MISS YOU, ROB" spelt out in little pictures of him with friends and family. I opened the apartment door, briefly greeting the people flowing inside, and continued hanging lights.

I turned on the stereo to whatever station it was set on and walked away to find Jason. I had the replacement batteries for Rob's camera, and the last thing I wanted was for it to die in the middle of the night.

"Hud, what are you doing?" I asked, arms folded.

Hud turned around and said, "I'm documenting the night." It came out more like a question.

"But I thought I asked Jason to do that," I said, shifting my weight from one foot to the other in semi-panic. I looked from side to side for Jason while Hud said, "Ohh, yeah, well, Jason asked me to do it. So I'm doing it. I've been doing it really well!"

I sighed and said, "Well, are you gonna take this seriously, though? Because it's really important."

"No, of course, I've been taking it really, really seriously."

I nodded a bit to match Hud's reassuring gesture, and said, "You promise, though, right?"

"Yeah! Do you - Do you wanna do your testimonial now?"

I sighed quietly again and said, "Okay."

"Yeah, do it right now!" Hud said enthusiastically. Sometimes I wonder if he was really a ten year old in a twenty-five year old's body.

"Okay." I briefly checked my outfit to make sure nothing was wrong with it, and looked back at Hud.

"Okay, just open up to him, because this is gonna be the last thing he sees!"

"Okay, Hud," I said with a small grin to mirror Hud's big smile. "I got it."

"Robert Hawkins," I said with a half smile and a disappointed head shake. "I can't believe you're leaving me to look after your brother by myself."

"Whoa! Easy," Jason said, appearing on my right. "I mean," he stepped into the camera's view, blocking me. "I'm right here, after all."

"And, I know we're not officially family - YET," Just then, Jason latched onto my right arm, saying "Not fair."

"Dude?" Hud said. I nodded at whatever Jason was saying, and he left.

"It's okay, we'll cut him out later."

I sighed and went on. "But I think of you as my brother, and I hope you think of me as your sister." Hud zoomed the camera up, which I didn't really get. "So, you better call us! Now that you have this job where you can afford to call us."

Hud was following something behind me with the camera. "Hud?"

"Yeah." He zoomed out and focused the camera on my face again. I looked at him knowingly.

"Oh, yeah, no, no, no, no, sorry - You're good! You're good."

"That was good!" Hud said.

"Was it?"

"Yeah, totally, it was really really good."

"But you weren't even paying attention half the time!" I said, dropping my arms to my side.

I watched from across the room as Hud worked up the nerve to interview Marlena. I was laughing into my palm, when Jason came sprinting through the front door, saying, "Rob's here! I saw him pull up!"

I took that as the que to quiet everybody down. "Hey, someone kill the radio!"

I turned toward the front door, standing beside Jason. Everybody was crowding around, waiting for the guest of honor to walk through the door.

"SURPRISE!!" Everybody yelled. I started cheering and clapping even though I couldn't see Rob through the mess of people in between me and the door. After a while of hugs and kisses, somebody started yelling "SPEECH!" and soon everybody followed. Digital cameras and cell phones were out and rolling.

"Uhm," Rob said. "Uh, wow! Uh, this is very surprising! Obviously," he chuckled. Over the midst of laughter he said, "Uh, but it's also very sweet, so. Thank you."

I met his eyes, and he smiled. "Lily?" He said knowingly.

I laughed and said, "No, it was everyone. It was everyone." I moved my arms around to signal nods.

"Well thank you, everyone. Thanks, this is, uh...Well it means a lot! So, thank you."

After a bit of a pause, he said, "That's it! That's all I got." Everybody laughed and started clapping.

"Congratulations" and "Party!" were heard among the applause. Finally, relief washed over me and I could finally enjoy the night.

I held on tight to my drink while Jason spun me to the music. I smiled and laughed even though I was dangerously close to spilling the vodka on my new shoes. I checked around to make sure Hud was still filming while Jason pulled me into a hug, and began swaying like an idiot to the beat of the song.

"Hey," he said over the music. "Did you invite Beth?"

"Yeah, she's coming late, I think." I put my drink on the nearest end table, ignoring the sudden drops I felt on my leg.

"Good, 'cause Rob is looking really forward to seeing her."

I looked away from Jason's big brown eyes, knowing full well Beth was bringing a date along with her. Rob would inevitably be heartbroken, considering their little meeting about two week prior. I moved away from Jason, telling him I'd be right back. He nodded and continued dancing with his beer bottle, grasping the neck for dear life.

I met up with Katy and Matt, who were standing beside the front door. I was about to talk to them when Hud shoved the camera in my face, saying, "Uh...I'm not here!"

I smiled and laughed with the rest of the group, saying "Whatever Hud, keep filming, ok?"

All he did was prop up the camera so it was facing Marlena's general area. He walked toward Rob and Jason at the wet bar, and started into the conversation. I heard a knock on the door, turning to go open it. Beth already had let herself in, and was looking around.

"Beth! Hey," I said, giving my old friend a hug. "I'm so glad you could make it!"

I saw Rob heading over to greet her, and immediately looked to Beth's random date.

"Great party," He said in attempt to get a conversation going.

"Thanks," I said, nodding. "It's nothing, really. All it was was going to the nearest store and picking up some food, so," I smiled, and started to join Rob and Beth's awkward conversation.

"No, this is fantastic!" He said more to Rob than to me.

"Rob, this is Travis." Beth motioned between them while they shook hands.

"I've heard a lot about you," Travis said. "Congratulations, by the way, Mr. Vice President!"

"Thank you," Rob said, looking away.

"Lily, this party's amazing. You look beautiful," Beth said distractedly.

"Thanks," I said, focusing on Rob. He seemed fine.

"Uh, I'm gonna go get another drink, if you guys wanna come," I said to Beth.

"Yeah, sure, Travis said. "Nice to meet you, Rob."

I walked toward the wet bar, looking at my shoes. Something told me tonight wouldn't be very much fun for Rob.

I saw Hud head out the door with the camera, intrigues by something in the hallway. I walked out in time to see Rob and Beth talking, and asking Hud to get lost.

"I got it, it's okay." I pulled Hud back inside and shut the door.

"But I'm documenting!" Hud argued.

"Not that!" I said, turning to head to the Kitchen.

"Lily," Hud called after me. "Do you know why they're fighting?"

I shrugged and hurried off.

"Lily! Is there something I should know? As the person documenting this night?"

"I'm not telling you!" I called back, running for the kitchen.

I was digging through the fridge, looking for more beers to put out, when Jason and Hud ran up saying "Lil'! Do you have something to tell us?"

"No," I said innocently, turning away and heading to the sink.

"You do, don't you?"


"Hud, you're a genius," Jason said.

"We wouldn't be asking a question right now if there was nothing to tell."

"Exactly; Nothing! Nothing."

"Lily, Lily; You know something and you have to tell us," Hud demanded.

"There's nothing to tell!"

"There is," Jason said.

I looked at both of them and sighed.

"I..." I stopped to consider my next words. If I told them it would be all over the place in two minutes.


"Lily, you HAVE to tell!" Jason said.

I glared at him.


I looked around to make sure we were alone before I said, "Fine. But you can't tell anybody! And not on camera. I'm not telling you on film."

"Okay, yeah, fine." Hud put the camera down by his side.

"We won't say anything, promise," Jason urged.

"Yeah," Hud agreed, anticipating the news.

"Okay, okay - Fine. Rob and Beth slept together."

"Oh my God, are you serious?" Jason said.

"Yeah, a few weeks ago."

"Really?" Hud said.

"Yes, Beth made me promise not to tell anyone."

"Are you kidding me, Lily? Rob and Beth slept together and you're not even gonna tell me?"

"Yeah! Why wouldn't you tell me?" Hud said, insulted.

"Why would I tell you?" I asked.

"You guys have to do something, he can't spend the night locked in his room!" I said to Hud and Jason after seeing Rob make his way through the crowd, and upset look on his face.

"Okay, you just need to calm down, Lily. Look at you!"

"Well this is not okay!" I faced Jason. You are his brother," I turned to Hud, "and you are his best friend. Go...Make him happy!"

I refilled the Saki by the fridge, wondering what Rob and Beth's last words to each other were. I was spaced out when suddenly a loud boom sounded, and the entire loft started to shake. I looked around as the lights went out, everybody screaming in panic.

"Is it another attack?" I heard among the chatter. I dropped the Saki and made my way carefully into the middle of the room, looking for Jason.

"Lily!" I heard from the other end of the room over the screeching drunk girls beside me. "Lil'!"

"Jason!" I called, walking toward his voice. Just then, the lights turned back on and I was almost to him and Hud. I walked closer as he said, "Lily, what was that?"

"I don't know, are you okay?" I asked, hugging him. I looked at Hud right as he said, "What is going on? That was like an earthquake, dude!"

Somebody had the TV on CNN, and was quieting everybody down as somebody grabbed the remote to turn the volume up.

"Guys! Guys, shh!!"

"...Of a possible earthquake in lower Manhattan, nearby, in New York Harbor. We're getting word of an oil tanker capsizing in the middle of the harbor near the Statue of Liberty."

"That's really close," people started to say in worry.

"Do you think we could see something from the roof?" Jason proposed.

"Yeah, maybe," I said. I knew it was a bad idea to go on the roof of a sixty story building right after a possible earthquake but followed anyway. The cold springtime air bit at my bare arms and legs as I walked across the roof toward my friend Anthony. He was describing the earthquake as 'tremors'. We were asking tons of questions when there was another loud boom followed buy an enormous explosion just three blocks south of Soho, sending flaming debris our way. Everybody ran as fast as they could to the staircase, pushing people out of the way to get in before the bombardment of fireballs landed on us. I made it outside on the street with Marlena and Rob, looking for Jason just as Hud arrived by us. People were running and screaming past us, away from the gray smoke and fire a few blocks away.

I was calling for Jason, asking where he was when there was a loud roar, followed by a pause in the screaming as a large ball of smoking debris came flying toward us. I ran with Rob and Hud to the sidewalk as the head of the Statue of Liberty landed at the intersection and screeched down the street, crushing parked cars and people in its path. It came to a stop and people were up in a panic again, screeching and calling for their friends amd families. Hud was filming while I stared in shock. I looked around for Jason again as the eerie roaring noises got closer, eventually becoming panicked with the rest of the city.

"Lily?!" I heard.

"Jason!" I said as he ran toward me from inside Rob's building. "Are you okay?!"

"I'm fine, are you?" He asked, out of breath, searching me for any signs of injury.

There was another ear-piercing bang, followed by more screaming in the distance. I looked south and say a building's lights go out, then collapse into itself, sending debris and dust our way. I followed the crowd into the nearest drug store, hiding with Jason, Rob, and Hud in the back, shaking as I crouched.

The lighst went out and the dorrs locked as the building's pieces rushed past the store.

"There's people still out there!" Somebody said.

The rumbling stopped and it was quiet aside from blaring sirens in the distance. Nobody said a word. Nobody even screamed.

"Rob!" Hud whispered. "Rob, I saw it - It's alive-"

Suddenly, the windows of the store burst in, sending shards of glass, debris, and dust in our direction. I screamed from shock, and covered my face with my free hand. The other was in Jason's. I coughed from the dust, waving the air in front of my face as the screaming started back up along with hysterical crying.

Jason stood and slowly walked to the door.

"Jason, what are you doing?!" I asked. "Jason!"

"Dude, what are you doing?" Rob asked, following him. I stood up with Hud and followed.

Then it hit me: Alive?

The realization that this was no terrorist attack hit me a bit too hard for any form of comfort.